Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dog update

Yeah, Alihan is scared of Loki. Anyone who knows what an elkhound is knows its time for the blowing of coats. So, it's time to brush brush and brush some more. The birds love it--nice and soft for their nests. Anyways, so I'm sitting on the floor brushing Loki--as he is drooling over food that the kids are eating--and I look over and have a helper. Alihan is using the doggie comb to brush out Loki's ears and forehead! With a big smile on his face. Poor Loki. Yet again, he rolled his eyes at me and said "mom--another kid to torture me???" I see a boy and his dog bonding pretty quickly here. Whatever anyone says--one of the sweetest things in the world is 2 boys and their best bud--a big ol furry dog!


Lisa said...


Hilary Marquis said...

How 'bout I Fed Ex you Dudley and they can each have one of their own? ...you'll understand if you read my blog.

Maria said...

What? No photo??? And, while you are brushing, can I send you Bear, the 140 lab/rottie mix that sheds enough hair in the spring to make a fur coat for a small human. YUK! So glad to read that things are going well!!