Friday, August 8, 2008

Surgery scheduled

I heard from the surgical coordinator this am. I have to scrub down the night before and the morning of surgerical--I think with Hibiclens (soap). I'm still on oral antibiotics. Hey--I'm not complaining! I don't want any issues with infection.
So, I have to be at the hospital at 10 am and I guess I am put in a room. They asked me if I would mind being on the OB floor--nah--doesn't matter to me. But I know it would for some people. I'm one of those that loves baby showers, but I know some woman that have experienced infertility can't go to a baby shower. Me--thank God it isn't me!!! Especially after Julia. I really like my "birth" experiences.
Ok--I'm rambling. I had a wicked headache this am and nothing helped. When I got to the doctor, I told her about and I ended up getting a couple of shots. Helped a little but boy do I feel spacey. She said besides the fibroids--my lining is also extremely thick. After bleeding for this many weeks!!! My uterus. Ted says I'm one of those people who should bea case study. Nice. I do have this feeling that he will end up having to cut me open. Crap. Tomorrow in for labs, including a type and screen. Ted is also going to have blood drawn and he needs to go to the Red Cross and give a unit of blood as a direct donation for me. Just on stand by in case it is needed.
In other news around here--the kids have had a great time watching the cottonwood being cut down. They are going to come back in the am and finish it. I wonder if it is more then they expected, but they did come out and see it before they gave the quote.


Elizabeth and Bill said...

I'm so glad you are hopefully going to soon see an end to your issues with that dang uterus of yours! I'm not a doctor but you sound like a good case study to me! I think the case study should be figuring out how you do all that you do and do it so well!

Mala said...

Geesh! I hope all this is resolved for you soon!!!! Sounds like no fun at all!!!!