Thursday, April 30, 2009

We're home

After a rough night--a very long night--we're home. After I posted to the blog, I went back to Julia's room to find her crying hysterically cause she couldn't find me. She woke up and was disoriented. I did tell her I was going to post to the blog--but everything just must have confused her. Did I ever feel like crap! My poor baby. After I got her calmed down, off to the bathroom for her--the first of many trips to the bathroom last night. Damn IVs. I also forgot my glasses and being blind as bat, I had to keep my contacts in so I wouldn't fall over anything during those many bathroom trips. This am, woke after a brief nap to find one of those contacts was gone. Between lack of sleep, lack of coffee and very unbalanced eyesight, I was getting a headache. Ted got to the hospital at 9ish with my glasses--where I promptly put half decent clothes on, glasses on and found some coffee! Much better. Julia also at a pancake and drank some juice--which stayed in. Got home a little after noon and she is totally refusing the pain medication. Ahh yes, she is the oldest child and doesn't want to lose that control issue. And she just doesn't like how the pain medicine makes her feel. So, we made a deal half dose before dinner (so she can eat) and half dose at bedtime. Sleep is a great healer.
Anyways, pictures of beautiful. This is just post surgery in her room. Yet again, we got to experience the best care--which I do have to brag--I think is typical of my coworkers.
Poor baby, she had bloody drainage from her nose for a while. She DID NOT like it!
Yes, this is what happens to daddy when he has to move quickly in the am and deal with getting the boys off to school. He wasn't happy that I took this picture---but who can resist?
Here's my baby girl this am. Still a little loopy--but everything in her belly where it's supposed to be--and actually able to talk a bit. She's pretty swollen, but I can tell a difference already in her voice and I can see the difference in her nostrils.

Right now she's being spoiled--as she she should be--and watching tv in her favorite spot--mom and dad's bed.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Julia Update

So much for my thoughts that this was going to be as easy as the last surgery. Julia's having a rough time of it. Gorked out mostly and then she tossed her cookies around 8 pm. This is despite anti-nausea meds. It looked like some blood clots.
It wasn't an easy morning. Julia had quite a few tears before we left the house. She did ok once we were here--of course most of the nurses in preop were ones that used to work on the floor with me. We went to the OR and she started to get teary. Dr. Del picked up on it right away and she said "hurry up guys, we're starting to get tears". Things went pretty good then. Nose looks great--with a bit of swelling. Throat is sore--she's whispering and gesturing to make her point. She's finally asleep now. I warned her just before she fell asleep that I was going to the computer--so hopefully if she wakes up she be ok.
I'm hoping we can leave tomorrow after she gets a good night sleep. But, if the nausea continues...yikes! Thank goodness this is the last surgery for a while. I'm beat up!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Does it make any sense that I'm more nervous about this surgery then any of the others? I'm calm, but at the same time nervous. Maybe it's just because none of the children have had this surgery before. I remembering being totally freaked about Julia's first surgery, when she had only been home for 2 weeks, to have her palate and lip closed. I don't know. I think it's always going to be hardest when it's Julia--since she's the first, she's the only girl (ok--she is tougher then the boys) and maybe because she was the answer to many prayers. Ok, now I know I'm tired. Night all!

Julia's competition

US Figure Skating Midwest Skills Competition

April 25, 2009 Verona, Wi

Julia Pritchard Age 6

FSC of Madison

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Updates--and Julia's competiton

First things first, Chewie's boots--my styling boy! Julia got 5ht place in her "show" which is more then I expected! This was just more see what you think of this. Here she is showing off her ribbon with her coach and the famous Stacey. I'm serious, Julia lite up when she saw Stacey was there.

Crap, I thought I downloaded the one with Stephanie's eyes open. Oh well, Coach Stephanie and Julia. The perfect match in my opinion. Stephanie doesn't hold the punches, but she delivers them gentle and she expect it to be done right before Julia moves on. There is no such thing as "good enough". I like the idea of the foundation first! And Julia is thriving off of it.

And the famous Stacey. She was Julia's first babysitter, my friend Laurie's daughter. We love Stacey in our house--and in Julia's opinion the sun rising and sets on Stacey. I thank God for her. She is graduating from college this year and for the summer she is going to tutor Julia and Chewie. Chewie to get him up for kindergarten level and Julia to improve her reading skills. She came today with flowers for Julia. Again, what a blessing!

