Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A new scar for Alihan

I'm cleaning and Julia and Alihan are screwing around (for lack of a better word) and I hear a "thunk" followed by Alihan screaming his head off and holding his head over my freshly folded clean laundry--which isn't so clean anymore. I went over and pick him up. Blood--all over the place. My clothes look like something from a crime scene from CSI! I ran upstairs with him, grab a towel and hold pressure against his forehead--while he continues to scream! Got the first aid kit--which was not in a good place (thanks Ted!) and tried to clean up this screaming , squirming, very bloody child. Big old gash on his forehead. Finally got the bleeding to stop after 20 minutes. It was a debate---stitches or no stitches. Finally, after Ted got home--we approximated the sides and taped the heck out of him. Ted and Chewie now have matching scars. No--not the roller blading scar. The scar from when Ted was about 4 years old, decided to play Bugs Bunny, put a pair of pj bottoms on his head (you know--ears) and ran into a thermostat. I think he was chasing his sister if I remember the story correctly. Yes--I wanted boys. I really need to have my medication adjusted!!! In the meantime, I think I restock the first aid kit. Something tells me I'm going to need it--ALOT!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Perspective-"why are you squishy mommy?"

From my 6 year old daughter with the rock hard six-pak tummy, as she pokes my jiggly tummy! Nice huh? I'm extremely careful what I say to her because I had issues with my weight when I was a young teenage--to the point my parents took me to the doctors thinking I was anorexic. Obviously that's not an issue now :) But, I see some of the stuff that goes on these days and with Julia's near perfect figure--and the future with her having her hand "different" and her cleft issues--and how mean little girls can be--I want her self-esteem strong. So, I just reminded her that everyone is built different and I don't have her athletic build. Also, mommy doesn't run, ice skate, play soccer, or all those other things that gives her the rock hard tummy.
Of course, then once Ted got home we went to the club. I just had to do something--I'm finding as I'm getting better--the more I want to work out and get stronger. Perhaps to keep up with my crazy active daughter????

Monday, September 22, 2008

Oh yes first day at daycare

I forgot to mention Alihan's first experience with daycare. We've been lucky enought the last two years--but now we will be at daycare twice a week. Not a bad thing because I had planned on Alihan going one day a week anyways for social and verbal skills. So, anyways, he is going to daycare with Stacy--who has a daughter in his preschool class--plus they live just two blocks away. To make things easier, I arranged with Stacy to pick up both Alihan and Kelsey from preschool and then drop them off. Alihan was all excited because he had a "playdate" with Kelsey and Kelsey was excited because she was riding in the van with Alihan. It takes so little! So, at preschool, Alihan and Kelsey went up the stairs hand in hand and walked out to the van hand in hand. Once in the van, Alihan patted his car seat for Kelsey to sit in and he took his brother's car seat. He talked to her the whole way to daycare. Stacy told me they had a blast and he and Kelsey spent part of the afternoon eating popcorn watching a movie on Kelsey's bed--the other half was riding bikes around. I guess I had nothing to worry about!!!
Rauan also had his first afternoon with Mr. Dave at extended care. I think he got totally pooped out. He is excited to go again this week though. Right now, Rauan is banished to his bedroom because he flushed a toy jeep down the toilet (again, a 1 bathroom family!!), which daddy couldn't even clear. $150 later, we have our toilet back. Did I mention how grateful I am to Visa???? Everyone--plan on me being very very busy Feb. 1 doing our taxes to get our tax refund! Laugh or cry--I prefer to laugh since this will pass. And I know I'll look back and laugh.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekend recap

