Saturday, February 27, 2010


I am sick.
Not just physical sick either.
Let's not take away from the fact that since the middle of January I have been sick with something. Got over it--for 5 days!!, then sick again. "Healthy" for a week and seriously, within 6 hours of being done with that damn telemetry test-started getting congested and not being able to swallow. Well, ok got a 97%, but between working my ass off at work and then taking on the additional (required) burden of learning something we NEVER USE and I tried to learn once before and failed--it was the straw that broke the camel's back. I would like to actually get one decent night sleep without Ted's snoring waking me up, all 3 children sleeping through the night, a cat not jumping on my head, the phone not ringing, and me being actually able to breath. Just one night!
Now let's going on to the mental illness--which I'm sure contributes to the physical. I am damn sick of being the only functional person around. I'm sick of people whining about poor pitiful me--when its their own behavior that got them into that situation. I'm sorry, but Ted and I work our asses off and we don't ask for shit! We paid for 3 international adoptions out of our own pockets--yes we have a home equity loan--but considering everything, we owe very little. We have 3 children in private school and fairly expensive activities--and we pay for it OURSELVES. We didn't feel the need for fancy vacations, fancy homes, or a fancy vehicle--although I do like the heated seats in the Envoy after work--but by God, our kids come first. Maybe that's the difference, Ted and I don't whine and bitch--we just do. So don't come and lay your poor pitiful feel sorry for me issues on me. You made your bed, you lie in it. And next time you pull shit for attention, think twice. You know that little boy that cried wolf. Well, next time you might not get that attention quick enough.
Ted and I have enough to worry about. Unless you are going to offer us a hand--without cost--get lost. Ted's mom is dying, we have 3 kids to raise, bills to pay and I work 2 emotionally draining jobs (which I love). Bug off.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Night out

Well facebook is being a pain, so I'm posting here. A mom needs night out and my P5 coworkers did too. To celebrate a couple of birthdays, we went to an "adult entertainment" place in Lake Geneva. When I told Ted, he laughed his hiney off and then encouraged it. Wild night!Shelly and Kristen. Shelly is one of our birthday girls!
Laura, with her trophy tshirt. I think we saw a side of Laura that would surprise her daughters!
Melissa and Angela--way happy--and yes, Angela is holding a type of "shot glass" that was new to me. I'm way out of touch!
Ann, Laura and Lisa. Not sure what they were laughing over--but I guess it was good!

Here's a few of us settling down at a table.
Ann, Angela and Kristen in the limo--ready to party.
This is darling Anne, who has talked/held my hand through a tattoo, PALS, now an adult entertainment place. What's next??? But what great company for these experiences!
Miss Julie and myself. One of our newest brides on P5 (she married in May). We laughed so hard the whole night.
Holly, Katie and Ann. Holly was originally a nurse that I started out precepting--until that darn uterus decided to act up. All 3 incredible nurses and incredible people!
The limo--ok, not such a great picture--but I bought a point and shoot camera for this. Actually I told Ted this is his camera but I was borrowing it for the night.

Yes, there are more pictures--but this is for the general family! Again, hubby just shook his head at me!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Temper Tantrums/Orphanage Rage