And Daddy yet again, Julia's servant. He can get the skates tied much tighter then me. I try, but the years of experience aren't there.

So, afterwards Julia told me that she wanted to compete again. I wasn't sure to cry tears of joy or tears of sadness. Joy since I want what she wants. I know she is good--she was the youngest competing today and she went out and just did it--no nervousness or nothing. All I want is happiness for my child. Sadness because there goes my money. The money I was making from HospiceCare was going into savings. You know what this means. Yep. Forget savings.
Oh well I accept this. When we made the decision to have children, we knew that it wasn't going to be easy. Things will always work out--and if they don't--well as before I'll make it work!
Oh in other news--just to brag Julia up some more (and trust me this is more important to me). After a totally shitty night at work, I came home to Julia "waiting" for me (Ted was instructed to wake her up). She had to show me her spelling test. 100% and her handwriting was perfect! Third time for 100%. We've been working very hard on this and I am so proud of her. I told her so and that I was so glad she waited to tell me--she made my whole night better.
Have I mentioned lately how blessed I am? Wonderful husband, incredible children,incredible family, job(s) that I love (most of the time) and great friends? Thank you God for your blessings!

Monday, April 13, 2009


We're home. And may I say I am glad that we have postponed the Disney trip. 8 1/2 hours in a minivan with 3 active children--not fun!
Missouri was wonderful--not so wonderful was coming home to sleet and snow. What the heck? I left green to come back to dreary.
We arrived on Thursday afternoon and spent the time gabbing. Friday, Chari's boys were moving slow so we went to Kleinschmidts. Kleinschmits is a big deal to the kids and Chewie knew it. Boots, honey--and I ain't talking no old boot here. Fancy dancy boots. Imagine a huge (and I mean HUGE) store filled with stuffed wild animals, anything cowboy you can think of and rows and rows of any and all cowboy boots. Then imagine 3 little kids running up and down those rows looking for their current dream boot. Julia got pink boots--and not just any pink boot. Light up pink boots. Rauan got some John Deere cowboy boots. And Chewie laid eyes on some black and red cowboy boots and that was the end of that. He is mighty proud of those boots.
Saturday brought some beautiful weather. Went spent part of the day at Scott's parents place that is farmland. With a pond full of fish and lots of land for 4 wheeling. Yes yes--I know about the dangers--after all I've seen what can happen. Which is why the children wore helmets and they went slow. I do not want to have my children scared of everything--but to learn to take proper precautions. Life is meant to be enjoyed.
Rauan and Zach out on the 4 wheeler--and this will be the child that will give me gray hair. We couldn't get him off and he thought Zach went way too slow for him.

Julia proves yet again she has no fear. She loved it!

And this was the boy with the biggest smile of all! I have never seen such pure joy as that which I saw on Chewie. This is the life he was meant to have--one full of joy, laughter, family and friends--and the wide open spaces.

And of course, me and Chari. Two extremely old friends. The first person I called after I met Ted, my matron of honor and someone who had cried and laughed with me throughout the past 25+ years! By the way I blame the chin on Ted. He was taking the picture and made a wise ass remark about the lens not being big enough for the two of us. Yeah, he got his butt kicked by us two old ladies right after that!
The children also fished for the first time. Donnie (Scott's dad) taught them the fine art of casting a line. Of course, Rauan loved it and kept casting and casting--and asking his numerous questions. Saturday night we went to Elden and Vicky's, Chari's dad and mom. A night filled with wild stories of years past (I was NOT drunk and just sitting in a dark room--I was just wanting quiet--Thanksgiving 2002), and enjoying our current lives.
Sunday was cloudy and cooler, but there were Easter baskets a plenty for the children. He made quite a few trips that day. We spent the afternoon at Elden and Vicky's practicing the fine art of roasting wieners over a fire (a fine Easter dinner if I do say so myself) and shooting the shit--literally--alot of it was going around. I swear men when they get together......
Also, during the time down there we went to two different wineries. One that I am familiar with--Baltimore Bend. YUMMY!! The other one, 3 Trails, is new but there was actually a white wine that I bought. I'm not a big fan of whites--but this is a perfect summer wine.
Now back to reality. Clothes in the washer and dryer. Trip to the grocery store. Bathroom is totally cool--now I wish I had $ for a new counter and floor. Maybe next year--when the kids stop climbing on things.
Look for a future post with lots of boots!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

