Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Time Change

Surgery has been moved up. It will now be at 9:30 tomorrow am, which means I need to be there by 8:10 am. Ted told me I'm going to have to push his butt out of bed. Yeah--what about me????? Alarm clock!


Lisa B and Family said...

I will be thinking of you tomorrow and sending healing thoughts! I am hoping you will be feeling much better soon!
PS. When I had my Hysto 10 years ago, the first thing I did when I could get up and move around at home... pack up all the feminine hygene products and handed them out as visiting gifts to all my girlfriends! : )
Good bye aunt dottie!

janiece said...

Oh I LOVE that idea--along with the bottle of ibuprofen!

Maria said...

I'll pray for you tonight and in the morning for good surgery results, quick and easy recovery and peace in your house while you are away!!

Elizabeth and Bill said...

Hope you got out of bed this morning. I'm thinking about you!