Sunday, August 3, 2008

I have been so sucked in.....

to Build A Bear. I've avoided it for almost 6 years now--but I finally got sucked in. $90 later, all 3 kids have a bear(or a doggy in Rauan's case) and 1 outfit. No cell phones, skate boards or sunglasses for the bears. I figure--hey Santa and the Tooth Fairy always need ideas! Unfortunately, Chewie has temporarily lost his bear since he left it outside where Miss Belle alerted us to its presence. They were warned. So, he'll get it back later this week--but if he does it again, he'll lose it.
This past Christmas, the kids got new bikes. Up until this point, Julia hasn't really wanted to do anything without her training wheels. Yesterday she went for it without the training wheels--and do you think we could get her off the bike???? Heck no--once she learned she could do it there was no stopping the girl. When I came home from work last night, she was passed out on the couch. Ted said everytime he went to move her she would start screaming. Once I got home I put her to bed without any issues. She's getting hard for me to carry--not because she is heavy but long and lanky. Where do I put all those limbs??? Anyways, I guess she kept riding her bike for HOURS last night. I would've passed out too!
Yes, there is Chewie showing off that man bod of his. He's kind of bony! He eats constantly--but I think he is starting to gain some height. I still do a double take every once in a while because of the width of his shoulders and the size of his hands. Unlike Bubba--who grew and stretched out and lost his belly--I don't think Chewie is going to lose those shoulders and hands. Football player???? Again--here is that comparison again--my dad had a broad set of shoulders and big hands. I've been told that dad was a heck of a carpenter--maybe Chewie is going to be like that. Again--just oddball things.


Hilary Marquis said...

So, I shouldn't go into build-a-bear until I have an extra $120 laying around with nothing to do with it? Yah, I've been avoiding it too...hoping if I wait long enough the grandparents will do it for me :) I think you're right about Chewie. The boy has PAWS!!!

Mala said...

I still can't get past the blonde locks!!!!
I've managed to hustle past the Build-A-Bear shop for 6 years!