Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's Amazing

Today we did the big hike at Devil's lake. Across the Tumbled Rock pathway and then up (and up and up) the cliff. We've done this with Julia in the backpack; Julia running ahead of us and Rauan in the backpack--dogs with us, dogs not with us, etc. In other words, its one of the Pritchard Family summer past times. Except last year. Which means Chewie hasn't experienced it. Yet. Last year I couldn't do shit. Which meant the famous saying was true--if momma ain't happy (or wanting to do it), nobody is. Now we know why I just COULDN'T. What a difference.
Ok, I freely admit I'm out of shape. And fat. Not a good combo for hike my butt up a cliff. But this time, I have blood in my body. Today made me realize how bad it probably was for YEARS!!! I was out of breath--but my body wasn't tired. Amazing.
Speaking of amazing--little Mr. Chewie. He kept up with the best of them (meaning Julia). And he was so happy. When I think about how soft his little body was when he came home last year and now, just like his brother and sister, he's strong and muscular---it amazing. I didn't bring my camera, but I tried to take photos with the cell phone. Ted said he is going to try to download them--we'll see. If he can I'll post pictures of the 3 amazing young Pritchards!

Friday, May 29, 2009

The haircut

Julia decide she wanted short hair like 2 other girls in her class. I'm not going to argue with her about hair when, down the road there are so many other issues to fight over (which I will hopefully win--hey don't burst my bubble!)This is what Julia and Brooklyn decided on. I like short hair, obviously, but right after Rauan came home, Julia decided she wanted short hair just like her brothers and gave herself a reverse mohawk. So she ended up with a super short pixie. Once it grew out into a normal pixie--it was adorable on her. Her eyes looked huge and those cheekbones.....but alot of people seemed to think short hair=boy. How I don't know, but whatever. I was hoping she would go for that short again, but I hoped in vain. Well, if nothing else--it should be a bit easier for skating, swimming and soccer.
In other developments, Julia is now at the age she is asking some questions. A wise friend of mine (you know who you are) once told me to always keep things in the open in regards to the childrens' adoption. So, when Julia asked me what her other mother's name was I told her (Irina). That's all she asked. Of course, she called her her step mom also and I did correct that! I figure better to not let there be an mystery on my part. She'll know what I know.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

So far, a good one for us. The Wisconsin weather Gods have granted us a reprieve from the long hard winter. Mid 70s and mostly sunny. I did get the garden in--and Belle promptly dug it up. So replanted and also planted a nice wire fence! Ted took the shed down in the backyard--giving me additional gardening room. Good thing too--we have tons of extra dirt! So, more fencing before I plant that. Miss Belle isn't going to get a second chance. I'm thinking raspberries, zucchini, maybe cucumbers. I saw currants with the raspberry bushes, but I've never done anything with currants before. Anyone??? I'm curious to see if that would be something worthwhile for us. Julia would really like me to plant watermelon too. Rauan would like pumpkins, Chewie is just happy to play in the dirt. Actually all the kids are happy to play in the dirt. Every notice how dirt + children= big mess in and outside of house???
I was lucky enough to get called off of work last night. I finally got most of the pictures hung, finished what I could of the outside and we went for a long walk. It was nice to sit outside for a bit---as long as the bug fogger/light was working!! Yes, Wisconsin's state "bird" is out in full force again. I worked on more stuff this am and I'm now at work. Working hard as you can tell!
Hope you all have a lovely long, pleasant holiday weekend!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Quite the busy couple of days

Chewie's last day of preschool was on Friday. Our last time at Messiah Lutheran Preschool (so says Ted). Three children over the past 4 years. Yes, I was tearing up a bit. It is bittersweet as someone mentioned. The last day brings an ice cream social--you know Chewie was all over that! These are his teachers. Mrs. Rogers, on the right (gray sweater) has been with us throughout the whole Pritchard family experience. And we've explained 2 pregnancies and babies to our babies. They are wonderful teachers and we love them.

And Saturday brought-----THE SLUMBER PARTY!!! And daddy's personal torture of 3 Little girls and the Hannah Montana movie--which of course, they sang and bounced throughout the whole thing! To add to his torture, we started the night off at A & W --with the rootbeer and everything. To say everyone knew we were there would be an understatement. Julia is still exhausted. To quote on mom--is it really a slumber party if there is no sleeping??

Then on to the soccer game on Sunday. I love good weather in Wisconsin. Me--being just a wee bit sleepy--let the kids mess around with the camera (and I'm still dealing with sticky lens). Here would be Julia's take on Chewie.

