Thursday, July 30, 2009

Roll Call

Ok, maybe it just me having to know everything--but I see visitors from the wildest places. And repeat vistors at that! I'd just like some idea of who is visiting. Hey, maybe someone would like to know something more specific about adoption or clefting--I would love to know what people think, their particular interests, etc. So, drop a line please!
Chewie's day in court. Yes we waited a rather long time to get this done--but things do happen (see last year's August postings). New courthouse--so instead of chambers they actually do it in a courtroom. I told the kids they only better see the inside of courtroom for happy stuff like this!
Such a nice judge. Different from the previous two adoptions, but equally just as nice. I'm sure readoptions are one of the few happy occasions they get to preside over.

Still working out the camera stuff. We went hiking yesterday and I took this picture of Julia. I liked how the light hit her hair, but for some reason it doesn't seem quite as clear on the larger screen. I'm going to take a class the end of August--per Emily's recommendation--and let's see what that does.

My cutie's sitting on a rather large rock.

Hey, gotta check this out and see how messy we can make things.
In other news--finally back on my bike. Lord knows I need the exercise. So much for my grand plans to lose weight. I think the weight went out for a hunt and found me! 3 in school full time this year. I've gotta do something besides work and clean house (yuck) right???
Tomorrow craniofacial clinic for all three. Watch out world, here comes the herd of Pritchards (yes, I needed hubby to help out--at least this way I have a fighting chance!)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Birthday boy. Yes his hair is green and yes, that is a Diego Cake. He also got a Diego blanket, Diego comforter, Diego backpack(with all his school supplies) , Diego lunchbox--and his non Diego present--a new hockey helmet and mask. Now I'm expecting him to announce any day that he doesn't like Diego anymore.
Craniofacial picnic at the Henry Vilas zoo. This is the fabulous Dr. Delora Mount who I am lucky enough to work with and who has taken such incredibly great care of my children.

Ahhh, soccer. Julia is playing with her St. Dennis classmates on a summer team. She is the only girl---not that the boys notice at all. They all get along so well together and obviously care about each other. This is why I will continue to live where I live and work extra in order to pay tuition and stay at St. Dennis.

We met up with my very old friend (not in age just in time knowing her) Sally, her children and her niece Dallas--who I didn't even recognize-at the Henry Vilas zoo on Monday! Holy crap--does time fly. She's grown into a beautiful young lady! Anyways, here is my future scientist examining things.

A year ago--this would have never happened. Chewie was deathly scared of any kind of animals and now he "tries" to ride Loki, carries the cats around and now will let the goats eat out of his hand. We've come a long way baby!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

What a blast today has been! First started off with swimming lessons--with the required temper tantrum from one of my children (Chewie--who was being majorly pokey yet again!). So--normal day as always. Home to get the mail--where I found some awesome birthday cards. Off to Sun Prairie to meet Levi and family for some swimming. Absolute blast until we had a cloud burst out of nowhere--literally could not see since it was raining so hard. And that foolish lady in the black and blue swimming suit was laughing her head off while getting soaking wet (yes that would be me!) Ahh, you get lemons you make lemonade right? We got a good 2 hours in at the pool--the children were sufficiently tired. Got Rauan home for an hour nap--which he needs occasionally (or he is cranky cranky cranky!) Mommy fell asleep on the couch too. Then off to the last tball game--which is actually the water game. Yes, the water game--just as the name implies. I got there and started playing with the camera. Soon joining me were Jessica (mom to Gabe, Lucy and Nora and wife to Coach Dan) and Emily(mom to Theo, Emmett and newest addition Rubin) who brought me a birthday drink (suitably doctored up with coconut rum) and birthday candy bar (which Rauan and Chewie tried to steal--NOT). We had a blast! Of course, my BIG kid (Ted) was out there in the thick of the water fight--nailed one of the coached (Kyle--Olivia's dad) right in the center of his back with a water balloon! I thought Sue, Kyle's wife was going to roll right over she was laughing so hard. Afterwards we meet up with Dan and Jessica at Culver's where the children ran around and the parents laughed--and were possibly plotting about the beer tent at St. Dennis Fest on Saturday night??? Hummm Emily with Rubin and a few soaking wet tball kids

Jessica, Dan, Kyle and a few soaking wet kids.
Yes, Mr. Handsome Rauan--with just a bit of face black on.