First day back on the floor--pretty fricking rough. Not sure what I think of the new computer system. I really feel lost with it--but my understanding is that is how everyone feels. Don't have much choice but to make it work. It was rough too because I cared for one patient--patient crying, parent crying and it took pretty much every damn muscle and fiber of my being to not join in! I wish those hormones would straighten out. It is nice to know that you are missed. I had a fair amount of co-workers tell me they were glad I was back and had missed me. In other work news, I've applied for a temp. position with a home health agency here in Madison to administer flu shots. I can do short clinics while the kids are at school and try to make some additional money to make up for what I lost while out of work and to also pay for the childcare that I now have to pay for since Ted lost his flex schedule. Of course--after everything is arranged, Ted's manager tells him that he can flex his schedule again. Right. Nice. Well-there are those hopefully extra shifts coming up! Plus--we're hoping that "Santa" can find a wii to give to the Pritchard kids for Christmas. And Ted needs new hockey skates. Yep, momma needs to work more. Honest folks--this is normal for me. If I don't work, Ted is going to come home one day and find the whole inside of the house repainted! Not that it doesn't need to be done this winter--but this is just me. And I really really hate cleaning the house--something that needs to be constantly done around here. 3 kids, 3 cats, 2 hairy dogs--need I say more???
Ok faithful readers--I need 10th anniversary ideas. Ted and I will be married 10 years on November 21. Just to make sure that it is romantic as usual around here--all 3 kids have a dentist appt. that afternoon! And I work that weekend. So, I need ideas for either the weekend before or the weekend after our anniversary. Ted mentioned the Dells--and romantic that I am--quickly put that idea to rest. "If we're going to the Dells, we're taking the kids". After all, it is the "waterpark capitol". So, I think we can ship the kids off to one of the grandparents. Possibly the hairy four-legged ones too! Now comes the concern. Snow and ice. You just never know around here. So, ideas. If I leave this up to Ted--while a wonderful guy--we'll end up doing nothing but a romantic dinner of cheeseburgers, beer and the Packers (or the Bears depending on who is playing). Or he'll decide to do something at the last minute. And you know what happens there.
Ok, off to see how the Packers are playing. And drink a beer. (yes, I did marry the perfect guy).

Friday, September 19, 2008

So Sad

I'm officially back on the floor work today. We wear scrubs. I know I've lost some weight (mainly in that pesky stomach area), so I tried on my scrub pants. I looked like I had big baggy clown pants on!! Off to buy pants this am. I'm now in a medium pant. Just breaks your heart doesn't it??? I'm sticking with the bigger top because I'm one of those that layers my tops--particularly during those cold and snowy Wisconsin winters--but medium pants!!! I never thought I would see the day. And let me tell you--it's just starting!
For any of my coworkers reading this--there will be a bunch of scrub pants in the conference room that are free for the taking!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Aunt Mimi's wedding

Yesterday, the famous Aunt Mimi got married. Now we have an Uncle Troy! She got married down at this wonderful bed and breakfast in Galena called the Cloran Mansion (where I might stay again someday!). Absolutely beautiful weather in a beautiful garden with totally cool pond, 2 waterfalls, gazebo and firepit. We had dinner at Timmerman's in East Dubuque, which is up on the bluff overlooking the Mississippi. So, here's a couple of pictures from the wedding. Ted is not the suit and tie type of guy--so I'm lucky I got him to keep his shirt tucked in for the wedding! And I'm not a heels girl--trust me, those puppies came off as soon as possible and the ballet flats were on ASAP!!
Back to the floor work for me tomorrow! I'll let you know how that goes. Fingers crossed!

Monday, September 15, 2008


All I can say is life is good and I'm happy. Of course, if I hadn't somehow lost my name badge on the way into work, life would even be better--but oh well. It's replaceable! And tomorrow--new dishwasher goes in!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Soccer starts!

The kids started soccer practice last night--delayed by a day because of rain. Chewie is going to be the mascot--but honestly I think he would just rather play on the play equipment at the schools. Which is fine--gives him plenty of exercise. So,here's a couple of photos of the practice and of course, one of Chewie playing with a friend of ours. These kids just make me laugh. They have played together for a while now and love it. It's become an extended family for all of us. Julia slept over at Tori's house last night. Tori is such a good influence on Julia--Tori doesn't wear pullups at night--so now Julia doesn't either. Tori reads--Julia is practicing and I'm not fighting with her to do it! (always a good thing!) Tori is also from Russia (right across Lake Baikal) so I'm so glad they found each other.
And yes, I've returned to the exercise field myself. Yesterday, after all children were in school, I took the furry children (no not Ted the four-legged ones Loki and Belle) to the dog park, by myself! We went around twice (a little over a mile) and I jogged a bit--trying to train Belle to run next to me. She is the perfect dog to run with!!! Loki took a bit to train, because he wants to pull, but Belle--awesome! Now if Mom can just get into shape--I've never been much of a runner and I'm definitely not in good shape! Today I did the Princeton Club--and not just to shower. Walked on the treadmill and lifted some weights--yes--light weights, low reps. I was a good girl. Let me tell you it felt great!!! I should have had a hysterectomy years ago!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

9/11--how to explain it?

