Saturday, April 26, 2008

Minivan daddy

Ok, remember the person who picked out the minivan but wouldn't test drive it? Who said he would figure out a way to get 3 carseats in the back on the envoy because he wasn't going to drive a minivan? Yeah--that one I'm married to? Well, I'm starting to think he likes to driveit more then me!!! The kids are absolutely nuts here. The nasty weather we've had isn't helping matters (I was loving the 70s here). So, Ted ordered the kids to put on sweats today. I said want me to move the envoy?? (single driveway). No--I'm taking the envoy. The soccerballs are there and I'm running the kids. Ok. So, as I'm folding clothes downstairs folding clothes--I look up and guess what is pulling out of the driveway? Yep--the minivan. Guess it wasn't so easy to load 3 kids and their carseats into the envoy. Snicker snicker laugh laugh giggle giggle. When will he learn?
Well, I went back to work. And I've been fighting a headache ever since. Alihan wants to be carried alot (emotionally 3 years old--but very smart, loves his mommy) and I'm running or on my feet at work. My back isn't feeling so good and I think it's radiating up my head. My awesome SIL (hear the buttering up starting???) gave me a gift certificate on my birthday last July--yes that's how crazy it's been--and I tried today to make an appt. for a massage. Yeah--nothing available for when Ted can watch the kids and I'm not working. I would probably be looking at June! So, Mary--anytime you feel like rescuing your poor, exhausted SIL feel free (little bit of begging and pity me thrown in with the buttering up). The kids would LOVE to see their Aunt Mimi (little more buttering up).
Off to take more ibuprofen before I fold more clothes and go to work. Ok--work is busy but I have to say a little bit more peaceful then home right now. By the time I get home at midnight--God willing--they are asleep and Ted will have a beer waiting for me.

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OOOOH I thought I felt lots of butter this week. LOL
Sure.......just let me know when!