Saturday, August 30, 2008

Zoo trip

We have been having nothing but trouble with the Internet. Since it's working right now, I'm taking advantage to get our pictures up from the zoo yesterday. Aimee is also an adoptive parent. Her boys are from Ethiopia and they are currently waiting for a referral of a baby girl. We meet through the soccer team. I've meet some awesome people through the soccer team. Anyways, we went to the zoo and then to Ella's Deli. The kids were thrilled--2 different carousel rides and the little zoo train. It was the absolutely perfect day.

Today--well, the boys decided to finish off the shower surround by climbing up the ledge--completely shattering it. So, we're replacing it. For two people who essentially had no household repair skills when we bought this house--we're getting pretty darn good at fixing stuff. Not perfect--but half-decent looking and usable. Why do I have a feeling that we are going to become experts as the boys get older??? *SIGH*

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Hilary Marquis said...

That hair! I just don't understand HOW he can be BLONDE! But, darn he's cute! Looks like a great day, I love the zoo...well, the one with animals that is ;)