Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Quite the busy couple of days

Chewie's last day of preschool was on Friday. Our last time at Messiah Lutheran Preschool (so says Ted). Three children over the past 4 years. Yes, I was tearing up a bit. It is bittersweet as someone mentioned. The last day brings an ice cream social--you know Chewie was all over that! These are his teachers. Mrs. Rogers, on the right (gray sweater) has been with us throughout the whole Pritchard family experience. And we've explained 2 pregnancies and babies to our babies. They are wonderful teachers and we love them.

And Saturday brought-----THE SLUMBER PARTY!!! And daddy's personal torture of 3 Little girls and the Hannah Montana movie--which of course, they sang and bounced throughout the whole thing! To add to his torture, we started the night off at A & W --with the rootbeer and everything. To say everyone knew we were there would be an understatement. Julia is still exhausted. To quote on mom--is it really a slumber party if there is no sleeping??

Then on to the soccer game on Sunday. I love good weather in Wisconsin. Me--being just a wee bit sleepy--let the kids mess around with the camera (and I'm still dealing with sticky lens). Here would be Julia's take on Chewie.

One Monday, since Chewie was such a stink at daycare last week, I took him to Olbrich gardens before I went to work on Monday. I tried to run the misbehavior out of him. I think it worked. He's really coming along quickly with knowing colors, letters, spelling, and more words are coming out clearly in English--not a mix of Russian and English and whatever version he knew.

Tuesday was the spring concert at St. Dennis. The 60s revisited. Perfect, 45 minutes and we were done. Sorry--no photos. I worked until midnight on Monday, was to Janesville by 8 am Tuesday and busted my butt to get done by 4 so I could make it back in time. Which I did successfully--thank you very much! But the camera was the last thing on my mind.

Today was Rauan's dairy farm trip. Ted told me it was my turn. Now, is this sweet justice or what? Last year it just poured and was cold when he went with Julia. As you can see from above, it was sunny and warm--in sleeveless tops and shorts (well, long shorts for my jello legs). Rauan, while I think he is a big city boy (hello--he always talks about going to Chicago), appreciates the farm environment. Especially when the tour has to stop because a cow managed to get stuck in the gate, one of the dads (who was a farm boy in his former life) helped Farmer Tina free the cow (and covered himself in manure--fresh manure), and the cow was repeatedly humped by another cow. Now--explain that to Mr. I know it all and I'm going to be a gynecologist when I grow up. Yeah. I think that's a daddy question.

Then feeding the baby goats. Need I say more? This is joy.
After the field trip, Rauan and I went and bought my garden supplies. Blueberries--yes, finally! My dirt and mulch was delivered yesterday and I spent part of the afternoon hauling dirt to the backyard. Did I mention it was hot and sunny? I was wearing a red tank top. Can't tell the difference between my tank top and skin now! And yes mom I wore sunscreen. Went and picked up Julia, went to a store where Chewie decided not to listen to me and played with stuff--and promptly broke something--and when scolded cried like he had been beaten. Why???
Then headed to the playground where we met up with Emily, Jessica and their children. Ran the snot out of the kids. Then home to finish hauling dirt, prepping soil and planting. I have blueberries (YES!!!), melons, tomatoes, and green peppers planted. Ted started demoing the shed--how an unfastened roof stayed on for 10+ years is beyond me. Those people that lived here before us............ anyways--plenty of dirt left--so I guess it's time for a second garden. Hummm--what should I get crazy and plant???


bella1021 said...

mmmmmm blueberries!! You definitly have been busy!!! I love when we have nice weather!!! going to take the kids to the dog park before it rains tonight!!! and let them run off some steam! hehehe!

Shannon said...

Good Night, Girl - could you possibly jam any more activities into such a short span of time! All of it sounds like such a blast! I lived here my whole life and have never been to Olbrich. It's on our list of things to do this summer. The kids all look so happy. :)

Mala said...

Cripes, I'm tired just reading about it! Slow down, busy lady!
Great pictures!!!!!