Sunday, August 17, 2008

It was hard today

Today Bumpa brought the kids up so the boy's could get fitted for their hockey gear. Yes, it's that time already! Julia stayed with me. The hockey fitting was at Elver Park here in Madison and Ted stayed to help with the fittings. It got hot today, so Bumpa came back with the boys to pick up Julia to take them back to Janesville. Then came the tears. Julia wanted to go back but didn't want to leave me. I was trying not to cry too because I miss the kids so much and I would have loved to have Julia stay--but how boring here! I can't really do much. Bill (aka Bumpa) thought she just might feel like she is supposed to take care of me--she's 6!!!, certainly not supposed to take of me! I had to really bit my lip and tell Julia that it was ok if she went back to her grandparents and went swimming and played with Aunt Mimi, etc. If she wanted to stay here--that was ok, but mommy couldn't do much. God I think the hardest thing I've done was watch her get into the car to go back to Janesville.
The boys were thrilled to get their hockey equipment. Ted said he hasn't ever seen Chewie that excited . Of course it took many different pairs of hockey gloves to find ones that fit on his big old paws!!! The boys's hair is really blonde now. I could hardly believe it. I think the sunlight reflecting off the pool does it. And--those kids have grown in 4 days--honestly!!! Ok kids--do it now before I buy your school clothes!
One week post op visit on Wednesday--and the kids are coming home. I'll deal with the pain but I can't deal with them being away for that long.


Maria said...

Why is your blog different? That's not a comment on you or your post, but I just realized it. Anyway, I can't imagine how quiet it must seem around the house without three kids. What a sweetie Julia was to want to stay with her mom!!! By Thursday you might want to send them back again. *smile*

Maria said...

Oh, and by "different" I mean, it looks different.

Lisa B and Family said...

I think Julia might be a bit of a care taker like her mommy. : )
I know how hard it is to be away from them. I hope your post op check goes great, and that you are feeling better each day.

Christine said...

Thank you so much for emailing me. It is so nice to get to know someone else who can relate. I look forward to learning more about you through your blog.