Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 3 of Spring Break

Can we say spoiled?? Ok--not really too much spoiled. With all that is going on, and mommy guilt--I thought Julia might enjoy a pedicure. So, off we went this am. And she's enjoyed it. Hot pink with blue sparkles.

It got into the 70s here today. My rose bushes in the front of the house are starting to leaf out. Ted picked his new bike today and took it for a spin. Then, a nice run/walk. I'm really trying, but I do get winded fairly easily with running. Anything else I'm fine. Guess that's my new challenge.
Tomorrow, first thing, Julia is off for dental surgery. It's going to be a rough morning for us. Lots of ice cream.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 2 Of Spring Break

Today we travelled to Chicago. Met my sister and 2 of her children--Jemma doesn't have break this week--and went to Field's Museum. The main goal was to see the dinosaurs--the boys current fixation. The second to last photo--I just burst out laughing when I looked in the rear view mirror and saw this. I made Ted take a picture. The last photo is Jemma-who reminded me that she will be 16 this fall. I reminded her that I used to change her diapers--and that also reminded me of how long I've been a nurse. She was born when I was finishing up my degree. Yikes!!
Now what shall tomorrow bring???

Monday, March 29, 2010

First day spring break

I've gotta figure out why I only get the wording instead of the photos. I can't captions them the way I would like.

Well, today was the first official day of spring break. Just to make life easier-I took vacation. So, after working out today (and yes I ran a bit--trying to break into it!), we went to the zoo. It's absolutely beautiful in Wisconsin right now--mid 50s and sunny today, so the zoo was perfect. First photo: my "monkeys"!
The tiger paced back and forth in front of the glass. I swear he licked his lips when he paced in front to of the kids. In the midst of the is the lion started roaring and I had to run behind the kids since roaring meant "something" was going on! At least according to the kids.
Flamingos are out.
Totally fascinated with the buffaloes--in this photos they are describing the buffalo pooping! Yep--the poop.
And last but not least--this is Chewie describing the poop--it was "THAT HUGE"! What is it about poop that kids love?

Next up: day 2!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hockey tournament

Ahhh, so it is the end of the hockey season. I get my house back--I think! But of course, without hockey, what will the kids do? Soccer! Julia has a figure skating test session the day after her birthday. So much for her birthday celebration. We'll think of something. Plus its time plan for our very first, first communion of the Pritchard household. This one at least will be age appropriate--veruses our children being baptized at an "older" age. This spring and summer looks exciting!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Death, Springtime and life

It's been a rough couple of weeks. On March 7 we got a call from Ted's dad that Janet--Ted's mom--was failing fast and was not expected to last until morning. Let me tell you--we busted ass getting to Milwaukee. Rough is the only way to describe it. While we lost my dad 2 1/2 years ago--their memories of my dad were of him alert and responsive. I didn't get a chance to say goodbye with dad. I got the call on him but I didn't make it in time before he passed. Janet passed about 3 hours after we left. The children got to say goodbye, Ted did and so did I. Chewie and Rauan didn't really get it, but Julia did. It was hard.
The funeral was last Tuesday. Needless to say, again difficult. I lost it when I looked over and their were tears running down her face. Ted told me when he saw tears in Rauan's eyes, he almost started crying. Chewie--well, he kind of just watched us trying to figure it all out.
Spring is finally upon us. To help release some of the sadness--and just because we love it--we went to Olbrich gardens after school and ran around. Pictures snapped. Energy burned.
On April 28, Rauan is going to be tested for the gifted and talented program. I don't know if St. Dennis will be able to accomadate him if he does test high. What to do? Well, not going to worry about that until it is upon us.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Skating and hockey

Well, for some reason I can't see the photos until this publishes. Another blogger whoops.
Anyways, Julia is doing loop jumps now--and actually had her coach come look for me so she could show off. So, her is mid-jump and another with the almost always smile on her face. Seriously, the child puts on her skates and goes out on the ice--and her face just lights up!
Next is Rauan who is always asking to be in the goalie getup. Why---who knows? That's Rauan. He is doing so much better now that he is receiving asthma meds. The difference is amazing.
Next is Chewie. Ted moved him into a few cross-ice practices to give him experience. This was a drill they were doing. Not sure what it was--since I really still know next to nothing about hockey--but I thought he looked pretty cute.


Going private. For those who wish to continue to read, please let me know and I'll enter you in. I'll set this up to private starting March 12.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cha Cha Changes

As I get ready to go look for a new sofa--#3 (or is it 4) in 11 years, I'm realizing how much my life has changed in that timeframe. Stagnant to always moving. From waiting for something to happen to MAKING it happen. From very quiet to very loud. Still pretty messy, but, hey, some things never do change.
Without letting himself sound too wonderful its almost as if there was 2 different lives for me; BT (before Ted) and AT (After Ted). Never knew a damn thing about sports, much less hockey and figure skating. My van can now drive itself to the ice arena and yes, I can tie skates in my sleep. Never left the country before (except Canada to see relatives)--now I travelled to the other side of the world, numerous times--and look forward to doing it again. Of course, this time I won't bring another child home with me! I've lost one of my heroes (Dad), but I've gained 3 more (Julia, Rauan, and Alihan). Their strength amazes me. I entered nursing as a field to earn decent money--and Hell no, there was no way I would work with children. Now, instead of a job, I passionately work in a field I love and actively try to improve--pediatric nursing. I've discovered that instead of being a wimp, I'm incredibly strong--even stronger with my husband at my side. We've lived through what would bury most people--stuff I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy--and we're stronger then before. Eleven years ago, I didn't know what a cleft lip and palate were--now, I'm teaching people and nurses about clefting. I'll try most anything now (snowshoeing anyone, how about skating?) where previously I would have run--not walked--in the opposite direction.
Life amazes me. Now as we are into the second decade of our marriage, I wonder what the future will bring. Our children will start their entry into the teenage years--which will surely test our strength yet again! We'll have to make decisions about moving or staying here. Careers--humm, what will that bring? I can't see myself ever leaving the field of pediatrics--but I probably will move into something besides the floor. Although I do see myself as always being a hands on nurse. Will Ted stay at Covance and in what capacity? Only time will tell. We do want to pursue international adoptions--education, helping the children left behind, medical missions, etc. As our children get older, we want to travel more. Which leads to the next question--if Julia is as good at figure skating as we've been lead to believe, what then? As funny as it sounds, Ted could "retire" from Covance in the next 10 years. We'll have the option of a parent always being able to travel. Nursing, it sure is incredibly flexible. There is always a need--and where there is a need, there is a job.
There is always "what ifs" and there is always plans. If I have learned anything, it is that life changes in the blink of an eye. Those of us that have learned to embrace change, thrive. I'm learning--it hasn't been easy, but I'm learning. I've learned that God has plans for us, and although we have our expectations--God's plans are better. Trust--trust yourself, trust your spouse and support system, and most of all, trust God.