Thursday, May 1, 2008

Ted's wish has come true!!!

First I apologize for the lack of pictures. I totally forgot the camera.
Alihan is up and going on ice skates! Not just any ice skates mind you--hockey skates! And he is among the rare breed of children (of which Julia and Rauan are) who laugh when they fall on the ice! Just from my brief experience as an ice skating parent (devleoping the bleacher butt to prove it), for a young child that doesn't seem to happen.
For those of you that know Ted he had dreams that Julia would be his hockey princess. I literally threatened him so he wouldn't put her on the ice too soon--in my opinion too soon. But, eventually she got on the ice and then busted his dream. She wants to figure skate. Damn--there goes my paycheck for the next 10 years. Anyways, so here comes Rauan who couldn't even walk cause he was so fat and then he has to be the least graceful person in the world. I mean literally he trips over nothing. So, ok Julia is skating might as well get Rauan out there too. And he falls. And he falls some more and more and more. His butt saw more ice then his feet. And he laughed when he fell. Sigh--there goes the hockey player. BUT WAIT---he got good. And I mean GOOD!!! Everything clicked and then he started playing hockey. He is so powerful on skates. I hadn't been able to watch him for a while and Ted kept telling me how good he was. I finally got a evening off and my mouth literally dropped open when I watched him skate. YES--Ted has a hockey player. Ok we are already living at Madison Ice Arena--so let's try Alihan. He sure seemed to like it. Big old grin on his face. Ted is thrilled and I have a bad case of bleacher butt. Madison Ice Arena has a direct line to my bank account. Marie...more hours please. I'll sleep when I'm dead.
Geez, when I think what my life was six years ago. I honestly have to say infertility was a blessing. I didn't think so at the time--but God gave me a wonderful gift through the infertility. I love my life and I love my life with my family more then anyone can ever imagine.
Ok--I'll get pictures on Tuesday and hopefully they won't be too dark.


Mala said...

GASP! I can't even imagibe Beck on ice! Concord Hospital already has a direct line to my bank account!

OK, let's see the pictures!!!

Mom to 2 Angels said...

I love their matching outfits!