Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's Amazing

Today we did the big hike at Devil's lake. Across the Tumbled Rock pathway and then up (and up and up) the cliff. We've done this with Julia in the backpack; Julia running ahead of us and Rauan in the backpack--dogs with us, dogs not with us, etc. In other words, its one of the Pritchard Family summer past times. Except last year. Which means Chewie hasn't experienced it. Yet. Last year I couldn't do shit. Which meant the famous saying was true--if momma ain't happy (or wanting to do it), nobody is. Now we know why I just COULDN'T. What a difference.
Ok, I freely admit I'm out of shape. And fat. Not a good combo for hike my butt up a cliff. But this time, I have blood in my body. Today made me realize how bad it probably was for YEARS!!! I was out of breath--but my body wasn't tired. Amazing.
Speaking of amazing--little Mr. Chewie. He kept up with the best of them (meaning Julia). And he was so happy. When I think about how soft his little body was when he came home last year and now, just like his brother and sister, he's strong and muscular---it amazing. I didn't bring my camera, but I tried to take photos with the cell phone. Ted said he is going to try to download them--we'll see. If he can I'll post pictures of the 3 amazing young Pritchards!


Mala said...

Sounds like a wonderful day!

bella1021 said...

YEAH! that sounds like an amazing day!