Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Before I get too busy and forget the wonderfulness of my children---I want to mention what happened over the weekend. Since hockey has started, we now go to 9 am mass (way too early for me--but hey, make it work, right?) That is the childrens' mass. Last Sunday, the children went to the chapel for their own little sermon. A friend of ours was out in the vestibule with his fussy little one and overheard something that he told us about later. The leader asked the children to say something they are grateful for. Only one child spoke up, Julia. Now I'm paraphrasing but Julia said, she's thankful for parents who work so hard to take care of their children. Doesn't that just make you want to break out the tissues?? Again--the good Lord knew what he was doing when he granted us the gift of infertility so we could parent these incredible children. And I'm thankful every day for that.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Shingles explained

As requested--and because I seem to think I need to be an expert on everything medical--here's the shingles theory in a nutshell. 5% of the children that have chicken pox before the age of 1 will develop shingles. Julia had them at 10-11 months. When we visited her the first time she had that nasty green stuff all over her spots. No one particularly knows why they reappear--but the theories are stress--body stress (colds, immunity issues like cancer, transplants) and emotional stress. Well we've certainly had enough emotionally stress here! The problem is Julia is extremely empathic--and even with us trying avoid her stressing out (I vent at work--I love my coworkers--a shoulder an ear--they are always there)--she still reads us and it shows in her behavior, attitude etc. She's also had a cold on and off for the past 6 weeks. In other words--ripe for shingles.
After having shingles, there is a 4.8% chance she'll have them a second time. The good thing--children seem to suffer less pain with shingles. Of course with Julia who can tell? She's the one who refused any kind of pain medicine after her palate surgery--tylenol was enough tough! She has an extremely high pain tolerance. And she's one tough chick! Children also appear to suffer less of the long term nerve pain issues. That's one I'm praying for! She's been through enough.
Now the boys didn't have chicken pox--so they got the vaccine. Both of them were a bit older so I'm hopeful that it "stuck" better for them. Will I give them the second booster shot? Yes, if the doctor thinks they need it. I'm not sure if shingles is on the rise or not. Maybe its just because more people talk about it. I'm pro vaccine--I've seen enough in my 4 years of being in pediatrics (and plenty seen the consequences in my years as a dialysis nurse) to want to protect my kids. Our world is getting smaller--and just because a disease is "gone" in the US doesn't mean someone from another country that is infected won't bring it in. Now there are some that shouldn't get vaccinated--that's for the parent and doctor to discuss and decide. But my children will be getting the H1N1 vaccine.
And Julia is doing much better. She played soccer yesterday and returned to school today. YEAH!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Ouch! Need I say anymore?

The whole truth

Well boys and girls---while I'm usually truthful in these posts--I haven't mentioned a few things. Today, because I am simply overwhelmed and wanting to hide my head-here it goes for better or worse.
Since May we've been dealing with my mother-in-laws very serious illness. The prognosis is very poor. My poor father-in-law has been dealing with the brunt of it. While the relationship with my in-laws started off rough,the edges have definitely smoothed and I love them dearly. This is hitting us hard.
My sister-in-law, who introduced me to my husband--and who I will be forever grateful too for that--is having issues. On Sunday everything came to a head and she overdosed on trazodone. Whether this was deliberate or accidental--it is a cry for help. She is currently being treated/stabilized.
Julia developed a rash on Saturday. We thought it was a contact dermatitis from her skating outfit. I worked all weekend--and last night got a real good look at it. Yeah--I think we have a nice case of shingles here. We're heading to the doctor's at 1 to get confirmation.

All of this is on top of the normal busy schedule of 2 jobs, 3 kids--with multiple doctor appts and sports activites, plus the normal day to day of our lives. I would like to say a normal, boring life would be nice right now. I'd even settle for halfway boring.
So, thank you all for listening and please say a few prayers that I keep my sanity--which is borderline at the best of times and currently is tipping sideways. Ted and I have been through alot in our 13 year relationship, and we'll make it through this, but really--haven't we had way more then our fair share???

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Polar Caps Fall Frolic

Just a few pictures so everyone can see how much fun this was. The kids in a hockey net--even the adults got in on the fun!
This was the typical mob scene for Bucky. At least Chewie wasn't "hanging" on him this time. Rauan is in the orange and blue shirt--Chewie is talking to the coach and he is wearing the two shades of blue.

Poor Bucky! The guy is a saint.

And of course, the princess is out there--second time that day she skated.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

My little ass kicker

I think no words are necessary, except the boy makes momma proud! GO RAUAN!