Saturday, June 27, 2009

Superstar Chewie

What a goof ball!

Bedtime Adventures

HA--got you with that title huh? Well, the saga continues. Got the new railings and guess what? Didn't work. They aren't the hook on ones, which our headboard and footboard require. So, the salesperson finds something that will work. Ok fine. Then Ted says--just a second, are we piece mealing this? This is what caused problems before(previous bed with expanders to make it into a queen, which caused damage to our boxspring). So, off we go to the sales floor. Got the matching headboard and footboard--snd since the boxspring is pretty much shot--new mattress and boxspring. Of course, we ended up getting a REALLY GOOD set--which means a really HIGH price. Well, with Ted's shoulders and the issues I had over the years from back injuries (fall, car accident--and the years lifting heavy patients), we need something decent. And I'm ssssooooo sick of our bed squeaking if we so much as move a foot (minds out of the gutter people!)--this should hopefully resolve it. So--complete new bed on Tuesday. And yes, I had the money to pay for it. There is a reason for that second job!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Bring Anna Home

Some of you might remember this from last summer. This was discussed at our reunion in Door County--and I took some of my money that I had been setting aside for a new camera and donated it. I know money is tight for everyone, but every little bit helps. And every child needs a chance.

Subject: New announcement: Bring Anna Home!
> Remember our efforts with Operation Chance...bringing 3 children from Russia to the US for medical evaluation?? > > Well, the sweet little 7-year old with cleft lip and palate (Anna) has finally found a home! The family was not looking to adopt (they have 5 children), nor were they familiar with cleft lip and palate. They did not know Russia was one of the most ex-pensive countries to adopt from..but, they followed their hearts! They worked very diligently to complete a home study only to have both parents lose their jobs within a period of 2 weeks (automotive-related industries). Job loss has affected their ability to qualify for loans or other programs.> > They are determined to bring Anna home but they need some help. We are asking you to help raise $10,000 immediately to assist with the approximately $50,000 in adoption fees. Trip 1, scheduled for early July, is when many of the fees are due. We have $700 donated already- Won't you please have your children help Bring Anna Home?> > See attached document for details. Send your tax-deductible pledged donation today to BRAFF, P.O. Box 2672, Appleton, WI 54912. Or click on the Donate button on our website's> > Thank you for your continued support and generosity! > > Julie Hoffman> > To unsubscribe from these announcements, login to the forum and uncheck "Receive forum announcements and important notifications by email." in your profile.> > You can view the full announcement by following this link:> >> > Regards,> The The BRAFF Community Message Board Team.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Pooped princess

Beach play. Chewie left soaking wet but they had a blast!
Chewie on a horse, first time. Don't laugh at mommy! Ted insisted I do the leading since "Chewie trusts you more." Whatever!

Julia's first grade trip to the zoo. Ted was the parent for this one.

Rauan's kindergarten graduation/show. Grandma came and he was the "army ant" at the picnic show. For a little boy with such a deep voice, I'm always surprised at how shy he is and how he doesn't want to draw attention to himself. He really put himself out there to do lines for his play. My little man! Now he's a big 1st grader!

School's out

Pictures are coming!
Well last week was quite busy. Rauan got terribly sick. We thought he had recovered and he went to stay with my mom for a couple of days--but then when I picked him up on Thursday, feverish again and pretty worn out. Off to urgent care, where I'm sorry, but I dealt with a bitch of a doctor. First of all, I'm not stupid---of course I didn't send him to school. Second off all, he was looking alot better on Tuesday that's why I wasn't concerned. He has a history of doing 2 days of high fevers with vomiting and then he's better. He did that a couple of times this past winter. She kept saying swine flu, but wouldn't take the test--and she wasn't going to do a chest xray until I insisted. Guess what? Pneumonia. Stick that in your ear doctor that should know better and needs to learn to listen to the parents. As I have said before--obviously she didn't train at MY hospital because she would have known better!
Ok off that rant. With some zithromax on board--plus the lecture from my husband and my mom that we NEEDED to get away, we left on Friday for Door County. Yes--we kept Rauan lying low. Amazingly enough--no more fevers. We meet up with friends and played with the horses and out on Whitefish Dunes beach. Chewie rode a horse for the first time! Came home Sunday and they played their last soccer game. Rauan played just a little bit. Monday was the first swimming lesson. Just Julia and Chewie. Rauan didn't want swimming lessons--so why force the issue. Speaking of forcing the issue--Julia absolutely is refusing to take skating lessons this summer. She just doesn't want to. So, I just ate $100 or so, but I don't want her to feel like she missed her childhood and spent her time at an ice arena all summer long. Ted and I had quite the "discussion" (aka "fight" "disagreement" "I lectured and he listened and wasn't allowed to interrupt me"). I refuse to push any of the kids in sports--in any way shape or form. I support--and write the checks--but I won't push.
I'm so glad summer is finally here. And I already have a couple of Saturday nights set up with a babysitter. I actually get date night again!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

If we ever wondered if Chewie bonded.....

we don't have to worry anymore. It's been a crazy week or so. Today is day 6 of work for me--which wouldn't be so bad except it's flipflopping the schedule--day shift and pm shift. In other words less sleep then usual. To add to that, sickness throughout the house (except me--I CAN'T get sick) and running running running everywhere. Plus, Ted's mom is quite sick. If it isn't one thing......
anyways, my mom came to take care of the boys yesterday so I could go to class/work. Rauan missed his last couple of days of school d/t being sick. He's sorta back to normal---so he went home with Grandma--so we can do the zoo trip and Chewie kindergarten welcome tomorrow--and I can work tonight. So, last night, Chewie is feeling a bit better--and he's wandering around the house like he doesn't know where to sleep. Finally went to bed. I get up this am--get some coffee into me (very important!) and Chewie is nowhere to be found. Usually he is watching Diego--very important to him! Found him in his bedroom just laying on his bed staring. Won't tell me what's wrong, doesn't want me touching him----just acting wierd. Finally ask him, what's wrong do you miss Rauan? He bursts into tears---sobbing huge can't catch his breath tears. So, we called Rauan at Grandma's and Rauan talked to him. Chewie crying and Rauan telling him that he'll be home tomorrow. Now, after about an hour after he talked to Rauan, Chewie is calmed down. I think too many "friends" just disappeared at the orphanage and between the craziness of late and not feeling good, Chewie thought that happened again. Tomorrow when we pick up Rauan will hopefully reassure him.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Am I disaster-prone or what???

Fricking bed! I'm laying on the bed with Julia, we've just finished reading a book and CLUNK! Corner of the bed went right down on the floor. Scared the living shit out of me! The rail holding onto the foot board just split. What a piece of junk! And this was not a cheap bedroom set. So, after Ted messed with it for a while--I'm off to the furniture store--same place we purchased this bedroom set 9 years ago. Still have the same bedroom set just updated. And get this--the rails look thicker and instead of the cheap ass metal frame under the bed--its now solid wood slats! I swear, every month or so, we've had to realign the metal footings under the bed. And it squeaks--turn over and it sounds like the bed is going to fall through the floor. And get your mind out of the gutter people.
Anyways, order new ones--WHICH ARE GOING TO TAKE A MONTH TO GET HERE!!!! Ted doesn't want me to purchase a metal frame to use temporarily--oh no, why use something for just a month. Well, so I don't end up falling out of bed in the middle of the night perhaps???? So, the railing is in place, shored up with some textbooks (I knew those would come in handy someday) and some thick sports books. Hey whatever works!