Thursday, January 28, 2010

Julia skating pictures

Just a few photos of Julia's skating/practicing for Badger state games. She's growing up so quick!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

What a week!

Oh what a couple of weeks really! Work has literally been insane. I'm not even going to get into idiotic ,child abusing, dangerous parents--but honestly people. What is it--the weather? the economy? or just the cycle of events? This combined with annual review, telemetry exam and the eagerly(not so much) anticipated PALS--this week (and I should be studying for). I'm ready for a break!
So, here comes the weekend. First up Julia's first communion retreat. This wonderful/crazy mommy worked the "bread-making" section with Julia's teacher and a few other second grade parents. Plus Erin, who is part of the kitchen staff--who came in to help despite the fact she was in serious pain due to a fall on the ice Friday evening. Part of the January thaw includes ice, ice and more ice. Gotta love Wisconsin. Anyways, despite the fact I was supporting my eyelids with toothpicks--it was fun watching the second graders. I got out the camera and started snapping away. Here's a few of the kids.
Princess Julia in the circle discussion group--see the flour there on her shirt.
With her partner, getting ready to stir up the dry ingredients.
What's a weekend without hockey? 418 photos of those games. Yes, I'm nuts--but in a nice way--I think. Here's Bubba. He was diagnosed with asthma this week--started on albuteral inhaler and singular this week. I think its made a difference. He doesn't seem to work quite so hard--I mean not that he ever did--but breathing seems to be much easier for him.
Bubba skating--with ice on his butt!

No photos of Chewie this week. I missed his hockey d/t the retreat--although I understand he was benched AGAIN for not listening. There is a reason he is my last child--love him, but he is just a little shit! With an impish smile whenever he thinks he "might" get away with it. Boys!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

More Hockey photos

First my constant companion. I can definitely see a difference in her upper lip/palate area. She also demanded I take a picture of her. Can we say spoiled??? Just a wee bit.And there is Bubba (with his "girlfriend" but we won't say anything =--wink wink. He was looking for her before the game). The blue cross ice team played against the rink rats. That studio rink was crowded!!!
Chewie--attempting to listen. Notice I said attempting. It seems to be a chore for him.

Monday, January 4, 2010


The Ham!!!! He saw me from the bleachers snapping this shoot.
Go Bubba Go!! He wanted to be #1 when it was time to choose jerseys.
And the smile. Someone likes hockey.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

2 years

Disgustingly cold weather in Wisconsin. And when I said something to Ted, he reminded me that 2 years ago-we were boarding a plane to travel to the other side of the world to met our third child, Alihan. Are you kidding me?? 2 years!!!! It doesn't seem possible. Little did he know that his life was changing from the orphanage life--where he was one of many with rotating caregivers, frequently changing child companions, and, although we didn't know if at the time, physical abuse---to a life with a brother and a sister and a family that adores him--and no abuse (except for the normal sibling "love" fights!). The boy has gone from a size 7 shoe to a size 1, size 3 clothing to very soon-size 7, not being able to hear to hearing the fridge open from 2 houses away--seriously he eats all the time! Today at the skating arena--where yes, I did actually skate--I was watching him skate around and I said to Ted "if we have done nothing else in our lives, we have made 3 children very happy". A sense of belonging, a sense of self, a sense of safety--and the recipients of unconditional love.