Saturday, August 23, 2008

What a couple of days!

Busy busy! One of these days I'll actually sit still.
Julia went to Levi's birthday party on Thursday. Those two. Grandma Mary Lou sent me some pictures from the party. I can easily see in a few years, Michelle and I will be drinking a few margaritias (or the vodka and lemonade Mala mentioned--but I want the GOOD vodka!), while our girls are out doing good Lord knows what! They may not be sisters--but I think in some ways they are closer--totally best friends. Distance doesn't make a difference at all.
So, while Julia was there--after the boys being home for a few hours, I had to replenish the kitchen. So, off I ventured to Woodman's. For those of you not familiar with Woodman's--take a Sam's Club and add to it, except you don't have to be members. Part of the reason I live in this area is because Woodman's is close. So, Rauan pushed the cart for a bit and then told me it was too much. The boys were hiliarous. As we went down the ceral aisle--Rauan talking--this one older lady came up and patted his head and said, I just love his voice. Rauan just preened with the attention. I still think debate or drama for that boy. Alihan just was bouncing the whole time, jabbering away in his special mix of English/Russian.
Almost $200 later, I'm home and ready to pass out. I forgot how hard grocery shopping can be! I mean, I didn't really hurt, but I was TIRED. However, the problem is--as tired as I get, sleeping is an issue. I just can't sleep. I wonder if all the hormones I took before surgery are having some consequences now. When I've slept, I've woken up just drenched. And there are some definite mood swings going on (Ted-shut up! no comments from the peanut gallery!) Probably a good thing I'm not at work right now--those poor kids don't have to deal with me.
Yesterday, my sister came by with my adorable niece and nephew. Amelia is having issues with GI reflux and they upped her medication. She's eating well, so that's not an issue. So, Henry played with Julia, Rauan and Chewie--and Belle decided Henry was her perfect size so let's knock him down. Darn puppy! But Henry has border collies at home so he is used to the bouncing dog. Amelia slept in my arms for a while. So sweet! But, while I do like babies--I have to admit, I like it when the children are a bit older and interact. Julia came home at 13 months and that was as young as I would like. Within a few months she was walking and playing and cracking up. Anyways, I digress. Ted came home and we took the kids to St. Dennis so they could practice bike riding and run around. I went walking around the grounds just to get exercise. Julia is really getting good at bike riding. Alihan--he is just a goof. Afterwards, we went to get a pizza and I took the kids to DQ next door. And who do we run into but Shauna, and her family? Shauna is Anna's mom--one of Rauan's many girlfriends. I met Shauna before I met Anna--at the preschool parents meeting. I went home that night and I told Ted I met the mom of Rauan's future girlfriend and boy I was right. Anna's petite, long blond curls and just sweet like her mom. So, next year, Anna's brother William will be in preschool with Alihan. Ted went into recruiting mode for hockey. Yeah--nothing new. I have a feeling that will happen. Shauna might be living at the ice arena along with me!
Oh well, off to enjoy the day. Looks like it finally stopped raining and I'm going to go for a walk. Just occasionally twinges right now (as long as I don't lift) and the light headedness is less and less. I can't keep calling myself a dizzy blonde anymore.
Go--play outside and enjoy this late summer weather. I might see you out there!


Hilary Marquis said...

Aren't boys helpful while shoppping? I can't wait till mine are big enough to carry everything into the house! Mia and Anara love to put the groceries away :) You behave yourself, lady! Take it easy while you have a good excuse :)

Lisa B and Family said...

When I had my Hysto (10+ yrs ago) my ovaries went shocky for awhile and I had a little mini-menapause. I got the whole 9 yards with hot flashes and mood swings and the sleepless/sweaty nights. At 32 yo no less, YUCK!
Eventually (a few weeks as best I can remember) they settled down and I guess they re-booted or something. Knock on wood, they still seem to pump the correct amount of hormones. But I've never been able to pin point a cycle.
Hang in there, they'll catch up to you.