Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring in Wisconsin

Yesterday, woke up to piles of snow. Sick as a dog, scrapped off 5 inches of snow off of truck and drove to urgent care. Strep. Quite lovely. No work for me for a couple of days per doctor's order. Sucks big time. Woke up this am, throat a little better. Picked up kids from school this afternoon-snow almost gone and crocus blooming in yard. Thank God--maybe spring is really here. One more year like this--I'm moving with or without Ted.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Gotcha Day!

Oh yeah, Ted just reminded me it was one year ago today that he picked up Chewie from Tokmok. Where does the time go????


Crap crap crap crap! I just realized I had playground duty yesterday and I totally forgot about it until this am! Double crap! One of these days I will finally admit I am trying to do to much and slow down. Ok--I may be 90 by then, but that is someday.
Interestingly, I ended up charge nurse last night (yes the job I despise) and I was talking to my manager about the pediatric nurse exam and how I have decided to wait until fall to take it. We have to do a telemetry competency exam in May and if we fail, education and retake in June. After that???? Anyways, I suck at EKGs. Totally. Add to that exam anxiety and it isn't a pretty picture. So, in order to keep some sanity--no peds exam. I mean I went off the deep end a long time ago, but I'm still doing the doggie paddle and keeping afloat. So, anyways, back to my manager. She asked me if I was still doing the craniofacial clinic. While I still have ties there, no. I simply couldn't keep doing it. I miss it, but I like my sanity more. Sorta. She looked at me and said, "its good to know your limits and saying no sometimes is ok". Wow, a manager saying that??? Well, at the ripe old age of 38, almost 39 (and holding there by the way), I've learned no is an acceptable answer.
Which brings me back to playground duty. Next year we're paying the $50 and I don't have to worry about freaking out the next am that I forgot it. Or stress over trying to find time to do it.

"No, I can't do it" is ok.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Swimming anyone???

So, do you want to go swimming???? I guess that is a yes!
And here they are being just as silly again.
And here is the kids with their spring outfits. Of course Rauan wanted his shirt sleeves rolled down and wanted to wear a tie...but hey he's a unique individual! Cute as a button, but definitely unique. I'm still thinking banker. Right now, the boys both have a fixation on being a cop. (Emily--how are you influencing them???). Every once in a while Rauan mentions firefighter and I tell him he should talk to Uncle Josh--but then when he sees Uncle Josh that means he sees Henry and he would rather play...but at least he is exploring.

Anyways, Chewie's speech is improving by leaps and bounds. Another teacher mentioned how much his speech has improved. Now if I can just get him to figure out colors (coming along) and how to spell his name........

One year ago

As we left the waterpark yesterday, I realized that one year ago, Ted and I were in a made rush to get him to Chicago to get plane to Moscow. It was one year ago that our family size was about to change--from a family of 4 ( and the man to man defense that Ted loves to joke about) to our current family size of 5 (the zone defense). Wow--what a difference a year makes! Of course, as I type this, Ted is standing behind me with a twitch in his eye as he is remembering the mad dash. Yet again I remind him --and everyone else--that it wouldn't be a Pritchard adoption trip unless something went wrong. Hey--at least he got his luggage in Bishkek! Another benefit--we found out our new minivan performed well under pressure--we had picked it up maybe 3 days before the mad dash!
I'll put up some waterpark pics later. Right now it will be the mad dash for school. But as I reflect on things I would just like to state--as I have many times before--the answer to the question about changing anything in the history of my life--"not a damn thing!"

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Just when we thought .....

life was going ok--our 1 1/2 year old very expensive refrigerator decided to crap out on us. The freezer is on overdrive and the fridge part isn't cooling. AAAUUUGGGHHHH!!! This is my punishment for thinking--yeah almost completely debt free except for house and van. Crap! Can't get a repairman until Tuesday am.
Well, we did luck out. We're heading up to the waterpark today--so at least we can keep the kids out of the fridge. I think I'm going to have big stiff drink with dinner tonight!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

As promised again!!

