Saturday, August 30, 2008

Home repairs

Ok--this sucks! Poor Ted--spent most of the day struggling with our crappy plumbing, then struggled to get the darn shower walls up--I'm helping where I can but I am rather limited. Probably not as much as the doctor thinks I should be--but what he doesn't know.......geez, did I say that??? Then the pipe under the laundry room sink is broke--and it's not the one I thought it was--I'm not sure if we're going to have to replace the whole thing or not. THEN....there is a flood of water coming up from under the ac/furnace unit in the basement. OK---enough already!!!I think the a/c is just plugged, but for good God's sake. We're going to end up having to replace most of the facuets and controls in the bathroom. I have a new assortment of repair tools and looking at the bathroom--I'm going to have to do some repairs to the bathroom wall. Not the first time--thank goodness I've done that kind of work before. And it won't stress the belly too much. Yes--the beer and winecoolers came out tonight. I'm not sure if they are strong enough. Tomorrow--Princeton Club for showers. I can't do much of a work out but I'm going to get a decent shower at least!


bella1021 said...

Isn't it sad when you have to plan your day out around where you can shower! never again will i remodel the bathroom in a 1 bathroom house!!!
Hope you are having a fun weekend! not missing too much at work!! ;)

Gen 's Family Story said...

I hate home repairs...but it does give us a sense of accomplishment once it's done, right? Okay, you can boo me if you want:)