Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

So far, a good one for us. The Wisconsin weather Gods have granted us a reprieve from the long hard winter. Mid 70s and mostly sunny. I did get the garden in--and Belle promptly dug it up. So replanted and also planted a nice wire fence! Ted took the shed down in the backyard--giving me additional gardening room. Good thing too--we have tons of extra dirt! So, more fencing before I plant that. Miss Belle isn't going to get a second chance. I'm thinking raspberries, zucchini, maybe cucumbers. I saw currants with the raspberry bushes, but I've never done anything with currants before. Anyone??? I'm curious to see if that would be something worthwhile for us. Julia would really like me to plant watermelon too. Rauan would like pumpkins, Chewie is just happy to play in the dirt. Actually all the kids are happy to play in the dirt. Every notice how dirt + children= big mess in and outside of house???
I was lucky enough to get called off of work last night. I finally got most of the pictures hung, finished what I could of the outside and we went for a long walk. It was nice to sit outside for a bit---as long as the bug fogger/light was working!! Yes, Wisconsin's state "bird" is out in full force again. I worked on more stuff this am and I'm now at work. Working hard as you can tell!
Hope you all have a lovely long, pleasant holiday weekend!

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bella1021 said...

yeah get back to work!!!

See you tomorrow!! off to beddy bye :)