Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What else now?

So, I'm copying Alihan's passport and guess what he is marked IR3!!! Mother of God--what else? I've already contacted our social worker and she thinks it would be more of a hassle to get it fixed, so we'll just proceed as an IR3 and readopt (which we planned anyways) and pay that horrible fee for a certificate of citzenship. Well, Julia is offically a citzen but I never got a certificate for her. Got everything else--just been putting off paying for her certificate it. Guess I'll doing a two for one deal. Geez, I hope this is the end of it!!


Hilary Marquis said...

Good Grief Charlie Brown!!!

Rachel said...

Hilary, I love it! Well said!

Mala said...

Wait, IR3 is correct - 'IR3- home free'. With an IR4, you'd have to go to court to make him a citizen.

hair dye again?