We don't watch TV in our house in the morning. It's just too much. After I dropped the kids off at school, I went to pick up Ted so we could meet with our attorney. Chewie was with us and charmed everyone, of course. After that, I picked up Rauan from school and he starts telling me about a plane flew into a building and the principal wanted us to pray for them. And Rauan, being Rauan, started asking a million questions. I explained it to him best I could and also tried to bring our faith into it as far as that we pray for everyone so that God helps them find a good path and we ask God to forgive them. It's hard in some ways because Rauan is Kazakh and the majority of native Kaz are Islamic. I know that that might come up in the future and how do we explain it? Madison, as a whole, I think is more tolerate then most--but what do you say that just a few radicals caused this horrible tragedy. And, in my personal opinion, it's not a religious reason, it's a power reason. Religion isn't(or shouldn't) be about power--it should be about love, gentleness, forgiveness and treating your fellow human (and all God's creatures) considerately. It's hard. Rauan is so intelligent and asked questions that I simply couldn't answer-the biggest one being "why?"
I saw this on Elizabeth's blog. For me since 9/11 life sure has changed. At the time we suspected, but did not know about the infertility. Little did I know that in a little over a year's time, we would be in the paper chasing for a baby from Russia and I would be attempting to conquer my fear of flying. Little did I know that so I would be gobbling up information on clefts and amniotic banding. Little did I know that I would leave the field of dialysis and enter into the wonderful world of pediatrics. Nor did I know that my father's lymphoma would come out of remission and in July of 2007 we would be sending him home to God. Nor did I know that I would be travelling to two different countries I had never heard of and bring home 2 wonderful little boys (who are currently napping!!). Little did I suspect I would become a hockey mom and a figure skating mom and start to plan my life around sports. That one I never would have guess!!! Seven years. Seven years and I still live in the same house and I'm still married to my best friend who I love more then ever. Seven years and the family of 2 (plus furbabies) became the family of 5--still with furbabies. 9/11. A day full of tears for the loss of life and a belief that we were immune but also a day to rejoice in the wonderful changes in our lives.
On another note--cheaper to replace the dishwasher then to repair it. Thank goodness--no interest for 18 months at American TV! Yeah--this family of 5--that likes to eat well!!--needs a dishwasher. Ok it's really time for me to go back to work. I'm home, things break. What's that all about???
Hug your families!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

All Clear!

I have been given the all clear to go back to work! I even got the stitch in my belly button taken out. It was supposed to dissolve--no such luck--and it was itching. Yeah--that was me with the funny dance moves. So, on Monday back to figure out the new computer system. Now if I can just get those extra hours................

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Ok everyone, time for my own personal prayer request. I go to the doctor tomorrow afternoon for the 4 week checkup. My requests (besides that the scale shows a 10 lb weight loss--hahaha--sense of humor is back!) is that everything is completely normal and I can go back to work. And understand the new computer system. Second request is for some extra hours at work. I know I know but you just can't beat a stubborn old goat like me down! I'm hoping that if I get back to work and work like I want to--maybe stuff around here will stop breaking down! Or at least slow down!
Ahhh, kids are napping before I have to go pick Julia up from school. Peace.

Monday, September 8, 2008

When it rains it pours

So here I am thinking oh nice peaceful morning--all 3 kids are in school. I went to start the dishwasher and NOTHING! The control panel decided it didn't want to work anymore. All I could do was just laugh. For good God's sake! So, tech will be here on Tuesday am. I really need to take a home repair course--but even then I think most of our issues are ones that I would still call a professional for (this sounds like a new computer chip thingy). Geez!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Back in the saddle again!

Well since it was an absolutely lovely day and since I plan on returning to work in a week, we decided to indulge in one of my favorite pasttimes--hiking. I turned down Devil's Lake since it involves climbing but we went down to Gov. Dodge state park outside of yes--Dodgeville. It's about a 45 minute drive. Chewie really hasn't been out hiking with us much because of my issues this summer. I mean--a bathroom isn't too readily available in a huge state park. So, now that I don't have to worry about that--we can enjoy the outdoors again. We thought we had worn him out, but towards the end, he was grabbing Ted's hand and would say "c'mon let get them" referring to Julia and Rauan that had run up ahead of us. We also took him to a waterfall area at the park and he was a little fearful but he went down to the pond area with me and checked it out and touched the icy cold water! We had a blast and I know I'm going to sleep really good tonight. I'm yawning right now. I might be in bed before the kids! But I made it! And the sore parts are the legs, not the stomach.

