Monday, August 11, 2008

I'm bored!

Surgery isn't for another 2 days and already I'm looking for things to do. Of course I'm avoiding cleaning the bathroom--but that would take maybe 15 minutes. What else can I do???
Had the preop with the doctor today and Ted went with me. He asked Ted if he had any questions--Ted's answer "nope". I think that shocked the doctor. I guess most men have lots of questions--but I'm sure most men haven't sat next to their wife while she is in severe pain like I was when I had the pelvic infection. I honestly think that after living with that--when I decided adoption was the way to go--he was all for it. Now that in vitro wouldn't have even worked--I'm sure glad that we didn't let anything hold us back.
I've got the disability claim in--God willing I won't even need it because I want to be back to work soon. I mean--I'm bored and weak. That's the worse kind of mommy for these kids! That mean trouble finds them. School starts in 3 weeks--YEAH!!! Ok--there are issues with being anal retentive. I have everything set up for surgery and whatever happens. The only issue is getting the kid's clothes washed and I can't make the dryer or washing machine go any faster.
Oh I have a good one. So, the cottonwood tree is down. The guys wanted their money. no problem--write the check and I go inside and transfer the money over. So, in the maybe--MAYBE--ten minutes it took for me to transfer the money, the dude had gone to the bank and they wouldn't let him cash the check due to insufficient funds. What the heck??? Who leaves that much money sitting in their checking account??? I didn't know when they were going to want to get paid--I don't think the other 2 homeowners have even received their bills yet. I mean come on now--alot of people work days. So, the guy calls me all panic stricken thinking I had stiffed him on the bill. I explained to him I had transferred the money over. That didn't satisfy him--he wanted me to call the bank and make sure the money was there. Ok--I've been on hormones for over 4 weeks now--do you think this went over well? Yeah, no. What an idiot! Well, the nasty cottonwood is down, the fence which they broke ( oh yeah didn't mention that little tidbit either--not happy) is repaired and obviously my check cleared cause I haven't heard anything.
Lord, I need to get off these hormones or the next idiot is going to get their head ripped off and I'll be in jail. Of course--hormones are a legal defense.

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Lisa said...

Oh JP! Just hang in there honey! It'll get better soon! Don't forget to delegate to Ted! It keeps him busy so it'll keep him from being a victim ;)