Sunday, April 25, 2010

Saturday at the 70s skating show

Just a few photos from Julia's ice skating show on Saturday. I got super lucky and was called off of work--sad because I lose $, but happy to be able to attend both performances. My mom came to the first performance and then took use out for lunch--yummy pasta. We were deeply disappointed that Ted's dad didn't come, despite the fact that he told Ted twice that he would be there--but so goes it.
While it was totally exciting to watch my daughter blossom in front of my eyes--it was equally thrilling to be in the stands with Alihan dancing to the music and Rauan standing behind me with his arms around me while he watched his sister. My husband and mom next to me--what more could I ask for? We have been blessed beyond our wildest expectations.
Julia did 2 shows--4 performances in each show. Yes she slept like an angel!
Next week first communion, then Julia's birthday and then her figure skating test performance! Wow-we all need a break! I'm cutting Julia to ice skating once a week right after her testing. After all she's not quite 8 and she needs to play. Heck, I need time to play. Rauan does his gifted and talented testing this next week. One way or the other we'll have answers. I haven't heard anything from the social worker about adjusting Alihan's age. I'll make another phone call this week.
Time for me to shower so I can go to work. No complaints from me--having last night off made me a very happy momma!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter and Rauan's Birthday

The kids are so grown up--and I think Rauan might actually be taller then Julia! Easter was great. Church, family for lunch and then just a nice peaceful afternoon. Occasionally interrupted by extremely sugared up children bouncing off the walls.
2 days later we celebrated Rauan turning 7. 7 already! We travelled to the Chicago area to Medevil Times. What a blast!!!! The photo is the kids with the Green knight--who was our champion. Chewie was hilarious. He bounced and did jabs and moves along with the knights. He actually forgot to eat he was so into the entertainment! Rauan "almost" forgot to eat. Growing boy who loves food!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend

Super busy couple of days! Stayed at home Friday and finished getting the trampoline up. Julia recovered enough to enjoy it. Saturday--Easter Egg Hunt at St. Dennis. This is the last year that Julia could do it--so I'm so glad she felt better! Of course that would be the only day in the last week that was chilly! Then busted our butts to get our house reasonably clean for family coming up on Sunday. Easter --sunny start with a quick thunderstorm midday. The children looked so adorable--and we actually have flowers growing!
Tomorrow is Rauan's birthday. Can you believe he will be 7?? I can't. The time is flying by. We've started the process to change Alihan's age. Everything about him screams 5, not almost 7. Mentally, physically--he's 5. I really do think his birth certificate was altered.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Oral surgery aka day 4 spring break

Julia has missed so much school, but she needed teeth extracted. A little bit more complex then the normal tooth extraction because of the cleft and scar tissue.
First photo is the before. Next photo is a photo of her retainer--keeping the expander results in place. That was put in last week. Third photo is the after. She was totally miserable when we got home. Tears--from both her and momma. Its so horrible when I feel helpless to help my baby. She totally refused pain medicine. I finally insisted that she take medicine. 30 minutes later and much improved. The last photo is right now, eating a Popsicle. No straws for a week--so I spoon fed her chocolate shake when we got home.
Now because I am such a dork--Julia is sitting on my new couch and the last photo is my new chair. I wanted a chair like this since we decided to adopt--so 8 years or so. And Julia and I fit on it together just fine. I'm sure when its time--Rauan and I will fit on it and then Chewie and I will fit on it. It is super snuggly. Yes, I am a dork.