I don't know if I mentioned Rauan's history. First off I love and adore Rauan. When we first brought him home, not so much. Fat, sullen, not really wanting to be part of our family and frequently prone to violent rages/temper tantrums. Breaking things, throwing stuff at the walls, kicking me, punching holes in the walls, kicking the walls. This could go on for hours--and as often as 5 plus times a day. As time went on, they became less frequent and decreased in aggression. He grew into the sweet, loving, adorable extremely intelligent little boy we know and love. Months without a rage.
Until today.
Up early in the am, again into the envelopes, taking stamps, yelling at his brother.
Took money from his brother--and that was ugly.
Called me a few not so pleasant names--yes he is learning some of those things at the catholic school--its all over.
Started the violent kicking of walls. Ok--time to sit and cool it.
Threw stuff at me. "Knock it off or I'm calling dad" His reply "go ahead". At that point, time to face the wall. Dad is on the phone (I've had to have Ted run interference due to his violence). a few more filthy things out of his mouth. Warned that if it happens again, soap to the mouth. (No flames--it teaches a lesson and it isn't harmful to his system--and it tastes nasty--a good reminder)
So, what does he do? Spits on his sister-and filth from his mouth. Off to the bathroom. Soap in the mouth. And then the physical aggression started.
I called school and warned Sr. Eileen of what was going on. I let him go on for a few more minutes with his kicking and throwing things. Then, time for school. He continues crying and carrying on--too bad, too sad. Life goes on.
Julia and Chewie ready for school. Rauan still carrying on. Told him to get his school stuff together or he is going to school like that. So, Rauan crying and carrying on--gets ready for school. Into the truck. Throwing stuff still. Tell him to knock it off. He says he isn't going to school. Oh yes you are.
Pull into school parking lot. Julia and Chewie off to school (trying to make a break for it, I'm sure). Rauan continues to carry on. Call to dad. Dad--"ask him if he wants me to leave work and escort him into school" Rauan "NO!!". At that point I told him I can sit there all day and wait. And his school friends will see him acting this way when they come out for recess. Finally, Rauan calms enough to walk into school. I escort him in. Stop and talk with the kindergarten teacher who has worked with post traumatized kids. She tells me that Chewie told her right away that Rauan got his mouth washed with soap--GREAT. Tell her my concerns--that while these are getting less frequent, he is getting older, stronger and bigger. She has some ideas for me. Thank goodness because I'm at my wits end. Talk to Sr. Eileen and tell her to call if there is any issue--but based upon the past, he'll probably be amazingly good.
Home and exhaustion for me. Work tonight. And start all over again tomorrow.
I'm tired.

Monday, February 15, 2010


As promised, Julia's second palate expander. The wires that you see are working to push out those front teeth. The brown stain on her tooth is from some blood--the tooth is ready to go.Here is Rauan's twisted teeth. The dentist said probably the end of the summer, we'll be at the orthodontist for him. The 6 year old molars are coming through so once that's complete.....we start the process over.
Now Chewie is a different situation all together. He'll be "7" this summer--and there isn't even a sign of those molars. Besides being a year behind developmentally--he is also physically. Ted and I are starting to wonder if his birth date have been changed--either deliberately or accidentally. It would totally fit. If that's right--I really do have stair steps!

And now for the next surgery

Julia has had her second palate expander on now for a week. Ted actually turned it last night--I guess there is a first for everything. I do have to say--she was pretty pissed at me when she found out she was going to have to a second one placed. But, got through it just like we do with everything else.
Today was the appt. with the oral surgeon. She's going to have about 9 teeth removed. One might fall out before then (we can only hope). Also her 6 year old molar on the lower left side just does not seem to want to make an appearance. It's there--but not breaking through. So, he is going to basically remove a layer of gum and the "eggshell covering" to hopefully to coax it into joining the rest of Julia's toothy grin! There is 3 or 4 teeth in Julia's cleft area that will be removed--basically digging into her gumline and mouth. YUCK! Poor kid. But Julia is just like her mom--the surgeon started talking about post surgical pain meds and she looked up at him and said "I don't like those things they make me feel funny". Please God--let that continue through the teenage years! Such a strong-willed child. So, surgery is planned for April 1.
Later today I take all three kids to the dentist. Yep, day off and I just can't get away from the "medical/dental" field. I would guess I'm going to hear about Rauan starting with the orthodontist and a palate expander.
Since tonight is free--I'm going to try and get some pictures of Julia's palate expander. It's a little different then the old one.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

