Saturday, April 26, 2008

Minivan daddy

Ok, remember the person who picked out the minivan but wouldn't test drive it? Who said he would figure out a way to get 3 carseats in the back on the envoy because he wasn't going to drive a minivan? Yeah--that one I'm married to? Well, I'm starting to think he likes to driveit more then me!!! The kids are absolutely nuts here. The nasty weather we've had isn't helping matters (I was loving the 70s here). So, Ted ordered the kids to put on sweats today. I said want me to move the envoy?? (single driveway). No--I'm taking the envoy. The soccerballs are there and I'm running the kids. Ok. So, as I'm folding clothes downstairs folding clothes--I look up and guess what is pulling out of the driveway? Yep--the minivan. Guess it wasn't so easy to load 3 kids and their carseats into the envoy. Snicker snicker laugh laugh giggle giggle. When will he learn?
Well, I went back to work. And I've been fighting a headache ever since. Alihan wants to be carried alot (emotionally 3 years old--but very smart, loves his mommy) and I'm running or on my feet at work. My back isn't feeling so good and I think it's radiating up my head. My awesome SIL (hear the buttering up starting???) gave me a gift certificate on my birthday last July--yes that's how crazy it's been--and I tried today to make an appt. for a massage. Yeah--nothing available for when Ted can watch the kids and I'm not working. I would probably be looking at June! So, Mary--anytime you feel like rescuing your poor, exhausted SIL feel free (little bit of begging and pity me thrown in with the buttering up). The kids would LOVE to see their Aunt Mimi (little more buttering up).
Off to take more ibuprofen before I fold more clothes and go to work. Ok--work is busy but I have to say a little bit more peaceful then home right now. By the time I get home at midnight--God willing--they are asleep and Ted will have a beer waiting for me.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I apologize for my husband. Ted get your own dang blog!!!
Just so those of you who haven't met him in person yet--he really is a sweet, if somewhat hairy, guy. Of course....there are times--like the snoring olympics and when he is being obnoxious like now. At least life is interesting.

Exit Polls---Hilary wins

Based on > 95% confidence limits, Hilary wins.................................

The competition to respond first most often

Hilary- 45% (no majority vote)
Lisa- 30%
Mala- 25%
(100% of post reporting)

-as we used to say in school: You snooze, you........

See I knew I would find a use for that STUPID Six sigma training!!


Pulling my hair out

I would just like to state that the Kyrg embassy is driving me crazy. Why does everything have to be so difficult???
Here is the video
Julia is Simba from 'The Lion King'

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Lots of excitement

What a couple of days! I'm writing this earlier in the am cause Ted has taken his snoring to an Olympic level now. Earplugs might help, but then would I hear the kids?
Julia has her ice show yesterday and I have to say there is something worse then bleacher butt and that would be bleacher back! It was fun but I need a massage now. We also now know that yes there will be third Pritchard on the ice. After the snow some of the kids went on the ice in their street shoes. I would like to mention that ALL of my kids were right in the thick of it. Alihan is a true Pritchard child--loved the ice, fell, laughed and got up. No fear whatsoever. YEAH!!! We asked him when we first visited if he wanted to learn to play hockey and he said yes.
Julia, Rauan and Alihan also have a new cousin. Miss Amelia Grace decided to finally make her way into the world after teasing her mom and dad and other family members for well over 2 weeks now. I think little Henry is delighted that "George" is coming home--but he might be disappointed to find that a newborn sibling does little beyond eating, sleeping, pooping and crying. Let's just hope that Henry isn't like my SIL who decided she didn't like her new baby brother (Ted) and try to shove him under the couch when mommy isn't looking. I'm happy to say that relationship has greatly improved.
Some of the skating pictures are a bit dark, but at least you can get the idea!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

As requested!

