Friday, May 29, 2009

The haircut

Julia decide she wanted short hair like 2 other girls in her class. I'm not going to argue with her about hair when, down the road there are so many other issues to fight over (which I will hopefully win--hey don't burst my bubble!)This is what Julia and Brooklyn decided on. I like short hair, obviously, but right after Rauan came home, Julia decided she wanted short hair just like her brothers and gave herself a reverse mohawk. So she ended up with a super short pixie. Once it grew out into a normal pixie--it was adorable on her. Her eyes looked huge and those cheekbones.....but alot of people seemed to think short hair=boy. How I don't know, but whatever. I was hoping she would go for that short again, but I hoped in vain. Well, if nothing else--it should be a bit easier for skating, swimming and soccer.
In other developments, Julia is now at the age she is asking some questions. A wise friend of mine (you know who you are) once told me to always keep things in the open in regards to the childrens' adoption. So, when Julia asked me what her other mother's name was I told her (Irina). That's all she asked. Of course, she called her her step mom also and I did correct that! I figure better to not let there be an mystery on my part. She'll know what I know.


Marnie and Jeremy said...

Very nice! Since you can't take it back, Ted will just have to live with it. There was a rasberry after that comment in case you didn't hear it!

Hilary Marquis said...

She looks very cute. I had to call Tim at work after we cut Mia's to warn him that she was excited and he'd better react appropriately...he did, but he really wished it was still long.

Speaking of questions, Anara informed me the other day that she grew in my tummy too! I had to tell her that she grew in her Kyrgy Mommy's tummy and that then she came to live with mommy. She was satisfied.

emily said...

it is ADORABLE. i love it. sorry i missed you at the park the other night. we intended to make it, but emmett had a late nap. next time!!!

Maria said...

Love her haircut. It makes her eyes just shine more beautifully! I think honesty is definitely the best policy as an adoptee myself, I don't remember a time when I didn't just "know" about my story and if I asked 100 times, my parents told me the SAME story, 100 times. You'll do great Janiece!!

Jackie said...

Janiece, I have visited your blog often, but have yet to leave a comment. I just wanted to say I love Julia's haircut. She is beautiful!!