One Monday, since Chewie was such a stink at daycare last week, I took him to Olbrich gardens before I went to work on Monday. I tried to run the misbehavior out of him. I think it worked. He's really coming along quickly with knowing colors, letters, spelling, and more words are coming out clearly in English--not a mix of Russian and English and whatever version he knew.

Tuesday was the spring concert at St. Dennis. The 60s revisited. Perfect, 45 minutes and we were done. Sorry--no photos. I worked until midnight on Monday, was to Janesville by 8 am Tuesday and busted my butt to get done by 4 so I could make it back in time. Which I did successfully--thank you very much! But the camera was the last thing on my mind.

Today was Rauan's dairy farm trip. Ted told me it was my turn. Now, is this sweet justice or what? Last year it just poured and was cold when he went with Julia. As you can see from above, it was sunny and warm--in sleeveless tops and shorts (well, long shorts for my jello legs). Rauan, while I think he is a big city boy (hello--he always talks about going to Chicago), appreciates the farm environment. Especially when the tour has to stop because a cow managed to get stuck in the gate, one of the dads (who was a farm boy in his former life) helped Farmer Tina free the cow (and covered himself in manure--fresh manure), and the cow was repeatedly humped by another cow. Now--explain that to Mr. I know it all and I'm going to be a gynecologist when I grow up. Yeah. I think that's a daddy question.

Then feeding the baby goats. Need I say more? This is joy.
After the field trip, Rauan and I went and bought my garden supplies. Blueberries--yes, finally! My dirt and mulch was delivered yesterday and I spent part of the afternoon hauling dirt to the backyard. Did I mention it was hot and sunny? I was wearing a red tank top. Can't tell the difference between my tank top and skin now! And yes mom I wore sunscreen. Went and picked up Julia, went to a store where Chewie decided not to listen to me and played with stuff--and promptly broke something--and when scolded cried like he had been beaten. Why???
Then headed to the playground where we met up with Emily, Jessica and their children. Ran the snot out of the kids. Then home to finish hauling dirt, prepping soil and planting. I have blueberries (YES!!!), melons, tomatoes, and green peppers planted. Ted started demoing the shed--how an unfastened roof stayed on for 10+ years is beyond me. Those people that lived here before us............ anyways--plenty of dirt left--so I guess it's time for a second garden. Hummm--what should I get crazy and plant???

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Birthday girl!

Birthday girl! We HAD to go to Red Robin. I have a feeling this is the Pritchard birthday place from now on. Yes the princess HAD to have her birthday treat and HAD to have the happy birthday song done. Julia kept asking me "mom when are they coming to sing to me?" Oh yes, mom(grandma)--this is the top you gave her and its no longer white :) Yes, it is soaking right now! Here's Julia's birthday outfit. Every year she gets a special birthday outfit from mommy. This year she picked out her own. Notice the purple shoes? I guess she isn't the pink princess anymore!
I picked up 30 cupcakes for school. Ok I asked for 30 cupcakes with pink frosting for first graders!!! First graders!!! Ok, I know we like to eat in Wisconsin but these are the biggest cupcakes I have ever EVER seen. You should have seen the kids when I walked in with them. While I was doing lunch duty (don't ask) at St. Dennis, Sr. Eileen came up and asked me if she could cut them in half and then the kids could have more tomorrow. Yep, whatever works.
Saturday night is the sleepover with Julia's friends. Dinner then Hannah Montana. God help me! God help Ted. He's going with. Poor guy--big tough jock Ted surrounded but a bunch of giggling 7 and 8 year olds! HEHEHEHE Evil mommy!
Okay, I just have to throw this in. I LOVE St. Dennis school. I heard from people mentioning the lack of diversity and the religion blah blah blah. After doing lunch duty today--I'm trying to figure out the lack of diversity. I saw multiple colors, heard a few languages, even saw a girl who I would say is trying out goth. I mean, the parents are so involved and everyone is so supportive. And I know the kids adore their teachers. They think the sun rises and sets on them. As far as the religion goes, we are exposing the kids to all religions. So, its a Catholic school. So what? Good morals are universal. And I know that other beliefs are discussed and respect is being taught. I'll continue to work the 2 jobs in order to keep the kids there.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My what is a mom post?