Rauan's first offical day of kindergarten

Well, I had some unexpected "complications", so I've been a little slow getting things put up. I had some pain and dizziness on Wednesday. First time I've had anything so I was a bit concerned and called the doctor. I was told to slow down. I'm sure what was actually said was "tell her to sit her ass down and stop trying to be superwoman" but you know. So, I sat down for a few minutes. I actually think I'm might have been a bit dehydrated--but you know that's just my lowly nurse opinion.
So, Rauan's first full day (it actually only goes until 11:45 am) was Thursday. I made Ted go with (he didn't last year) so he got to really experience the first day of kindergarten. We all go in and the kids take their sit in "circle" and the parents basically stand at the back of the classroom and listen to Mrs. Jansen explain what the day, week, month, year are going to be like. Julia loved Mrs. Jansen last year and I hope Rauan does too. I just wish I had Mrs. Jansen's energy! Of course she drinks coffee like crazy--maybe that's what I need to do! Chewie was quite mad that he didn't get to go to school. In fact, on Friday he cried when I dropped Julia and Rauan off--and he kept crying until he realized he was going to the grocery store with me and then to his school. He darn near knocked me down as he ran into school! I would guess that starting him is school was a good idea!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Ted wanted me to post this--after the plumber came in today--he totally validated Ted's abilities. And he couldn't believe everything that broke that fast and that Ted was able to get everything done. There was no way Ted could have fixed the utility tub and garbage disposal. The garbage disposal was totally gerry-rigged and running "20 times harder then it should" and he was surprised we've lived here for almost 10 years and it's lasted! Well, it's now fixed correctly and should last for a long long time. I now also have a much smaller utility tub with a faucet that MOVES! It's pretty bad when I do a jig around a utility tub because it works right! Ok--too much time at home. Oh--and the bathroom looks very nice. The surround is just a bit shorter then the previous one (maybe that's actually width) so I need to do some plastering, sanding and painting.
Ok everyone--applause to Ted and claps on the back!

Chewie's first day of school

Chewie started preschool today. He is in the same preschool that Julia and Rauan went too, Messiah Lutheran. The teachers all met him last year--and pretty much followed the whole adoption process--since Rauan was in the 4 year old program. Chewie was so excited! I think he literally ran the whole way in with me yelling "stop" just so I could get a picture.

He also has a girlfriend--following big brother's and daddy's behavior. All the girls like the men in my family! Just so you know--typical Wisconsin weather. Yesterday, hottest day of the year (92) for the first day of school. Today--we'll be lucky if we reach 70 and tomorrow the expected high is 60! Gotta love it!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Quick Rauan update

So, Rauan got height and weight today at his Ready Set Go conference. Remember that chunky, little not on the growth chart butterball we brought home. Who had cankles instead of ankles and was so round he couldn't walk? Yeah--that one. He is now 90% (!!!!!) in height and just below 75% in weight. Where the weight is I don't know since the boy has no gut and broad shoulders. I think it's all muscle from trying to keep up with Julia! Ted thinks Bubba is bigger then he was at the same age. God help me! I think it's time to invest in another refrigerator. To be honest, looking at how Chewie has grown--maybe 2 more fridges! And a second job!

Julia's first offical day of school

Today was Julia's first day of school. 8:15-11:45 AM. Then Rauan had his Ready, Set, Go conference at 10:25. I spent the whole morning running. Tomorrow am (7:45!!) the plumber will be here to replace the garbage disposal--yes that went out too--and replace the utility sink in the basement. Thank goodness--I DO NOT want to make another trip to the laundry mat. My back and belly still aren't happy with me.
So, Julia was up and going this am. She had a screaming nightmare last night--so at midnight I hit the floor running, comforted her, got her to the bathroom (just in case), snuggled her some more. Then got her up at 7 am--she takes a while to motivate. It's quite warm here today--90s. Tomorrow big drop. So, she wore her "daddy's girl" outfit. And yes, she is daddy's girl. Ted and the boys helped me get her to school today. She and her friend Anja were hand in hand. SOOOO cute! Rauan went to his Ready, Set, Go and I signed up for snacks and activites. Grandma is going to ride a school bus with him for one field trip--library trip. Hummm, wonder if her back will make it?? (It's a short trip)
The kids are napping right now--they aren't used to thhis early morning stuff. Thank goodness for that. I might take a nap!