Sunday, April 20, 2008

Lots of excitement

What a couple of days! I'm writing this earlier in the am cause Ted has taken his snoring to an Olympic level now. Earplugs might help, but then would I hear the kids?
Julia has her ice show yesterday and I have to say there is something worse then bleacher butt and that would be bleacher back! It was fun but I need a massage now. We also now know that yes there will be third Pritchard on the ice. After the snow some of the kids went on the ice in their street shoes. I would like to mention that ALL of my kids were right in the thick of it. Alihan is a true Pritchard child--loved the ice, fell, laughed and got up. No fear whatsoever. YEAH!!! We asked him when we first visited if he wanted to learn to play hockey and he said yes.
Julia, Rauan and Alihan also have a new cousin. Miss Amelia Grace decided to finally make her way into the world after teasing her mom and dad and other family members for well over 2 weeks now. I think little Henry is delighted that "George" is coming home--but he might be disappointed to find that a newborn sibling does little beyond eating, sleeping, pooping and crying. Let's just hope that Henry isn't like my SIL who decided she didn't like her new baby brother (Ted) and try to shove him under the couch when mommy isn't looking. I'm happy to say that relationship has greatly improved.
Some of the skating pictures are a bit dark, but at least you can get the idea!


Lisa said...

How fun! Keep those great pictures coming. I wish I had one of our Buryat Horde crashed on all the living room furniture last night. One sleeping in the chair, one on the loveseat, one on the couch. I guess those Nerf Darts wore them out!

Hilary Marquis said...

What a lovely name for a little girl ;) Your SIL and I think alike! Sounds like a fun afternoon on the ice. Another chance to "do the Beck" and create the need for a real trip to the ER! *haha*

Rachel said...

Congrats on the new addition to your family! And how fun that A is really fitting in! I loved the pictures.