Ok, as usual a day late.
So much has been written about moms lately. Got me thinking what I will say when I start hearing those words from my children "you aren't my real mom". So--what is a real mom?
A real mom is a mom who loves unconditionally--without requirements or conditions.
A real mom kisses booboos and puts bandaids on the injuries not visible to the naked eye.
A real mom puts limits on their childrens' behavior. The famous "not in my house you won't"
or my personal favorite "over my dead body"
A real mom gives up sleep, spare time, expensive clothing, spa time, fancy hairdos, cool cars, fancy meals--all so her child can have that little "extra"
A real mom holds your hair while you puke, wipes your face free of sweat, kisses you on the forehead and lets you sleep in her bed--risking more pukey sheets on her pillow--just so you feel comfort and safety
A real mom worries more about her childs' safety and happiness then her own
A real mom sits up late waiting for that door to open when her child is late--and worries herself sick every time a siren passes the house. And then grounds that child when she walks in 2 hours late (yes mom, I remember that lecture and grounding!)
A real mom cries when her child cries and laughs when her child laughs
A real mom has a heart wide open, full of love and joy--such that she has never known before. And every day brings more love and joy--in the form of muddy handprints, messy clothes, grass shoeprints on a clean floor, matchbox cars on your bare feet in the middle of the night, and an empty refrigerator.

I love being a real mom.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Rauan and Julia's pics

I told Ted to make sure all the pictures were up! Now if we could just see Julia's eyes!
Doesn't he look full of mischief???

Ok ladies and gentlemen.......are

we in trouble?

What is a mom?

Being a mom to 3 children internationally adopted, one of them being a girl who can wear her emotions on her sleeve, I've often wondered how am I going to approach the issue of --what is a mom really and you aren't my "real" mom (that one might get me going!). So, readers, reflecting on a Hallmark holiday of Mother's Day--tell me what is a mom in your opinion? I'll give my opinion on Monday.

Friday, May 8, 2009

There are days.....

when I seriously wonder about my life choices. I love being a mom and most days, I love being a nurse, particularly in pediatrics--but then I see people who just jet off here and there and everywhere without responsibility for anything and I feel like I'm just stuck here. I would love to do that, I would love to just go out to dinner with my husband without a child spilling something all over, I would love to get away for a weekend. But I can't do that. I have responsibilities. I remember growing up and although it wasn't stressed, all of us girls had "labels". Suzanne was the "pretty one", Tisha "Miss Personality" and then there was me. The "responsible one". Yeah, life hasn't changed much there for me. I can't change it--but sometimes I just want to different. Without a care. Is that bitterness? Perhaps. But it's honest.
Would I change my history if I could? No. Why? Because honestly truly I am happy. I have unconditional love from my husband and my children. And I can give unconditional love. Maybe that is what I should observe as the result of my life choices--I have the gift of unconditional love. And that isn't something everyone has. But, a tiny bit of me yearns to have that carefree who cares I do what I want life.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Back to normal--sort of

Finally a Sunday without rain. Back to soccer games. Here's Rauan and Chewie. I'm so proud of Chewie--he completely spelled his name--Alihan and he knows the home phone number. While this may seem like a small thing--considering he's only be able to hear just about 4 months now--I'm pretty impressed. Rauan--well he's just incredible. We bought him a new bike this weekend--without training wheels. The deal was for when he was 6. Now--where can I buy all that extra padding for him??? Julia was bummed that she couldn't play soccer today. She's actually back to 90% of her activity level and she's been working hard all weekend to catch up on her homework. Right now she sounds like she's super stuffed up--so she fits in with the rest of us in allergy season. Alot of snot. I won't let her blow her nose, so her nose and lip are chapped. A little bit of stitching on her nostril too--that should be gone in the next couple of days. We were going to go see Hannah Montana while the boys were at soccer--but decided to wait until Friday night and take a friend with--the weather was just too nice to be inside. Julia got to see her friends and I got to finally met baby Mia--home from Ethiopia a month or so now. She's a cutie!

So, back to school tomorrow. I'll be dropping off a lunch for Julia at the same time I pick Rauan up. Tomorrow we're having a couple of windows replaced. I've waited and saved a long time for those--so I can't wait to see how they look!

Who do I see?

But I see that someone from Korea is visiting our site. I wonder who? Could it be Emily( who will soon be meeting her newest family member, Rubin? I'm thinking of you Emily!

Friday, May 1, 2009


Today I woke up to not a big hairy body next to me (Ted or Loki) but this teeny tiny body snoring in my ear. Sometime after Ted got up, Julia crawled in. We got up and took Chewie to school and then I stopped at Sentry. Carnation Instant Breakfast drink--one way to get calories and nutrients in her! She still doesn't want pain medicine--I can talk her into a half dose. I guess some is better then none! She's moving around and acting more like herself. This one really took it out of her.
It really took it out of me too. My back is killing me. I think I'm too old for those "beds" at the hospital. I really feel bad for the parents that are there days and weeks on end. Now I know why the Ronald McDonald house is so popular--although after walking in and seeing her crying I think I would just learn to live with the bad back. I do not want to have another moment like that!