Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The return of the children

Aunt Mimi took the kids over to their grandparents today for me to pick up. From the sound of it there was desperation going on. I, of course, didn't realize this because I was having a pity party for myself( long story and it's not fun) and shopping. I rarely do shop for myself without kids--and I got myself a nice outfit. Then I get the phone call and I hear screaming in the background. Ok I'm coming--but first I stopped to make a phone call and check my email. What do I find in my email but a note from Aunt Mimi with "I am about to put my head in the toilet and keep flushing!!" and "I don't know how you guys do it!!". After I laughed my ass off (I can only wish) and forwarded the email to Ted so he could laugh, I loaded up the dogs and took off to Janesville. I walked into the backyard and Mary took one look at me and --I'm paraphrasing now "Thank God I'm rescued"! I understand Bumpa had a little "come to Jesus" talk with Rauan over his smart mouth, Alihan took up a serious whine and Julia just looked tired. I can't help laughing over all of this because my in-laws and Aunt Mimi have the patience of saints with the kids so I know they were wild. Again--there is another reason I work besides the paycheck! Rauan threw a holy terror of a temper tantrum tonight--way overtired. If the boy would sleep past the crack of dawn--maybe he wouldn't be so tired. Yep, turned the tv on and ignored. He eventually wore himself out. Going to work tomorrow will be nice:)


Hilary Marquis said...

I am laughing to hard to type!

Maria said...

Well, I guess they'll appreciate you more now, won't they? Love the flushing the head in the toilet visual. Some days I can completely understand that thought process. I'm beginning to feel just a wee bit sorry for you. :-)

Lisa said...

I love it! It brings me a wee bit of joy when the little darlings give the grandparents (or other caregivers) just a wee taste of what contributes to our crazy!

School starts here on 8/25. It's not soon enough.