Monday, April 7, 2008

Two steps forward

What a busy busy couple of days! Yesterday was Rauan's 5th birthday! Again I ask, where does the time go??? The kids all seemed to have a blast at Keva and we collected quite a few books for the American Family Children's Hospital (where I work). Michelle came with Levi--and once Julia saw Levi no one else mattered. Those two! My sister and her family came up from Chicago. I can't believe how much my niece Jemma has grown. She's turning into a young lady. I held this child within a couple hours of her birth--and I was an adult then. I must be getting older faster then I realized!
Alihan had a blast there. Definitely wanted to be in the thick of things and Rauan, bless his heart, was more then willing to share. I just have this feeling that 10 years down the road, Michelle and I will be comforting each other over margaritas while Julia and Levi do God knows what--while Ted is busy trying to control the boys and the women chasing them. Both seem to draw the ladies towards them.
After dropping off Julia and Ted (that damned Envoy!) and Rauan this am--I took the temperature of my youngest and discovered low and behold he has a fever. Off for a little ibuprofen for him. Unfortunately I couldn't stop for anything today, so I bundled him in a blanket and went to drop off the stinkest poop I've dealt with in a while. I'm serious--double bagged and everything and it still stunk! If there isn't something in that poop I will be very surprised--besides the neon green color I mean! Alihan got to flirt with the people at the doctor's office, who have been in the thick of things with this adoption. They couldn't believe how much he looks like Rauan. Again--my lady's men! Then down to the human resources dept. to get Alihan on my insurance. Then picking up kids. Home for lunch and phone calls. Then off to get the envoy--me to a meeting, Ted to take Julia skating. Get this--I'm so screwed up I misread my meeting time. It's Tuesday from 3-4. Good fricking God almighty! And to make it worse, I go to call Ted and dial my mom instead! I'm trying to decide if it's mommy brain or too much blonde hair dye. Then more errands, Julia to dance class and then both kids to soccer practice. I said enough for me, took Alihan home and he was more then willing to go to bed. Get this--he REQUESTED to go to bed. I can't decided if he has a cold or an ear infection. Good thing the offical doctor's appt. is tomorrow. Now Ted is sleeping and I'm doing laundry. How is that fair??? Tomorrow more of the same, except there is an actual meeting--not just some figment of my imagination.
If you've made itthis far through my rambling--Pictures of Uncle Jeremy with Alihan( I didn't get a chance to get my sister or her kids in on it), Michelle with her godson, Rauan and his birthday cake--I'm sure thinking I want to eat this whole cake! and Alihan playing the parachute game.


Mala said...

Oh no! Too much hair dye can do that????? Well that explains a lot for me!
But trust me, you're not alone. I made it to Wednesday of Dr Suess week, dressing my daughter up in the daily theme, before she finallt told me, "Mom, Dr. Suess week is next week!!!". Opps! should I be concerned that no one thought much when my daughter walked around all day dressed like 'crazy, mismatched day'?

Hilary Marquis said...

I hear you! I showed up for a dr. appt. an hour before it was supposed to be...felt stupid. I think we mommies should be granted a little leway in the scheduling dept. Hey, we have to keep multiple schedules!! Looks like everyone had a blast at the party. Happy Birthday, Rauan!! Feel better, Alihan. And Happy skating to Julia :)