And yet again, probably one of the happiest kids I've ever seen! We've had some absolutely lovely days here in the frozen tundra--and the kids and I have taken advantage. On Wednesday we were outside for 2 hours--from the time Julia left school at 3:15. Here we are at the playground closeby.
The two other monkeys. After the playground, we met Ted at Dairy Queen. Nothing like a little ice cream to totally wreck your dinner. Neglectful mommy hasn't been to the grocery store in a while--we ended up with Papa Murphy's pizza last night. Yes--I did go today. Coffee and toilet paper. When your down to the last roll--priorities!

Here's our hockey champ! He's so proud of himself. My little man. He starts a hockey camp in April to help with more skills development. Then the Green Bay Packers are doing some kind of summer camp thing--one of them will be held in Madison the end of July. He's old enough and I'm debating it. New camera for mommy or football camp??? Yeah--you know who will win out on that one! Camera will wait. We'll see if he wants to do it--if it will even fit in the schedule! Ted wants the boys to do the power skating classes and we have to bust our butts this summer to get Chewie up to speed for kindergarten. There was a big discussion on should he do preK again or Kindergarten. But--at 6 he needs to move up. After all he has only been able to hear for a couple of months. So, please say a few prayers in that direction.
Also, my MIL in in the hospital. Pleural effusion. Please say a few prayers in her direction too.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spring is coming!!!

I'm in desperate need of summer. Just as I was about to scream in frustration--a beautiful day and no more sick kids--well, Julia is still on antibiotics--but she's back to her usual peppy self. So, Rauan's hockey tournament was today and I wasn't about to waste my time at home when it's in the 40s and sunny! So, off to Olbrich to look for signs of spring--which we found. Chewie literally ran throughout the area. And my favorite sign of spring--robins!!! I was overjoyed to see robins thoughout Olbrich. I ran into Melanie there(her son plays soccer with the kids--and has for going on 4 years now!) and she was snapping pictures too. I think she also got a picture of this robin. Guess he was showing off for us! Julia and Chewie had a blast running around checking for robins and pointing them out to me.
Then afterwards, off to get some shamrock shakes. I figured Rauan would be home so I got one for him too. They LOVED them! Rauan also got a medal at the hockey tournament. More pictures on that later.
And off to work for me. Get a break and I wanted to share my joy of a robin and all that it means. HAPPY SPRING!!!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

I need ideas!!!

I'm finally going to paint the boys' room. Currently its dark blue and light blue. It's a room with both south and west exposure. The boys' favorite colors are yellow, orange, blue, red. Any ideas for colors and/or simple designs? I thought about the yellow and orage together and my lovely husband informed me that it would look like a big sun in there and with Rauan getting up before the sun--do we really want it that bright??? So, any suggestions would be welcomed!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Changes and cancellations

Boy, the titles I come up with! Well the biggest thing to be cancelled is the Florida trip. Well, maybe not cancelled--just delayed. Probably spring break 2010. Instead of a 2 day break at Thanksgiving time, the kids get a week or so off. We'll just pad that week a bit. With the economy and all that is going on (my damn teeth, house repairs, etc.) we'll just wait a bit longer. My reasoning--they'll remember it better at almost 8 and almost 7. Still have to come up with something good for my 40th birthday in 2010 though!
So, changes. Rauan has been down for the count for over 4 days now. He's perking up today but I didn't know such a small boy could produce so much vomit! And Lord knows, I've seen my share of vomit! He's been without a fever for almost 24 hours now--so he's back to school tomorrow and I'm cleaning and disinfecting! And as I look up while typing this--dusting big time!
I'm back to scrapbooking! YEAH!!! For those who have known me forever--I love to scrapbook. Doesn't mean I'm good at it--just love to play with pictures and tape and glue. And punch holes--sometimes the pounding helps gets a little aggression out! I just didn't do it for the longest time--between dealing with Rauan's orphanage rage, my issues dealing with that, changing jobs, my dad's sickness, my mother-in-law's sickness, dad's death, new nephew, new niece, adopting Chewie--and just life---I let it slide. Not any more. Got some bug up my butt about getting Rauan's book done (which it almost is) and getting Chewie done. To me that's important--so they have their history. Ted and I know where we came from and we have biological parents to tell us all the gory details. So, after I'm done with Chewie's--I'll start a general family scrapbook.
Other changes--I'm sick of being fat and having little to no energy. So guess who is back to making time for herself and going to the Princeton Club? I have to get over the mentality that spending time on myself is taking time away from the kids. I feel guilty for working 2 jobs--but the reality is that I'm very careful that I'm still away from them a minimal amount of time. The extra job is when they are in school--and actually that is going to work out well this summer. Hospicecare needs help in Janesville. The grandparents and aunts(ok and Uncle Josh--but that comes with Aunt Tete) live in Janesville. Now how many of us remember spending time with our relatives during the summer? And didn't we have a blast? Growing up I knew there were issues with my mom and her mom (only child and there were alot more issues I learned about as I grew up) but grandma lived out in the country--gardens, horses nearby, grandpa was usually sleeping (he worked nights most of his life). More freedom to some extent. Anyways, I think for the kids, spending a day a week at my mom's, Ted's parents, or with their aunties will give them some wonderful memories. So, back to the original train of thought, I'm forcing myself to work out. Next up more healthful eating--but one thing at a time!
The next thing up is the kids are doing great. Julia is improving by leaps and bounds at school. I'm so excited. Rauan--well as long as he stays healthy he is a joy. Then there is Chewie. He had his kindergarten screening. St. Dennis is lucky enough that it is retired teachers or moms who used to teach that do the screening. So I'm so worried about how Chewie is going to do. Why? He did awesome and totally charmed Mrs. B. I think she fell a bit in love. Are we surprised?? Of course, Mrs. J and Mrs. M.--Rauan's teachers, are very worried about him. And I heard again about what a charmer he is. So, yet again I'm told how great my kids are. These are the days that reassure me that I'm doing my job ok as a mom.
Well, folks, we had a few good days of weather here and Wisconsin teased us into thinking spring was coming. Yes, today it is snowing. Moving south looks better all the time.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pictures and updates

