Friday, April 11, 2008

A good day

Alihan is really starting to come around. It's almost as if a light switch is flipping on. His receptive language skills are developing quickly also. He's also developed the "JULIA" call. She wants to mother him--he is having none of that! Today, he hit her and her response was to hit back. We went round and round about you don't hit--"but he hit me first!! (whine whine)". I explained to her that hedoesn't understand that hitting is wrong and if she hits him back he'll think hitting is ok. It's the old use your words thing again.
Today Rauan took the books he collected at his birthday party to the children's hospital. The person who accepted the books in Janice from Child Life. She's right in the center there of the picture. Child Life does amazing work with the kids. Teaching, distracting, comforting. They are just awesome. Alihan just couldn't figure out where he wanted to stand--so that's him on the edge.
Tonight, the kids made a "nest" downstairs and are watching a movie. This is a big deal for them. Pizza, movie, nest. Its so easy to make them happy. Alihan also has his new Superman jammies on with his cape. He picked it out. I personally think it was for the cape. I need to find something like that for Rauan. Then my boys are really in for some candid photos. I love saying that too--"my boys". Something I never thought would happen and now I have these awesome incredible children. Remind of this thought in 10 years when my boys are plotting stuff and eating their own individual pizzas as a snack! I think Alihan is as smart as Rauan--Ted and I definitely have our challenges ahead. Our figure skater and our brains. Humm do I let Julia continue to try to intimidate the boys--and hope they stay that way or will they try to get revenge when they are older??? Hummmm--thoughts. Poor Julia. Poor Mommy and Daddy! HAHA--I can see Daddy being the biggest pig in the puddle--or the one hiding in the garage with a beer and the football game on! Again--this is all I dreamed of and more--but keep reminding me that I wanted this!


Lisa said...

Ha ha ha! Too funny. I remember those early days so well! Kostya wasn't afraid of his bath ever, but restaurants and anything else that was really "new" to him was really hard. We had to do a lot of coaxing but he's damn well worth it.

Hilary Marquis said...

I will remind you if you remind me! Actually Tim will probably need the reminding when he is paying for 2 proms and 2 weddings...