Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Well, since part of the purpose of this blog is education-I decided to put in a few pictures of Julia's palate expander. See that little hole in the middle? I put a hook in it twice a day and turn it until the next hole shows--1/4 rotation of the screw each time. This is actually the completed version of palate expander #1. This is going to stay in place until Feb. 9 when Julia will have another 2 appts. in one day. This will be removed, another plaster made and a second palate expander put in. See that bump up there to the right--kind of where there is a purple tinge? Yep--that's one of those 3 or 4 teeth is--and there is one popping through. I need to get stuff set up for the oral surgeon--see what can be saved and what needs to go. I'm hoping for oral surgery to take place during spring break--less school missed without any pressure, etc. Let's see what kind of luck I have with that!
And now this is one of my lovely views at my home, post Christmas! Twister anyone?? That's Ted's big foot and hairy leg--I do shave occasionally!
What do I see every night when I go check on the boys? Even through they have 2 beds and Rauan complains constantly about Chewie bugging him at night?? Yeah--the two curled up in Rauan's bed--and usually that because we hear Rauan telling Chewie to come into bed with him. Now if they could only be that good of friends in the daytime!
My little angels! One with a heck of contorted neck--how Chewie could be comfortable like that is beyond me!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Joy

First we celebrate Jesus' birthday at one of the Childrens' masses. Our Shepherds-full of joy!

The Pritchard group with baby Jesus
Our beautiful angels!
Hockey gloves!!!!!!

The skating bag with the required flashing wheels! I swear its a figure skating cult thing!
Chewie clutching a few of his presents. It didn't take him long last year to know what Santa is about--so he was eagerly anticipating this year!

Yes, the American Girl doll. First things first--fix the hair the way she wants it.
And put on the "styling" outfit. Hey--better then the naked Barbies I've fallen over!
Toys toys and more toys!!
And the proper stance is??? Chewie is our lefty so he gets a special hockey stick.

Yes, our family seems to be fixated on the ice rink.

Happy Birthday Jesus and Merry Christmas to all!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas 09

Merry Christmas everyone. Currently the kids are cleaning up the mess they made, Ted is cooking (yeah), the majority of the presents are wrapped, church later tonight and hopefully kids to bed early. And--just like last year--freezing rain. Remember Hilary--we promised you snow and instead ice? Yep, same as last year. Tons of snow now topped with freezing rain. Ahhhh, Christmas in Wisconsin.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Got snow?

Welcome to the wonderful world of winter in Wisconsin. So it started snowing yesterday, then it really hit about 5 pm. We lost power about 3 am (including heat and I'm a wimp) and finally got it back around 10 am. According to MG and E, power went out at 8 pm for some and they weren't sure when they would have it back. So, I'm grateful its on now. So, Ted made ghetto coffee this am, ended up killing the snowblower while going through 17 inches of heavy blowing snow. Thank goodness for shovels and children--they think its playtime to shovel--hahaha--I predict a few years down the road the story will be different! The Christmas show--delayed until the 18th--at least late am and I won't miss it. I was damn near in tears yesterday with the thought that I might miss it, especially after Julia said to me "but mom I've been practicing so much to show you!"
So, here's Wisconsin right now. FYI--its still snowing. What a change from 10 days ago.
Out the front door--and yes, that is our next door neighbor's house--the one who likes to "entertain" in a tent in his back yard. One benefit of heavy snow--the tent collapsed. Yes, the siding is off--I have no idea what he is doing. Trust me--around here I don't need tv for entertainment.
Across the street. So much for the decorations. That's the neighbor shoveling--a hard working family. Actually kind of boring compared to some around here--I like boring.
At least the fence in the backyard is holding up. Belle was smart and waited for Loki to blaze a trail for her. Otherwise I would be digging her out. And these are snow dogs!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Chicago visit

None of the children have ridden a train yet--and Chicago at Christmas is something to see. Plus the Metra on the weekend is $5 per adult all weekend--no charge for kids 12 and under. So much easier and cheaper then driving into Chicago, paying tolls, and then paying for parking. So, off to Harvard and ride the train to the downtown--right in the heart of everything! The outdoor market was a madhouse--I couldn't stand it. So outta there! We walked into Macy's where Queen Latifiah was there for the release of her new product--yep, outta there too. Rauan was "STARVING" as always. So where did we end up to eat? McDonalds. The boy is always hungry. Of course, that lead to later where he kept announcing numerous times that he "has to poop"--much to the amusement of people close to us. And a huge search for a bathroom! So, we headed towards Lake Michigan and the parks close by. Then down Michigan Ave. Where I finally dragged Miss Julia away from the American Girl store with the promise of ice cream--after an hour I might mention! It's a cult I swear. I wish I had been able to get pictures of the kids when they first say the skyscrapers. Their eyes were huge. I think that's one of the few times that Rauan and Chewie were at a loss of words. We finally got back to Harvard around 11 pm. Yes--very tired kids! We walked the whole time. Incredible!The skyline as the sun was setting. Perfect day--high 40s, sun shining.
Can you believe they still have leaves on the trees? Weird weather!
Another skyscraper--and bare trees.
Julia peeking around a sign.
Aren't they adorable?
Me, trying to be creative at the famous "bean"
How many kids do I have???
Let's see how small we can get under the bean.
Chewie was crazy over the dinosaurs!!

In other news, Julia is going to have her palate expander put in next week. First separators to get some space between her teeth, then a 2 step appt. next week for the palate expander to be placed, then weekly appts. I also have to get her into the eye doctor. I think my princess might need glasses.
I also ask for some prayers for my friend Stephanie and her family. Her brother Chad has been having headaches and after testing, a mass has been found in 2 spots. A biopsy was done last week and the results will be in tomorrow. I've known Stephanie and her family for most of my life. Chad has a young family and they need their dad. So, please--prayers. I've seen the power of prayer and I'm asking for that miracle again.