Well, I didn't manage to get a photo of Alihan with Loki (YET!), but I did get some with Toby, my mom's dog. Toby is a little smaller then a Norwegian Elkhound, but he bounces just as much! They were playing ball in the backyard, but Alihan seemed to think that instead of throwing the ball, he should gather up all the balls and Toby should chase him! Later, all 3 kids were running around in the backyard laughing. I know my dad was looking down from heaven with a big smile on his face.
Today, as a reward for being so good while I was at my doctor's appt. I took Alihan and Rauan to McDonald's. Yes, corrupting him already. So, we did the indoor playland and Rauan was a super big brother and showed him how to climb the play structure.
Alihan also put a new twist on doing the Beck. Rauan's preschool is in a church that is built into a hillside. To get to it, the majority of people will walk down a set of stairs. Not my kids. No, Rauan runs down the grasshill. Which would be fine except his baby brother follows him and goes ass over teakettle, gives himself a bloody nose, a mouth full of gravel and road rash on his chin, cheek and forehead. His nose oozed for at least an hour! No stitches at least. Why do I think this is the first of many road rashes and bloody noses? Ahhh, boys!
Hummm, blogger won't let me put up photos. I'll try to do it later.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dog update

Yeah, Alihan is scared of Loki. Anyone who knows what an elkhound is knows its time for the blowing of coats. So, it's time to brush brush and brush some more. The birds love it--nice and soft for their nests. Anyways, so I'm sitting on the floor brushing Loki--as he is drooling over food that the kids are eating--and I look over and have a helper. Alihan is using the doggie comb to brush out Loki's ears and forehead! With a big smile on his face. Poor Loki. Yet again, he rolled his eyes at me and said "mom--another kid to torture me???" I see a boy and his dog bonding pretty quickly here. Whatever anyone says--one of the sweetest things in the world is 2 boys and their best bud--a big ol furry dog!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

One Tough Chick

We went to visit my friend Lisa and her family today. Tomah is about an hour and half north of Madison. About 45 minutes before we got there--all three kids were asleep. Good charging for playing! Lisa's son Kostya and Julia were in the same orphanage in Ulan-Ude. Lisa met Kostya at the same time we met Julia. Ever since, Lisa and I have provided emotional support and friendship to each other--and we've loved watching when the kids get together! Currently, Lisa and her husband Paul are in the process of adopting a 12 year old boy. Julia--my tough little girl that is a toothpick--a very muscular toothpick--tackled him. Literally dove at him and grabbed his knees and took him down. For those who know Julia know that isn't the first time. Julia has no issue with taking down kids--particularly boys--that are older and taller then her. That's Julia and the boy is the one on the bottom in the red pants! Nature/nurture--nature/nurture.
I also took some pictures of Alihan enjoying some swinging time. Friday night, after my post about how wonderful everything was going; Alihan started screaming and carrying on in his room. We still don't know what was going on--but the next morning, Alihan was naked from the waist down(no PJ bottoms, no pull-ups--found those on the floor) and he totally soaked the bed. So much for waterproof mattress pads! Thank goodness for enzyme solution. Well, this is why we didn't buy expensive mattress--but I'm a wee bit disappointed with the mattress pad. Guess I keep on buying enzyme solutions--and check out a new mattress pad! I'm not sure if his sleep schedule is still goofed up or what. So far--tonight he has been sleeping well. Still doesn't like showers but he'll take a bath. Ted called me into the bathroom this am to watch Alihan laughing in the bathtub while Alihan kept dunking a cup underwater and pouring the water over "the boys". All I can do is just shake my head. Yep, like father like son--that's all I have to say. Between Alihan, Rauan and Ted--aaiiyyyeee. Life isn't boring(Julia is like me--I expect the tackles and arguments! again nature/nurture).

Friday, April 11, 2008

A good day

Alihan is really starting to come around. It's almost as if a light switch is flipping on. His receptive language skills are developing quickly also. He's also developed the "JULIA" call. She wants to mother him--he is having none of that! Today, he hit her and her response was to hit back. We went round and round about you don't hit--"but he hit me first!! (whine whine)". I explained to her that hedoesn't understand that hitting is wrong and if she hits him back he'll think hitting is ok. It's the old use your words thing again.
Today Rauan took the books he collected at his birthday party to the children's hospital. The person who accepted the books in Janice from Child Life. She's right in the center there of the picture. Child Life does amazing work with the kids. Teaching, distracting, comforting. They are just awesome. Alihan just couldn't figure out where he wanted to stand--so that's him on the edge.
Tonight, the kids made a "nest" downstairs and are watching a movie. This is a big deal for them. Pizza, movie, nest. Its so easy to make them happy. Alihan also has his new Superman jammies on with his cape. He picked it out. I personally think it was for the cape. I need to find something like that for Rauan. Then my boys are really in for some candid photos. I love saying that too--"my boys". Something I never thought would happen and now I have these awesome incredible children. Remind of this thought in 10 years when my boys are plotting stuff and eating their own individual pizzas as a snack! I think Alihan is as smart as Rauan--Ted and I definitely have our challenges ahead. Our figure skater and our brains. Humm do I let Julia continue to try to intimidate the boys--and hope they stay that way or will they try to get revenge when they are older??? Hummmm--thoughts. Poor Julia. Poor Mommy and Daddy! HAHA--I can see Daddy being the biggest pig in the puddle--or the one hiding in the garage with a beer and the football game on! Again--this is all I dreamed of and more--but keep reminding me that I wanted this!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wonders never cease

