Friday, February 29, 2008


Ok, so I played with how the blog looks and now I can't add link/other sites onto it. It's driving me nuts--and no I don't have far too go! Any ideas??? Lisa--I mean for the blog--not anything else:)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Travel details

HAHA--got the flight plans and hotel plans done. Ted is going to fly out of Madison on March 22 at 4:05 pm--Chicago, London, Bishkek--arrival at 6:15 am on March 24. He'll stay at Asia Mountain again until March 31st, which is when they will drive to Almaty. He'll fly out April 3 at 1:35 am from Almaty to Frankfurt,Chicago(where Alihan will become a "official" American citizen) to Madison where he will hopefully arrive at 3:32 pm April 3. YEAH!!! Now to start working on all the paperwork---boooooo!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New travel dates

Ok--now looks like Ted will be arriving in Bishkek on March 24 and returning home April 3. If it gets screwed up again--expect to hear a loud scream from Wisconsin!!!!! At least Ted will be home for Rauan's birthday. So, now I'm scrambling for childcare and airplane reservations. HAHAHA--life is exciting! Anyone feel like coming helping me get the boy's room ready????

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

HAHAHA--laugh or cry???

Well, as with all things in international adoption--change is a constant. We all questioned the return date. Due to one of the mom's worry that she would lose her position at work--there was more questioning done. The dates were incorrect. Apparently, the person at Frank Foundation got confused on the dates (with another family). So, we're back to the original planning of the end of March. Thankfully, we didn't buy plane tickets yet. Ted is going to miss Rauan's birthday--which he is pretty bummed about. But, with our nasty weather and work schedules, it will probably work out better. There's alot of projects coming due at Ted's work which his supervisor was going to cover--now he doesn't have to worry. I know my manager was a bit stressed with covering for me--but there are traveler's coming in April--so it works better for her too. I think childcare will be better too--hopefully no more nasty ice/snow storms to contend with for the grandparents(coming from Janesville to Madison and vice versa). Oh and Mala---I fell heading into work yesterday. I'm ready for the island!!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

And it will end when???

I would just like to say I have a bone to pick with my SIL Mary. If I hadn't listened to her and met her brother--I would probably be living in a warm climate and not dealing with this very nasty Wisconsin weather! I am so SICK OF SNOW!!!!! Yes, we like the winters, usually. The kids are involved in winter sports and obviously enjoy it--but come on now. Enough is enough. Good thing Alihan seemed to like the snow because he is moving to a place where there seems to be plenty.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Janiece's political comment

Hummm, after reading Ted's post on MY BLOG (the boy really needs to get his own), I feel compelled to say something. First of all, I don't discuss political issues--except related to adoption and healthcare for children. Those are two issues I do feel strongly about. As Ted, and some of my relatives know--I don't tell anyone how I vote. It's a complete mystery. I personally admire ANYONE who goes into the political arena since they are willing to leave their whole lives wide opened and splayed for the public to judge--simply for their beliefs. Not an easy decision to make. Now, as far as the adoption issue on this person. Hummmm, interesting. As with all my discussions--this is what it should be. Research and investigation into why the decision was made. Was there a part of this bill that was an issue? What was the reason for just the "present" vote? Is this part of a pattern? What about the other people running? Any comments regarding their votes or value statements in this particular issue?
Again--no one will know my decision or how I vote--but I do believe we need to make educated choices in regards to our votes.
Oh yes--Ted forgot to mention my comments about Julia. "That's my girl!" Sure says a heck of alot for the nuture issue. As well known, I don't put up with much crap. I'm the one who went after our facilitator in Moscow (not Diane and Andrei) because I was unhappy about the hotel situation. She's the one who stood up against the government and pushed the Russian soldiers out of the way. And I told her off. By the way--I understand that the hotel situation quickly changed after we went through. I stand up for what I feel is right. And I sure as hell protect my children. I'm Irish, Scot, and German and I was also born under the sign of Leo--do you really want to mess with me??? The women in my family are strong. Biological or not, Julia comes from a strong family and she will develop as such--plus I think she has a little bit of ass-kicking Russian added in that we are seeing. Again--"That's my girl!!"

