Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wonders never cease

So, after struggling to just get Alihan sort of clean--so I could stand the stink--tonight the little stinker just cleans into the tub for a bath. No struggle, no crying--nothing. And then he laughed the whole time!! I about fell over from shock! This has been a day that I don't want to repeat--Alihan kept challenging Ted and I --resulting in him spending some time in the time out chair. Out time out chair is simply one of the kitchen chairs placed facing the wall. He DOES NOT like it one darn bit. He had to be put back a couple of times--meaning he got off the chair and mommy or daddy picked him back up and put him back on the chair--not a single word said. Only took twice. He got the message. He got the time out chair again when he decided to throw stuff around in his bedroom. Didn't have to be put back at all. He's a fast learner. I guess he is feeling comfortable--getting cleaning, testing the waters, finding out if he gets in trouble mommy and daddy still want to play with him and are there. Now if we could just get the darn dog issue resolved. Time--simply time. Also--decent weather--please decent weather!

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Hilary Marquis said...

What fun. I was hoping our dog issue would'nt resolve and I'd have a good reason to get rid of him! My dog is a sweetie, but he is a pain in my rear...daschund + Lab=stubborn and stupid!