So, after struggling to just get Alihan sort of clean--so I could stand the stink--tonight the little stinker just cleans into the tub for a bath. No struggle, no crying--nothing. And then he laughed the whole time!! I about fell over from shock! This has been a day that I don't want to repeat--Alihan kept challenging Ted and I --resulting in him spending some time in the time out chair. Out time out chair is simply one of the kitchen chairs placed facing the wall. He DOES NOT like it one darn bit. He had to be put back a couple of times--meaning he got off the chair and mommy or daddy picked him back up and put him back on the chair--not a single word said. Only took twice. He got the message. He got the time out chair again when he decided to throw stuff around in his bedroom. Didn't have to be put back at all. He's a fast learner. I guess he is feeling comfortable--getting cleaning, testing the waters, finding out if he gets in trouble mommy and daddy still want to play with him and are there. Now if we could just get the darn dog issue resolved. Time--simply time. Also--decent weather--please decent weather!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Well, I have to say we've had a couple of opinions on this. The confusing issue is that on his visa it says temporary citzen. I've decided we'll just wait for 45 days and see if we get the certificate.
Yesterday was fun at the doctor's. For all the fuss that he caused Ted he was the exact opposite for me. He didn't like the TB skin test--but then who does?? I do think that because our doctor is a female and she doesn't "look" like a doctor, that helped. Today, we're going to get blood drawn. I'm going down to the children's hospital to do it. They draw blood from kids all day long--they are the experts! Make life easier for everyone.
Now--this is how my life is going. Picked Julia up from school yesterday and went to the grocery store to get ibuprofen and some of the ear wax softner because on top of everything else, Alihan's ears are packed full of wax. It's pouring rain. Get back out to the parking lot and as I'm putting the back down on the minivan CRASH right into my head. Knocked my glasses off and I now have a huge lump on my forehead. My miagraine has a miagraine. Then I had the joy of doing ear drops with Alihan. Bloody fricking hell--the child is strong and he wasn't happy in the least. It took both Ted and me. This is great--it's a minimum of a week every single day to do this. Great.
I'm off to medicate myself now.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What else now?

So, I'm copying Alihan's passport and guess what he is marked IR3!!! Mother of God--what else? I've already contacted our social worker and she thinks it would be more of a hassle to get it fixed, so we'll just proceed as an IR3 and readopt (which we planned anyways) and pay that horrible fee for a certificate of citzenship. Well, Julia is offically a citzen but I never got a certificate for her. Got everything else--just been putting off paying for her certificate it. Guess I'll doing a two for one deal. Geez, I hope this is the end of it!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Two steps forward

