Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I apologize for my husband. Ted get your own dang blog!!!
Just so those of you who haven't met him in person yet--he really is a sweet, if somewhat hairy, guy. Of course....there are times--like the snoring olympics and when he is being obnoxious like now. At least life is interesting.


Hilary Marquis said...

Hahaha...you won't think you're so funny when Janiece and I ditch you and Tim with the SEVEN kids and go out shopping!!!

Lisa said...

Can I come too? We can then send that number up to at least 10.

Stef Wasson said...

Add my 3 and throw in some mojitos and I'm in too!

Mala said...

Ohhhhhhh!!!! Mojitos!!!!!! I'm in!! Add 2 (3 if I have my niece)!
I'm the only person on the face on the planet who can kill mint! Supposedly the stuff is a weed but it immediately commits suicide as soon as I have custody. I just bought 4 more mint plants in hopes that they'll survive long enough to produce a tasty mojito!