In Pella

We made it to Pella today. Tomorrow, my dear friend Chari, her hubby Scott, son Zachery and Chari's parents and Scott's parents will finally meet Chewie. About damn time I say! Chari is probably one of my oldest friends--even older then Stephanie--if that's possible! She was the one I called right after I met Ted and told her I just met the guy I'm going to marry. And 5 months later I took him down there to get the approval of her folks and also to see baby Zachery. Scary--I talked with Zachery on the phone Monday night and his voice is starting to crack. I am getting old!!! While this trip is going on, my bathroom is getting trashed out. Well ok not trashed out--fixed. The tub surround that Ted and I put in--to fix the one that Rauan busted while he was trying to climb the wall (!!!!)--well cheap temporary fix. Now that I actually have some $--redoing it with new plumbing, vapor barrier, cement wall, tile, etc. In other words--doing it right so my little monkeys can't bust it again. Ok, I would like a bigger house--but after putting all this money into the place--I might end up leaving it in a casket and no other way! The boys can just deal with sharing a room!
I would also like to put a plug in for whoever invented portable dvd players. Whoever you are--you probably saved 3 kids' lives today! I'm glad we decided to delay the Disney trip. Aye Yi Yi!!
And while I'm at it--I'm so glad I got on to check my facebook and blogger tonight. It appears that my friend Sara( has a surprise coming in about 8 1/2 months! YEAH!!! I know this has been a long wait and I'm hope her uterus is sticky! Honestly Sara, as much as I complain about my kids--they are the best thing I've ever done (ok--about equal with marrying Ted). Parenthood is incredible. And I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Ok--do you suppose they are sleeping yet??? I snuck down to the business office and left them with Ted--and left Ted with a beer!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


I've heard some recent quotes that I want to share. See this is what happens when I'm on vacation!
First one from Emily's blog--and ain't this the truth?? I've always said love is a choice--you're stuck with the biology.

Blood may be thicker than water. But love can be thicker than blood.
~from an NY Times article by H.M.

Second one is from Remember the Titans. Ted threw this one at me last night.

"Attitude is a reflection of leadership"

Love it! Now to live it.

Hey Emily--if it's ok with you, I'd sure like to put that quote on my blog. It's so true!

Perfect day

Ok this may be small potatoes to some--but for me it was wonderful
Yesterday, went and got my hair done. My hairdresser recently competed chemo (and she's a new mom too!) and is doing well. (1) Ran into a friend at the salon and went out for coffee(2 and 3). Menards for paint for the boys room--without kids and had a great sales associate(4). Stopped at a shop down the road that is going out of business--for good reason, retiring and bought something I always wanted, a Vera Bradley purse(5). Talked with my neighbor and planned out my new garden (6). Went to Bruce Co. and got some idea for the garden (7). Went to Clausens and got baked goodies, including a cake for birthday boy Rauan(8). Stopped at Brennans and got steak, cheese and wine(9). Home and took doggies for a walk with my family(10). Ate steak (11). Kids to bed, had some wine and in bed by 11 (12) And put your dirty minds away--sleep!!!
I'm serious--perfect. Sun kept peeking out and teasing us. I haven't felt this relaxed in ages. Ok Julia threw a temper tantrum (overtired) but that's just to keep everything in perspective. Perfect start to vacation. Oh yes, got part of the painting in the boys' room done today.
Life is good. I love it!

Friday, April 3, 2009

One year anniversary

One year ago today--just about this time--I was driving to the airport to pick up Ted and Chewie. One year ago today, our family of 4 became a family of 5. Complete. I can hardly believe that it's been one year. So much has happened. It's amazing.
We've decided instead of celebrating multiple Gotcha Days, we're going to do a "Complete family" celebration. Ted says we're done (sigh). We're a little limited to what we're going to do--as always rolling with the changes. Miss Julia tests (the ones I made the doctor run because I said something just isn't right) were positive for strep. Although right now she sure isn't acting ill at all. Sometimes the body just fights stuff off and Lord knows she has one of the stronger immune systems. So, we'll see. At this point, I don't think the children realize any significance to the date. We've mentioned "oh this is the day you came home -- years ago" and the usual response is a blank stare. To them it just isn't a big deal. To me, though, when in 2002 I was told there would be no children--and now in 2009 when I look in my backyard and see 3 running around like little maniacs--and realize they are all mine--WOW!