What a busy busy couple of days! Yesterday was Rauan's 5th birthday! Again I ask, where does the time go??? The kids all seemed to have a blast at Keva and we collected quite a few books for the American Family Children's Hospital (where I work). Michelle came with Levi--and once Julia saw Levi no one else mattered. Those two! My sister and her family came up from Chicago. I can't believe how much my niece Jemma has grown. She's turning into a young lady. I held this child within a couple hours of her birth--and I was an adult then. I must be getting older faster then I realized!
Alihan had a blast there. Definitely wanted to be in the thick of things and Rauan, bless his heart, was more then willing to share. I just have this feeling that 10 years down the road, Michelle and I will be comforting each other over margaritas while Julia and Levi do God knows what--while Ted is busy trying to control the boys and the women chasing them. Both seem to draw the ladies towards them.
After dropping off Julia and Ted (that damned Envoy!) and Rauan this am--I took the temperature of my youngest and discovered low and behold he has a fever. Off for a little ibuprofen for him. Unfortunately I couldn't stop for anything today, so I bundled him in a blanket and went to drop off the stinkest poop I've dealt with in a while. I'm serious--double bagged and everything and it still stunk! If there isn't something in that poop I will be very surprised--besides the neon green color I mean! Alihan got to flirt with the people at the doctor's office, who have been in the thick of things with this adoption. They couldn't believe how much he looks like Rauan. Again--my lady's men! Then down to the human resources dept. to get Alihan on my insurance. Then picking up kids. Home for lunch and phone calls. Then off to get the envoy--me to a meeting, Ted to take Julia skating. Get this--I'm so screwed up I misread my meeting time. It's Tuesday from 3-4. Good fricking God almighty! And to make it worse, I go to call Ted and dial my mom instead! I'm trying to decide if it's mommy brain or too much blonde hair dye. Then more errands, Julia to dance class and then both kids to soccer practice. I said enough for me, took Alihan home and he was more then willing to go to bed. Get this--he REQUESTED to go to bed. I can't decided if he has a cold or an ear infection. Good thing the offical doctor's appt. is tomorrow. Now Ted is sleeping and I'm doing laundry. How is that fair??? Tomorrow more of the same, except there is an actual meeting--not just some figment of my imagination.
If you've made itthis far through my rambling--Pictures of Uncle Jeremy with Alihan( I didn't get a chance to get my sister or her kids in on it), Michelle with her godson, Rauan and his birthday cake--I'm sure thinking I want to eat this whole cake! and Alihan playing the parachute game.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Pooped Again!

I would just like to state for the record that I love my children, I love my job as a peds nurse--but I really really hate poop and bowel issues. Not to found of the pee either--especially when the child has just peed. Fricking doctor will learn to listen to me--of course she'll probably laugh her ass off when I bitch at her. Good thing I like her and think she's a good doctor ( I used to work with her and I have known her for at least 12 years--yeah there is no holding back on either side there).

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Miracles do happen!

So, I thought it would take forever--but I think the lightbulb is clicking in Alihan's head. He is starting to put it together. First the shower today. I had Rauan show him about showering. That was ok. Then it was his turn. Bloody screaming murder! But, I'm sorry, I can't stand the stink. He gradually realized hey this isn't so bad. This was only about 2 minutes, but I could definitely see a difference. Had a bit of a meltdown at Julia's skating practice--but was he tired, hungry? Heck, I was getting close to a meltdown. I waas getting hungry and a hungry Janiece is an unhappy Janiece. Ate like a hog when we got home and then I put him down for a nap. Only 2-3 minutes of crying. YEAH!!! He slept for 2 1/2 hours and then I woke him up. So, time for something more. I made him touch Sneaky cat. Screamed yet again. Then--click--a big smile on his face. The cat didn't do anything to him and he was soft. Hummm, maybe this is kind of cool. Looked at the dog but he's big--yeah we'll wait on that one. So, went for a walk (see pictures) and by God--we got home, I looked over and he was PETTING--yes, PETTING Tasha. I just about fell over! Bloody hell something is working. Later on I'm fixing dinner (ok--helping Ted), I look over and Alihan is bent over petting one of the cats and singing. Honest, I hadn't started drinking! No drugs in my system. He was petting and singing to the cat!!! I wished I had a camera! SO, he got a totally junky supper--burgers, chips , fruit---and the one thing that I barely allow--Hawaiian punch juice--and then to top it off Blue Moon ice cream. My doctor is insisting that she wants a stool specimen--needs proof he has giradia. Well,ok--you asked for it. Might as well add color to it too! So, right after dinner--he produced a large nasty specimen in his undies. Mala--I'm right there with you. And it stinks. Poor kid was upset. I swear I don't know what happened but if I got my hands on those people.......well, anyways cleaned poor baby up and put him in his new Sponge Bob jammies that he picked out. It was quite the big deal. Cried for a couple of minutes and lights out. It was an awesome second day! He even helped me to make copies of the paperwork for the embassy. Life is good.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Promised pictures

