Saturday, May 9, 2009

What is a mom?

Being a mom to 3 children internationally adopted, one of them being a girl who can wear her emotions on her sleeve, I've often wondered how am I going to approach the issue of --what is a mom really and you aren't my "real" mom (that one might get me going!). So, readers, reflecting on a Hallmark holiday of Mother's Day--tell me what is a mom in your opinion? I'll give my opinion on Monday.

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stef said...

Hi, the obvious answer is, youre parents are the people who raise you. However, I believe a monther is someone who does whats best for her child no matter what. I was told I "came from love, into love." YOU are their mother, nothing can change that. Have an AWESOME mother's day! You are an INCREDIDLE mom! (you put me to shame!! :)