Thursday, April 17, 2008

As requested!

Well, I didn't manage to get a photo of Alihan with Loki (YET!), but I did get some with Toby, my mom's dog. Toby is a little smaller then a Norwegian Elkhound, but he bounces just as much! They were playing ball in the backyard, but Alihan seemed to think that instead of throwing the ball, he should gather up all the balls and Toby should chase him! Later, all 3 kids were running around in the backyard laughing. I know my dad was looking down from heaven with a big smile on his face.
Today, as a reward for being so good while I was at my doctor's appt. I took Alihan and Rauan to McDonald's. Yes, corrupting him already. So, we did the indoor playland and Rauan was a super big brother and showed him how to climb the play structure.
Alihan also put a new twist on doing the Beck. Rauan's preschool is in a church that is built into a hillside. To get to it, the majority of people will walk down a set of stairs. Not my kids. No, Rauan runs down the grasshill. Which would be fine except his baby brother follows him and goes ass over teakettle, gives himself a bloody nose, a mouth full of gravel and road rash on his chin, cheek and forehead. His nose oozed for at least an hour! No stitches at least. Why do I think this is the first of many road rashes and bloody noses? Ahhh, boys!
Hummm, blogger won't let me put up photos. I'll try to do it later.


Hilary Marquis said...

Ouch! Poor little buddy. Maybe you and Mala should see if you can get a punch card for doc in the box and ER!

Hilary Marquis said...

From meeting him in Tokmok, I could tell that he was much like our son Toby. Destined for ER visits and broken bones. It keeps life interesting.

Tim Marquis

Mala said...

ahhhh, doin' the Beck... sounds like a catchy dance step. Ironically, but not surprisingly, Beck too is sporting some nice facial road rash as a result of his tryke stopping on the paved driveway, but Beck, enjoying the thrill of inertia, did not.
We really shuold get the boys back together... in a padded room!

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