Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My what is a mom post?

Ok, as usual a day late.
So much has been written about moms lately. Got me thinking what I will say when I start hearing those words from my children "you aren't my real mom". So--what is a real mom?
A real mom is a mom who loves unconditionally--without requirements or conditions.
A real mom kisses booboos and puts bandaids on the injuries not visible to the naked eye.
A real mom puts limits on their childrens' behavior. The famous "not in my house you won't"
or my personal favorite "over my dead body"
A real mom gives up sleep, spare time, expensive clothing, spa time, fancy hairdos, cool cars, fancy meals--all so her child can have that little "extra"
A real mom holds your hair while you puke, wipes your face free of sweat, kisses you on the forehead and lets you sleep in her bed--risking more pukey sheets on her pillow--just so you feel comfort and safety
A real mom worries more about her childs' safety and happiness then her own
A real mom sits up late waiting for that door to open when her child is late--and worries herself sick every time a siren passes the house. And then grounds that child when she walks in 2 hours late (yes mom, I remember that lecture and grounding!)
A real mom cries when her child cries and laughs when her child laughs
A real mom has a heart wide open, full of love and joy--such that she has never known before. And every day brings more love and joy--in the form of muddy handprints, messy clothes, grass shoeprints on a clean floor, matchbox cars on your bare feet in the middle of the night, and an empty refrigerator.

I love being a real mom.


J-momma said...

beautiful. love this! and curse those matchbox cars in the middle of the night. i have the same problem. ha ha.

Hilary Marquis said...

Love it!

bella1021 said...

so sweet and true!!

emily said...

perfect definition. not only are you a real mom, you're a REALly great one, too.