Saturday, February 16, 2008

I hate to get political

Now before anyone goes off and blasts me, I want to go on record saying that I am pretty moderate in my political views. I think we are realistically down to 3 candidates and I have likes and dislikes for each of them. In my view they seem to be all pretty similar.
Everyone who know me understands that I am an advocate for adoption. I have a great admiration for politicians(i.e. Tammy Baldwin) who step up to protect children and those who want to raise them. Well today I heard one of the presidential candidate chose not to vote "yes" on an adoption bill(international included) that would have strengthened the adoptive parental rights. The bill can be found at: While I will agree this person didn't vote "no", they certainly didn't make the effort to represent all the adoptive parents in their state. I guess each of us have our own "special cause" when voting and I do not believe that I can vote for someone who does not feel the need to protect my rights as an adoptive parent. Ok I'm off my soapbox now!
P.S. JP is going to kill me when she finds out I talked politics on her blog.

Nature vs nurture?

For those who know us, JP tends to be at one end of the type A personality spectrum. When my good friend Al first met Julia and she started to boss him around at the age of 18 months, he looked at JP and said: "Nature, nurture?" Julia tends to be a bit competitive for a 5 year old and her Russian temper does make an occasional appearance. For about the last month, Julia and Rauan have been playing indoor soccer on Fri. nights. There is a boy in their class that is about 7 and has Julia by a good 6 inches and about 10-15 pounds. Since the first class he has been pushing the other kids and taking away their ball, but he had steered clear of Julia. Well last night he made a BIG MISTAKE and decided to push Julia and take her ball. Over the next30 seconds I thought that I was seeing a scene straight out of Nat. Geographic where a female lion takes down a wildebeest. After this boy took her ball, Julia sprinted after him top speed and did a flying tackle on his back that sent this kid face first into the gym floor. Then as the boy is sitting there crying, Julia grabs her ball and is wagging her finger in his face telling him not to touch her ball again. Now normally I would have spoken to Julia, but I'm sorry this BULLY had it coming. I don't think his father was pleased that he got his butt whooped by a little girl, but if you are going to allow your kids to push others around you better be ready for your kid to take his lumps. Perhaps figure skating is a good sport, because I am not sure that I would want to put a hockey stick in Julia's hands. Of course I'm not sure this was as funny as when she took Colton down when she was 3. With Colton it wasn't so much that she tackled him, but the puzzled look on his face that said: "What the heck just happened?"

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Just one more brag

I am so lucky because my kids are awesome and I see that Alihan, especially as I view the video Ted put up, will fit in so perfectly. Most people don't realize it,but Julia didn't walk until she was almost 19 months old. She was teeny tiny, but strong willed. For a basis of comparison--in the skating video--she's 5 1/2 years old. Also, today, for Coach Liz, she did a walz jump. And not just one--3!!! Liz just demonstrated it for her and she did it. She continually amazes people. Now for Bubba. He was so fat he couldn't walk. 26 months old and he wanted to be carried around. Yeah no that wasn't happening. So now at 4 1/2 years old--he's suited up and waiting at the door for daddy so he can play hockey--and he's pretty darn good! He's also scary smart--a future challenge for me!
I just mention this because through my own personal experience and through the work I've done as a nurse, with craniofacial adopted children and other children of international adoption--the potential and drive amazes me! These kids are SURVIVORS! From the moment she was conceived, the odds were against Julia. And look at her now. Rauan--his biological mother was a single Islamic woman that hide her pregnancy from a small village. The odds were against him. And again, look at him now. All I see is hope and joy and laughter in their future. I can't wait for Alihan to join us and become part of it.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Presenting Alihan John-William. He appears to be a bit of a stinker!

Julia's show

Since I am getting this video thing down, here is Julia's skating show. She practiced for this when we were in Kyrgyzstan.

Not bad news, but......

HOLY MOLY! Travel date has just been confirmed for March 9th. Ok panic mode now! While the news is good, we now commence the mad scramble to get everything done.

Has everyone seen the International adoption soccer team I coach. This is a neat story. Julia of course is in the pink and Rauan, it shouldn't be hard to find the Kaz prince.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Court Results!

Heard from the agency and apparently court went ok. Now we're just waiting on return travel dates. YEAH--finally!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

What else???

We were hoping for better news, but that is just not in the cards for us. I think I jinxed this whole adoption! I say that as now the bad luck has struck one of the kids. This morning, as Rauan was enjoying his snack in front of the TV, he decided to start jumping around. Now I, as every parent would, told him to knock it off before he got hurt. So what happens, he gets hurt. Rauan, not being known for great balance, tripped over his own feet and went eye first into the corner of an open door of our entertainment center. Since he couldn't open his eye after that, I decided that I better take him to urgent care. Well they took one look at his eye and told me to get to the ER. Did I mention that, of course, Janiece was working. So I call her and she walked downstairs to meet us in the ER. Well after 4 hours in the ER, they showed us his deep corneal abrasion under a black light. They don't think it will affect his vision, but he is now on antibiotic drops. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... back to the jinx. For those who know me, I don't like to talk about a life event(marriage, adoption, etc.) until it is COMPLETED. It is similar to the Bundy curse on MWC, where Al would refuse to admit that he was having good luck. Well I made the mistake of telling a few people at work about this adoption prior to the first trip and the bad luck has been raining down ever since. Since our rescheduled court date is in a few hours, I am just waiting for the phone call tomorrow giving us the next piece of bad news. My faith in anything positive is pretty much gone and I am really worried that now the bad luck has now taken the life of one of our pets and injured one of the kids. When is enough, enough?

