Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Well, I have to say we've had a couple of opinions on this. The confusing issue is that on his visa it says temporary citzen. I've decided we'll just wait for 45 days and see if we get the certificate.
Yesterday was fun at the doctor's. For all the fuss that he caused Ted he was the exact opposite for me. He didn't like the TB skin test--but then who does?? I do think that because our doctor is a female and she doesn't "look" like a doctor, that helped. Today, we're going to get blood drawn. I'm going down to the children's hospital to do it. They draw blood from kids all day long--they are the experts! Make life easier for everyone.
Now--this is how my life is going. Picked Julia up from school yesterday and went to the grocery store to get ibuprofen and some of the ear wax softner because on top of everything else, Alihan's ears are packed full of wax. It's pouring rain. Get back out to the parking lot and as I'm putting the back down on the minivan CRASH right into my head. Knocked my glasses off and I now have a huge lump on my forehead. My miagraine has a miagraine. Then I had the joy of doing ear drops with Alihan. Bloody fricking hell--the child is strong and he wasn't happy in the least. It took both Ted and me. This is great--it's a minimum of a week every single day to do this. Great.
I'm off to medicate myself now.


Lisa said...


It'll get better JP, I promise!

Hilary Marquis said...

I thought I was the only one "talented" enough to clock myself in the head like that! Well done! Hang in there...Anara fought like a wild cat when we did her ear drops after having tubes put in. I was greatful it was only for 3 days. While your need a BIG starbucks mocha or something like that :)