Thursday, August 7, 2008


Well, my surgical date is Aug. 13, next Wednesday. Yep, it's a mess in there. He is concerned about adhesions and scar tissue(particularly around the bowel), so he won't know if he is going to have to open me up until he checks laproscopically first. Gen, nope that won't work--too many fibroids and other issues. So, I'm worried but relieved at the same time. Right now I'm just simply worried about job security. I honestly don't think it's an issue, but I'm not covered under federal medical, just Wisconsin medical leave--which only gives me two weeks. The difference is in amount of hours worked in the past year--and with the adoption, dad's passing, plus actually taking a vacation--I haven't worked enough to qualify for federal. It really sucks. So, do I get this taken care of and get healthy--possibly for the first time in years, or do, if my job isn't secure, do I just keep working and hope I don't pass out on a patient? It's really a catch 22.

Anyways, I'll just figure out what I'm doing and go from there. I do think I have to just get this taken care of and let whatever happens happen. I know I can't continue on like this. It isn't fair to the kids, my husband, my job or myself.


Marnie & Jeremy said...

I know just what you mean. Mine has caused me to loose all of my iron stores so that I have to take IV iron every three months. So, on Sept 5th, I am going to have an interesting procedure where they burn off the lining with a balloon full of hot water. Thankfully, it is an in office procedure. I am on call that weekend but, I won't be answering my phone. Goodluck! This is what is best for you and your family.

Mala said...

You should always take care of yourself, your family needs you. Your job, if it's worth anything, will be there waiting for you.

Maria said...

You ABSOLUTELY take care of yourself. Remember, no one ever got to the end of their lives and said, "Wow, I wish I had worked more." Jobs are jobs -- means to an end. You are a nurse and those are in high demand (at least where I am so you could move - ha!). Like Mala said, if it's worth having, it will still be there when you heal. BIG HUGS, honey. I hope this surgery makes it all better!!