and the rest of the weekend

No pictures of the Pritchard family at the waterpark. Momma--the "photographer" was too busy playing to take photos--besides no one wants to see me in a bathing suit! What a blast! Hopefully next year, Chewie will be tall enough to go on the "big kid" rides. I spent more time running up and down stairs carrying a double tube so I could ride with either Julia or Rauan. My legs are killing me today.
When we got to the tubing hill, it didn't open until 1:30. Like we were going to wait around that long while there is precious winter daylight! So, off to try a new winter activity--which I totally LOVED. Ted is in amazement--an OUTDOOR(!!!),WINTER ACTIVITY(!!!!), that I LOVED(!!!). Snowshoeing. Honest to God outdoor winter activity. I guess its hiking in winter--but what a workout! Loved it and I think I'm going to purchase some snowshoes. I've already been looking for local rental places (and found a few), plus we are expecting 6-9 inches of snow this week. YES!!! ( I know--it did freeze over. Janiece looking forward to snow--what alternate universe is this?)
Anyways, here's a few photos of a new fav:
The Pritchard clan out and about. Chewie in his normal position--trying to get upright
What a view!!! Rib Mountain in Wausau WI
Ted attempting to coach. Alot like his soccer coaching--learning as he goes.
C'mon mom. Put that camera aware and let's go!
Oh did I mention the other advantage of snowshoes? Yep, the camera goes along and I can snowshoe and snap photos at the same time. That sounds normal for me--doing 2 things at 1 time! No hockey pictures for today--I was just too darn tired! But I did manage to get Julia's first communion dress to the seamstress. Progress!

Friday, February 5, 2010

The games

Wausau has been so much fun! It started off rough. We arrived last night and we got a phone call from Ted's dad. They are going to stop Janet's dialysis--which means she'll soon be our newest angel in heaven, joining my dad in watching over us.
We took the kids to the water park last night and guess what? Julia and Rauan finally hit the height mark--big kid rides!! I think I made the cool mom mark--I went on the rides with them! Laughing the whole time!
This am it was off to practice ice--way too early. Then a search for coffee--the most important part of the day. Picked up the boys and off to the skating arena. I was quickly roped in by the other skating moms and we have joined the figure skating "cult". Yes--hair glitter, makeup and fancy outfits. Damn it--its toddlers and tiaras on hormones. Julia had a good time and that's all that matter. Below is Julia with her coach Stephanie and another student, Heather.
Julia in the midst of her program. She forgot it halfway and improvised. In a pretty smooth way actually. Not bad for a 7 year old competing with kids about 2 years older then her--and with a heck more experience. Also, some of the girls were skating below their level just to win a medal. Really--what does that teach them???
Anyways, off my soapbox. Isn't that a nice straight line? I think its great progress.
Getting ready to go into a spin.

Makeup and glitter!

Julia came in 7th out of 8. First time at Badger State Games--so I thought that was fine. We came here for fun and experience--not a medal. Quite honestly, I didn't want her to win anything--what does that teach her? She was more excited about the sweatshirt that she got--with the iron-ons that she got to pick out--and had her name on it!
Ted spent most of his time--after he digested everything about his mom--laughing at me. He says I've been sucked in. Sucked in to what may I ask?? What makes my daughter happy? I think what is important is this what Julia wants and I go by her yeses and nos. As happened last summer--Julia didn't want to skate so she didn't skate. She let us know when she was ready to start again and we followed her lead. Personally I enjoyed the water park and the joy of going down the slides with the kids--and the laughter.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Winter Blahs

As I look out my window and see all this "lovely" snow--I realize there really isn't much to post. Badger State games this weekend--so that will lead to something. So, to follow some other blogs--I thought hey--I want to educate people--so ask questions. So everyone throw questions out about parenting, clefting issues, am I totally crazy having kids so close in age(yes), etc. Let's see how interesting we can make it!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Just Chewie

Just so we don't forget why its called the 5 Pritchards........
Mr. Happy

But mom, don't you want to see this Airhead in my mouth--I like to share!!! (yuck)

Rauan and Julia have had so much going on lately that Chewie has just been hanging out. Had to share that cute face.