Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Adoption--Equal Opportunity Childbirth--also Grandma's wish

Well, it appears first of all that my mom's wish/dream of having 2 grandchildren arrive on the same day might happen. My baby sisterwent into labor this am. The labor has stopped for now--but last I heard she is 50% effaced and dropped. I don't know how far dilated--but, for anyone who has given birth (not me--at least that way!)knows that this little niece of mine is ready to see the world. I'm not sure what my nephew is going to think of all these changes in his little world.

Anyways, yes--if you think the blog is bad you should see/hear what I've been told via email and phone. Yes, Ted needs an epidural. Maybe more! Ahhh--see this is another reason adoption is so wonderful. Ted gets his own personal version of labor and childbirth. And just like my last experience (with Rauan) I forgot some of my lovely experiences--like Rauan screaming the whole way home and mom and I spending hours (literally) walking him in the stroller cause that's the only time he was calm. I have the beer sitting here waiting for Ted. I'm sure he'll pass out when he gets home and the beer will wait for later.
You know--even after all this, it will still be me running Alihan and the children to the doctor, to the ice skating/hockey skating, probably speech therapy. Of course, the kid's dentist appt. is scheduled for when I work so Ted's going to have to do that--once in 3 years I think he can handle.
Oh for anyone who is interested, in today's Wisconsin State Journal is a really neat article about a family adopting 4 Russian siblings and there is also an article about a woman we know who has 10 adopted children. She's also a nurse so you know she's awesome!! :) Here's the link:


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