Thursday, April 3, 2008

All asleep!

Ahhh peace at last. All of my "children" are asleep, including the big 6'3" blonde dude. We had a bit of an issue with a very little man having a fit. I do have to say it was much better then the one we had with Rauan. Rauan screamed, threw things and flipped himself out of the bed--nearly giving me a heart attack (the next day I was at Toys R US buying a toddler bed--if he was going to flip out of bed the distance was less!). Alihan simply screamed/cried for 45 minutes. WWAAAYYYY overtired. I expect the carrying on--I'm surprised it was that short to be honest. Julia and Rauan went and slept with Ted. At this point, I figure just keep him safe so he can eventually get to sleep. I just transferred the kids back into their own bed. If Alihan wakes up during the night, Rauan will be there. There's a table lamp on in the room too. Honestly, I think he'll sleep.
Anyways, we got to the airport with what I thought was a couple minutes to spare. WRONG!!! For once a flight from Chicago was early. Ted said he walked down the stairs, saw no one so they walked over to the luggage claim area. Unfortunately, the luggage didn't make it from Chicago. So, hopefully that will show up tomorrow. All is well and good in that area except I had the camcorder ready and I didn't get anything! Crap! Alihan was full of smiles and happiness with his new family until.....he saw the dog! Screamed bloody murder and wouldn't let go of me. Again--better then Rauan who screamed plus went into the fetal position on the floor and then whimpered. Same reaction with the cat. So goes life. The damn cat thought it was funny and kept coming past swishing his tail. Why the hell do I keep that character?? Oh yeah he let's the kids carry him around and he snuggles with me at night. I suppose I'll keep him--and wait out Alihan's fears. Julia and Rauan just keep showing Alihan that the kitties are nice.
So, the big downside of having a empathic child (Julia)--eventually she starts crying and carrying on too. Rauan--he just smiled and kept eating. Figures.
Ted had his beer(or 3) and passed out. He's down for a good 12 hours I think. I'm back in my favorite place--doing laundry. Yippee. Tomorrow, to Target for paper so I can print out the Kryg registration papers and get that taken care of. Julia likes to "print" too much from the computer. I'm just hoping that Alihan doesn't do a Beck and take a header. Of course--stitches add character!
Keep watching--pictures (hopefully) tomorrow!


Hilary Marquis said...

Hurry up and get to bed while they're all out cold! It probably won't last the whole night ;) The laundry will still be there in the morning...unless you still have a laundry fairy...mine "left" when I moved out of my parents' house!

Marnie said...

I am so glad that your guys are home. Alihan will learn to like the dog and cat. Jyly loves doggy kisses. Yuck! Enjoy your family, but hurry up with those pictures. We are a very impatient group you know!

Mala said...

Oh great, I see head injuries are now commonly known as 'doing a Beck'!!!!!! great. That's my boy. LOL!!!!!
Can't wait to see pictures of the little guy at home!
PS It took about 3 weeks before Beck would stop screaming bloody murder whenever he spotted the dog or cat. Good luck.