Well, it's been a day. Bumpa was playing with Julia and Rauan and something he did causes Alihan to have a meltdown. Daddy and the grandmas were right there and they have no idea what it was. Honest to God, after seeing a couple of old bruises--no they are Mongolian spots, these are definitely bruises--and some of Alihan's reactions, I'm pretty sure that he was abused/physically punished in some way. I think haircuts were nasty too. His hair is all ragged, so we just wanted to trim around the ears. My God--you would have thought he was being tortured! It was awful. If he was abused, I want to take that person(s) and hang them by certain body parts! I've seen enough child abuse recently that it just makes me want to puke. And to think that might have been happening to my baby!
Ok, on to better things. Alihan is showing some very positive signs. After the above incident, I came upstairs and Alihan came into my arms and I snuggled him like a baby. Lightbulb!!! Let's go back to the baby stages. I got a sippy cup and filled it with water. I held him like I was bottle feeding or nursing him and gave him water. I even burped him a little. He relaxed and just watched me and snuggled in. I even fed him like that. I think just doing the stages is really going to help. He calmed down and was very responsive to playing with Julia and Rauan. He was even willing to give Bumpa a high five when he left. We are having the typical testing going on too. There was a power struggle amongst the 3 kids over a toy. So they all lost it. After that Alihan was much better at sharing. Honest truth--Ted and I just don't put up with that crap. Manners, sharing and just plain decent behavior are how it goes here.
He still isn't liking the dog and cats--but he was able to be in the room with the cat without freaking. Progress!
Here's just a few pictures of the kids together. Hopefully more tomorrow.

Tokmok and Bishkek pictures

I'll get some pictures of the kids tonight and tomorrw. This am we were busy with school and running errands. Alihan is napping now before the grandparents arrive. Ok everyone here's my joy for the day--HE SLEPT ALL NIGHT!!! Rauan actually woke him this morning. Oh happy day!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

All asleep!

Ahhh peace at last. All of my "children" are asleep, including the big 6'3" blonde dude. We had a bit of an issue with a very little man having a fit. I do have to say it was much better then the one we had with Rauan. Rauan screamed, threw things and flipped himself out of the bed--nearly giving me a heart attack (the next day I was at Toys R US buying a toddler bed--if he was going to flip out of bed the distance was less!). Alihan simply screamed/cried for 45 minutes. WWAAAYYYY overtired. I expect the carrying on--I'm surprised it was that short to be honest. Julia and Rauan went and slept with Ted. At this point, I figure just keep him safe so he can eventually get to sleep. I just transferred the kids back into their own bed. If Alihan wakes up during the night, Rauan will be there. There's a table lamp on in the room too. Honestly, I think he'll sleep.
Anyways, we got to the airport with what I thought was a couple minutes to spare. WRONG!!! For once a flight from Chicago was early. Ted said he walked down the stairs, saw no one so they walked over to the luggage claim area. Unfortunately, the luggage didn't make it from Chicago. So, hopefully that will show up tomorrow. All is well and good in that area except I had the camcorder ready and I didn't get anything! Crap! Alihan was full of smiles and happiness with his new family until.....he saw the dog! Screamed bloody murder and wouldn't let go of me. Again--better then Rauan who screamed plus went into the fetal position on the floor and then whimpered. Same reaction with the cat. So goes life. The damn cat thought it was funny and kept coming past swishing his tail. Why the hell do I keep that character?? Oh yeah he let's the kids carry him around and he snuggles with me at night. I suppose I'll keep him--and wait out Alihan's fears. Julia and Rauan just keep showing Alihan that the kitties are nice.
So, the big downside of having a empathic child (Julia)--eventually she starts crying and carrying on too. Rauan--he just smiled and kept eating. Figures.
Ted had his beer(or 3) and passed out. He's down for a good 12 hours I think. I'm back in my favorite place--doing laundry. Yippee. Tomorrow, to Target for paper so I can print out the Kryg registration papers and get that taken care of. Julia likes to "print" too much from the computer. I'm just hoping that Alihan doesn't do a Beck and take a header. Of course--stitches add character!
Keep watching--pictures (hopefully) tomorrow!

Home at last!!!

The boys are home!! Alihan loves his brother and sister--hates the dog and the cats. Exact same behavior as Rauan when he came home. Thank goodness I know this will pass! He likes pizza! Not liking the idea of sleeping so much though. It's going to be a long long night!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

One more day!!!

