Saturday, April 5, 2008

Miracles do happen!

So, I thought it would take forever--but I think the lightbulb is clicking in Alihan's head. He is starting to put it together. First the shower today. I had Rauan show him about showering. That was ok. Then it was his turn. Bloody screaming murder! But, I'm sorry, I can't stand the stink. He gradually realized hey this isn't so bad. This was only about 2 minutes, but I could definitely see a difference. Had a bit of a meltdown at Julia's skating practice--but was he tired, hungry? Heck, I was getting close to a meltdown. I waas getting hungry and a hungry Janiece is an unhappy Janiece. Ate like a hog when we got home and then I put him down for a nap. Only 2-3 minutes of crying. YEAH!!! He slept for 2 1/2 hours and then I woke him up. So, time for something more. I made him touch Sneaky cat. Screamed yet again. Then--click--a big smile on his face. The cat didn't do anything to him and he was soft. Hummm, maybe this is kind of cool. Looked at the dog but he's big--yeah we'll wait on that one. So, went for a walk (see pictures) and by God--we got home, I looked over and he was PETTING--yes, PETTING Tasha. I just about fell over! Bloody hell something is working. Later on I'm fixing dinner (ok--helping Ted), I look over and Alihan is bent over petting one of the cats and singing. Honest, I hadn't started drinking! No drugs in my system. He was petting and singing to the cat!!! I wished I had a camera! SO, he got a totally junky supper--burgers, chips , fruit---and the one thing that I barely allow--Hawaiian punch juice--and then to top it off Blue Moon ice cream. My doctor is insisting that she wants a stool specimen--needs proof he has giradia. Well,ok--you asked for it. Might as well add color to it too! So, right after dinner--he produced a large nasty specimen in his undies. Mala--I'm right there with you. And it stinks. Poor kid was upset. I swear I don't know what happened but if I got my hands on those people.......well, anyways cleaned poor baby up and put him in his new Sponge Bob jammies that he picked out. It was quite the big deal. Cried for a couple of minutes and lights out. It was an awesome second day! He even helped me to make copies of the paperwork for the embassy. Life is good.


Hilary Marquis said...

Singing?! That is great! I'm so glad that he has Rauan and Julia to help him along. Don't feel bad about the kids ate pizza & mandarin oranges! Sometimes ya just gotta go with the fast and easy :)

Mala said...

Hey, there's fruit... doesn't that make it automaticallt a healthy dinner?!
Beck is quite the singer too. We should get the two of them together!
Glad to hear that he's getting more comfortable with the pets. That was such a struggle with us.
Keep the updates coming!!! ... and someday I'll get to post BEFORE Hillary! Sheesh, she's like a full time blog-stalker! LOL!

Marnie said...

I guess I'm a stalker too. I may have 600 emails to read but blog updates come first. I am with you about the abuse. Our agencies all have contacts that spend time at Tokmok but you couldn't get them to do a thing about it. I wish we could bring all the babies home. Great to see that Alihan is settling in. I knew he would!

Maria said...

What a blessing to see improvements this soon. I love the image of him petting and singing to the cat. Animals are so theraputic. Keep those positive updates coming, girl!! I know you are tired -- don't forget to rest some!! :-)