Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Lab results

Well, after jumping through hoops this am, I finally got the results of the blood draw which was 10.9 for my hemoglobin and 33 for my crit. Not horrible, but not wonderful either. I was trying to remember way back to my hospitalization and those numbers sound about right. I've never dropped very far---but for someone who is used to be around 13--I can feel it. All those vitamins and healthy meals paid off--of course my butt is growing bigger with those "healthy" meals, but oh well. Once I'm stronger I can start exercising again. The inlaws are on their way up to pick up the wild ones. I sent 2 sets of clothes with them--just in case.
Wish me luck!


Betsy said...

I hope all goes well! You are in my prayers.

Mala said...

Sending you tons of good vibes! Keep us updated and hope your on the mend soon!!!