Squirt guns aplenty!

Chewie wanted the camo face black. I know he looks serious there--well after all, tball is serious business!

Well, I am loving the new camera. Tonight, before we went to see the new Harry Potter movie I made Ted walk through Olbrich Gardens with me while I tried out the close up feature. I have ALOT to learn--ALOT!!!! but learning is fun--and I think this cane easily be a life long hobby for me.

So, some flowers--and then one of Mr. Bubba and his cool goggles!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Yes its pink haired Julia. Its summer, it will fade, and what the heck. Now if I can just figure out the blue for Chewie!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Oh how I wish I had my camera with me tonight--although I don't know how well the pictures would have turned out. We went to the Dane County Fair--wearing heavy sweatshirts no less (58 degrees in the middle of July???). Chewie went nuts over the rides--did the tilt a whirl with his brother and sister and laughed the whole time. There were acrobats there doing daredevil tricks--some that I had to walk away from because I don't do heights or anything related to heights--and motorcycle tricks. My kids had the biggest eyes and Rauan was fascinated by the motorcycles.
Anyways, the best part was when the concert started. Trailer Choir--which anyone who listens to country music probably knows them. Hilarious. So, as we, white trash central, sit there eating fried cheese curds and drinking Dr. Pepper, they start singing "Rocking the Beer Gut". OMG!!! My kids went nuts. Singing, dancing, shaking their little bums. I laughed and laughed. Yes, we are crazy--but life is fun!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Ahh, besides the certification, its been a busy week or so. Right below is a typical tball night with the Pritchard clan. I'm not sure what Coach Dan was thinking by basically putting the kids in a triangle formation with his son in the middle. I call it the Bermuda triangle--and poor Gabe is the ship stuck right in the middle. Yes, this picture is of the two boys wrestling for the ball. This is when the camcorder would come in handy because it is a free for all. Again, I get my best stomach exercise laughing at the antics of the boys! And here is the princess with her best bud, Levi. It was the poms dance camp for Monona Grove and the girls had a blast! Of course, one of the routines they learned was from Hannah Montana!
My muscly mohawk boy! What a nut!

And guess what this is??? Yes, this would be the Wisconsin brach of Kyrg! Aren't they adorable?? Of course that boy with the mohawk and the Sponge Bob swim trunks is mighty darn cute--but I think they are all the cutest kids around! You can certainly tell these are kids that are loved and cherished by their families.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


That loud sound that everyone just heard from Madison WI was me jumping up and down because I just found out I passed the CPN test. Huge dent in my kitchen floor from me jumping up and down and then Ted has a wrench in his neck from me jumping on him!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

NO!!! It can't be!

Today, as Julia was in pom camp, I got A & W for the boys and took them to the park. As I look over at Bubba, what did I see in his shiny black hair?? No, not a tick--A GRAY HAIR!!! Yes, definitely gray--not blonde, gray! Literally knocked me over. I had to call Ted and tell him--who of course made a wiseass comment. I pulled it--because no 6 year old should have gray hair--an showed it to Bubba. He, of course, thought it was funny.
Oh and Ted's wiseass comment--"geez mommy, you giving him gray hair too?"

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

It's been cloudy and overcast here for a week now. I think the sun came out for a brief period Thursday--while I was at work! Since Ted and I both had off yesterday, we took advantage of it and took the kids to the zoo. This photo is for Mala. Here's the mini Mohawk!
And after a rather "interesting" 4th of July at work--this is what I came home to--in my new bed no less!!!

Ted took them to watch some fireworks--a bit far away, but good enough to see them. Ted said Chewie was a little anxious at first but then was ok. When I called home at 11 pm to check on something--all I could hear were kids yelling in the background and Julia HAD to get on the phone to tell me about fireworks, smores and the fireflies they had caught. I guess it was a successful evening for them!
Happy Independence Day!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Life with boys

At noon yesterday I bought 2 gallons of milk. I went to work. Today, at lunch time I went to get milk for the kids and found only 1 gallon left --only a quarter full. Sigh. If its like this now--what am I going to have when they are teenagers????