Monday, August 25, 2008

Just because

Well, I haven't put up any pictures lately--so here's a few. Some of the kids riding their bikes, one of the boys snuggling (and yes, Rauan is wearing a dress--someday he will get revenge on Julia!) and then one from yesterday when we ventured out to the dog park--the HUGE one and got the dogs some exercise. And I did manage a couple of times up the hill--so I've added an incline into my routine.
Chewie--you know that boy who was terrified of dogs a few months ago--well, Belle (aka "Chewie's puppy") decided to play with some other dogs (a golden retriever puppy--so cute and her big sister)- so he went right over to them and told Belle to come with him. No shyness there! It's amazing the difference a few months can make.


Lisa B and Family said...

Look at those little blondies!!
I love Alihan's whole face smiles.
Glad your feeling up to the great outdoors.

Maria said...

Your kids are beautiful, your dogs are beautiful -- is everything in your life just beautiful? *smile* Yes,I know the answer - NOPE!!! I love "just because" photos - they are the best. Glad you are better!!

Gen 's Family Story said...

The dress makes me laugh, and it's good to see you out and about!! Love your dogs, they would eat mine for a snack:)

Hilary Marquis said...

The blonde hair cracks me up!..of course the fact that his head was shaved last summer makes it more striking :) I knew he would come out of his shell and be Mr. Personality. I cannot wait for he and Toby to meet.

Mala said...

I still can't get over that blonde hair!!!!!!! I love the pictures! And thank gawd someone else posts their dress-wearing son!!! Keep them coming!

Off to look for my camera again. and cry.

Rachel said...

all I know is I had that same rocking horse as a kid (or one very similar) and it was AWESOME! i didn't realize those were still around...may have to find one.