Thursday, August 28, 2008

Meet the teachers

Today was the meet the teachers day at St. Dennis for Julia. First grade already! I'm getting old. Oh well has to happen.
So basically it's just the day to see the classroom and drop off school supplies. I also went to sign up Julia and Rauan for extended care twice a week. Ted is losing his flex schedule (darn it!) so we're in the daycare rotation again! Mr. Dave's is wonderful though. I wasn't going to sign Julia up last year but the girl literally BEGGED me for one day a week. Now having her brother there--well they will be so happy. We also signed up for the hot lunch program. St. Dennis has a great hot lunch--made right there at the school and there's food service manager--but it's usually parents. I also checked out the computer lab and the science lab. Yet again--do I have to say it?? St. Dennis is great. The parents really want the best for their children and it shows in the quality of teachers and supplies. Rauan meet Sr. Marie. She is an older nun who works one on one with the younger children for reading skills. Well, Rauan is already well known and she is ready to challenge him! Chewie just bounced through the whole school. I swear he is the happiest kid around!
Julia got this cute little outfit from her Mamaw (Ted's mom). The boys got some fall outfits too--but this was perfect for today. She wants to grow her bangs out too. I like her with bangs--but it's her hair. I'll be pulling it back for a while! She also got new figure skates today. She literally jumped from a size 12 to a size 1! Overnight! Besides a brick to stop her from growing so tall--maybe I need something for her feet!
Tomorrow we're meeting Aimee and her family at the zoo. Last Friday before school starts and it looks like it will be an absolutely beautiful day. Crowded perhaps???
Oh yes, 2 weeks postop and I feel GREAT!!! Little twinges of discomfort--but Ted says I'm not so bitchy and I'm sarcastic again. I guess that's a good thing!

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Hilary Marquis said...

She is adorable! It doesn't seem possible that they are going to 1st grade does it? I'm glad they are going to such a great school, that sure makes it easier.