Saturday, February 9, 2008


I've heard court should take place on Monday Feb. 11. So, please everyone say a prayer for no further issues and then hopefully, Ted can travel the first of April!
Ironically, 6 years ago on Feb. 12 was when the awfully HSG took place, leading to the nasty pelvic infection which caused the Valentine's Day hospitalization--10 days hospital and then 6 weeks IVand oral anitibiotics afterwards. Talk about full circle and how life can change. I've always said adoption is how God intended this family to be made--but geez, couldn't God let it be known a gentler way???!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

And so the snow goes on and on and on

I swear snow follows us. We are part of the lucky group in Wisconsin that got dumped on. Julia and Rauan absolutely loved it! Of course they were bouncing off the wall s here at home yesterday since that was --NO SCHOOL. I told them put on your snow clothes and start shoveling. They had a blast. Wonder if I'll be able to get them to do that when they are teenagers???
Ahhh, the joys of 4 wheel drive. I made it into work last night, while some didn't and others got picked up by the hospital in their 4 wheel drive vehicles. Nurses are essential personnel. I almost ended up staying for a double shift (YUCK)--but lucked out. I drove home at 1 am last night and I saw the Madison school district plowing out around the schools--knew there would be school again today. At least I wasn't the only one out that late--or early, depending on how you look at it. I talked with my manager again yesterday and she's going to work on me with scheduling etc. There is a traveling nurse coming in April--so my hours can be adjusted as needed for when we FINALLY get everything straightened out and bring Alihan home. I haven't heard anything--so I'm hoping that is good. I have to say right now every time my phone rings I jump because I'm scared it's going to be something else. Roll with it at this point.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Janiece's statement

Yeah, Ted told me to come take a look at this. I would say he has hit on all the major points except that besides working my weekends off I actually volunteered -- VOLUNTEERED--to work night shift if necessary. Now if you don't think my manager will take advantage of that. I've just about had it. Maybe we just had it too easy with Julia and Rauan or we are remembering everything with rose-colored glasses, but this whole thing stinks. And it's not a good stink. I will literally be working every single day until Alihan is home. That, of course, is if we are able to bring him home because if the need for more money comes up--we simply don't have it and I will not jeopardize my home or my family. There comes a point when a person has to say enough is enough.

Document verification fee = Extortion

Well we though that not posting for a few days would bring good news, but......
Please note that I post this without any ill feelings towards Kids to Adopt, they have been great and are forced to scramble due to alleged judicial concerns. For those who remember, today was supposed to be the court date to finalize our adoption. Unlike Russia and Kazakhstan, our facilitator represented us in court. Well, now we find out that supposedly the judge was concerned if our documents were official. Yes we all know that the US government and adoption agencies like to falsify documents. So the judge(according to the facilitator in Kyrgyzstan) ruled that our documents needed to be verified before they would proceed. Now for a small fee of 2K they could do this over there and should only delay our timeline by 1 week. Now please note that we were cutting our finances close as it was for this adoption, but these lengthy visits and additional costs are starting to have a bad smell. I am not sure how the 2 other couples we traveled with are going to be able to find the extra money. In addition, we find out that one of the adoptive single mothers was threatened at the Bishkek airport while the facilitators did nothing to help her. I guess her suitcase was over the weight limit, so a man asked her for $100. She gave him her Visa card and assumed that would cover it and proceeded through Passport control. So as she was about to board the plane with the facilitators, this man confronted her in anger and demanded his $100 telling her that he didn't use the credit card. Please someone explain WTF??? I am at the point where I don't want to go back. Is this really worth feeling like someone is taking advantage of you? Plus, I will be there by myself and I definitely don't trust anyone. I swear if I get over there any someone asks me for more money, I will end up in a Kyrg jail. Perhaps I may change my mind, but I think Janiece is going to have alot problems convincing me to get back on that plane. What makes this worse is that she is going to have to work her off weekends including Easter to pay for this, since I am stuck in the salaried employee world. Well that is my vent for now and I am sure Janiece may have more to add since, hey, this is her blog.