Friday, May 1, 2009


Today I woke up to not a big hairy body next to me (Ted or Loki) but this teeny tiny body snoring in my ear. Sometime after Ted got up, Julia crawled in. We got up and took Chewie to school and then I stopped at Sentry. Carnation Instant Breakfast drink--one way to get calories and nutrients in her! She still doesn't want pain medicine--I can talk her into a half dose. I guess some is better then none! She's moving around and acting more like herself. This one really took it out of her.
It really took it out of me too. My back is killing me. I think I'm too old for those "beds" at the hospital. I really feel bad for the parents that are there days and weeks on end. Now I know why the Ronald McDonald house is so popular--although after walking in and seeing her crying I think I would just learn to live with the bad back. I do not want to have another moment like that!

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