Here's that updated picture of Chewie that I promised. Mr. Handsome. Of course, right now he doesn't look like this. He "slipped" on the ice outside and cut his cheek. At least that's the story I'm getting from his brother and sister!
Yes, I couldn't believe it myself. Belle and Tasha. Ever since Tasha disappeared for a couple of days and Belle woke us up in the middle of the night to let us know Tasha was home--they are inseparable. Goofy animals!

And Miss Julia's fancy nails. Our hairdresser, Brooklyn, helped Julia pick this color out.
And that's it for the pictures. Since I know some of my co-workers read this--NO, I am NOT taking the care team leader position. I don't know how this information got out--but I want to get the truth out asap. Yes, it was mentioned to me that I should apply and I would be "good" at it, but I turned it down. I'm already away from home too much in the evenings and honestly I have enough responsibility now. I have a child with ADD who needs her mom, 2 boys that are VERY active and a husband who would like to see his wife once in a while. Ted and I made the decision a long time ago that we are more then willing to stay at lower level positions to be home with our children. God-willing, our children will be with us and still love us when we retire--our jobs won't be there and we can be replaced in our jobs.
In Chewie news--Ted reports that he is listening and understanding at hockey. Major breakthrough! Humm--hearing= understanding. Current discussion about if he should repeat preschool or go on to kindergarten. Problem is he will be 6 in July so he is going to be an older kindergartner. Ted and I decided that he's going to kindergarten and if he has to repeat kindergarten, so be it. He's made such amazing progress since surgery. I can't imagine how much he will advance by September.
It's like Julia never had surgery. I thought she would be more hypernasal after surgery, but I'm not detecting any difference. So it's full speed ahead with April. And reading is progressing nicely.
Rauan is playing a hockey tournament in March. This is big for him. Rauan is the child who would steadfastly refuse to participate in anything. I lost more money on swimming lessons trying to get him to participate and he would stand at the side with his arms crossed across his chest. Same for soccer and hockey. Even had some of this behavior for school. But we wouldn't give up and now he eagerly dresses for hockey and can't wait to do the tournament. Bumpa coming up for hockey is a big deal for him and I think that's part of the thrill. Now swimming and soccer--well, we'll see.
Ted shared his cold with me. You know, I get all of this equal stuff in marriage--but really, he can keep his colds.
We're going to get the final price on replacing some of the windows in the house and the contractor is going to look at how much it will cost to tile up the shower stall. I think it will be cheaper in the long run. Those surrounds just don't seem to last. I'm just excited about hopefully having new bedroom windows. Ours are such crap! Last summer we couldn't even open up those windows. Now if we can just keep the dogs from jumping up on the windows.