Thursday, May 14, 2009

Birthday girl!

Birthday girl! We HAD to go to Red Robin. I have a feeling this is the Pritchard birthday place from now on. Yes the princess HAD to have her birthday treat and HAD to have the happy birthday song done. Julia kept asking me "mom when are they coming to sing to me?" Oh yes, mom(grandma)--this is the top you gave her and its no longer white :) Yes, it is soaking right now! Here's Julia's birthday outfit. Every year she gets a special birthday outfit from mommy. This year she picked out her own. Notice the purple shoes? I guess she isn't the pink princess anymore!
I picked up 30 cupcakes for school. Ok I asked for 30 cupcakes with pink frosting for first graders!!! First graders!!! Ok, I know we like to eat in Wisconsin but these are the biggest cupcakes I have ever EVER seen. You should have seen the kids when I walked in with them. While I was doing lunch duty (don't ask) at St. Dennis, Sr. Eileen came up and asked me if she could cut them in half and then the kids could have more tomorrow. Yep, whatever works.
Saturday night is the sleepover with Julia's friends. Dinner then Hannah Montana. God help me! God help Ted. He's going with. Poor guy--big tough jock Ted surrounded but a bunch of giggling 7 and 8 year olds! HEHEHEHE Evil mommy!
Okay, I just have to throw this in. I LOVE St. Dennis school. I heard from people mentioning the lack of diversity and the religion blah blah blah. After doing lunch duty today--I'm trying to figure out the lack of diversity. I saw multiple colors, heard a few languages, even saw a girl who I would say is trying out goth. I mean, the parents are so involved and everyone is so supportive. And I know the kids adore their teachers. They think the sun rises and sets on them. As far as the religion goes, we are exposing the kids to all religions. So, its a Catholic school. So what? Good morals are universal. And I know that other beliefs are discussed and respect is being taught. I'll continue to work the 2 jobs in order to keep the kids there.


Maria said...

Happy Birthday, Robin.

Maria said...

Lord have mercy, I meant, Happy Birthday Julia -- who is Robin???? *smile* I have a bad case of mommy brain.

Mala said...

She looks beautiful! Happy Birthday!!!