Heard from Ted and they will be leaving shortly. He's not overly thrilled over the flights--but I think he is ready to be home no matter what. Can't say that I blame him. Sounds like they got to see the Olympic Torch go through Almaty. I sure hope he got pictures.
The envoy is ready--although now the battery is dying. What else can happen??? Maybe I shouldn't say that! 3:30 pm Thursday--soon--soon!!! Humm, but do I stillhave time to get into Ted's closet and get that cleaned???

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Just so everyone knows why Ted won't speak to me when he comes home--I took the truck in to be cleaned today. I received a call that they will be charging me extra because it is so excessively messy. That along with not being able to put any of Ted's clothes away because his drawers are so full set me off. First of all--Ted has a closet full of clothing along with TWO large dressers full of clothing. So, for all of us wives (and possibly husbands also), here are the rules on clothing items:
1. If the pants have holes so large in the crotch that the boys might hang out--the pants need to be thrown out.
2. If the holes in the shirt armpits are so noticeable that individual hairs can be counted--toss it!
3. If the underwear is so thin that certain items can be counted--toss it!
4. If body lines are clearly visible in underwear--it is too thin--toss it!
5. If the shirt is so small that your belly button is visible--and that isnt' the intent--toss it! Please we don't need to see that.
6. If the neckline, arm line, or any other part is hanging by a thread--again toss it!
7. If nasty stains are not able to come out and you wouldn't wear the item in public--again toss it.
8. And last but not least--if the item of clothing shows anything that only your spouse or doctor should see--toss it! The general public does not need see it.

In addition to this, if paperwork is outdated--and the business no longer exists--please reevaluate the need to keep it. Like grocery store bonus cards--and the grocery store has been out of business for over 2 years! Also, change should not be left rolling around in multiple drawers--I found enough to possibly play for Alihan's ticket home (almost $900!).

So--just so everyone knows--I might need a couch to sleep on for a while. But there just comes a time!

Adoption--Equal Opportunity Childbirth--also Grandma's wish

Well, it appears first of all that my mom's wish/dream of having 2 grandchildren arrive on the same day might happen. My baby sisterwent into labor this am. The labor has stopped for now--but last I heard she is 50% effaced and dropped. I don't know how far dilated--but, for anyone who has given birth (not me--at least that way!)knows that this little niece of mine is ready to see the world. I'm not sure what my nephew is going to think of all these changes in his little world.

Anyways, yes--if you think the blog is bad you should see/hear what I've been told via email and phone. Yes, Ted needs an epidural. Maybe more! Ahhh--see this is another reason adoption is so wonderful. Ted gets his own personal version of labor and childbirth. And just like my last experience (with Rauan) I forgot some of my lovely experiences--like Rauan screaming the whole way home and mom and I spending hours (literally) walking him in the stroller cause that's the only time he was calm. I have the beer sitting here waiting for Ted. I'm sure he'll pass out when he gets home and the beer will wait for later.
You know--even after all this, it will still be me running Alihan and the children to the doctor, to the ice skating/hockey skating, probably speech therapy. Of course, the kid's dentist appt. is scheduled for when I work so Ted's going to have to do that--once in 3 years I think he can handle.
Oh for anyone who is interested, in today's Wisconsin State Journal is a really neat article about a family adopting 4 Russian siblings and there is also an article about a woman we know who has 10 adopted children. She's also a nurse so you know she's awesome!! :) Here's the link:

April fools, nope no joke....

If I actually get on a plane, then my next post may be at home. This trip has been a NIGHTMARE. Nothing has gone right. When things get really bad, I give myself a reality check by thinking about the Hackels. We went to the airport to check on our tickets today and lufthansa was closed. At least I have a confirmation, as one of the other mothers needs to exchange tickets. We made it to Almaty, but our drive got lost twice. Alihan has been having meltdowns every hour on the hour. To make matters worse, I have to find my own way to the airport. Nice! So much for making sure the kids/parents get out of the country. After the embassy tomorrow it will be see you later, thanks for the money. I have heard a lot of biological mothers say that they knew a pregnancy would be their last. Well I now completely understand in a slightly altered version. The good news is that ALihan sort of likes baths. He even takes the soap, washes the 'boys' and giggles(that was for JP). The bad news is the hotel has a shower and he still screams murder. If you haven't noticed, most of the humor is gone from my emails..........YEP!