Thursday, April 30, 2009

We're home

After a rough night--a very long night--we're home. After I posted to the blog, I went back to Julia's room to find her crying hysterically cause she couldn't find me. She woke up and was disoriented. I did tell her I was going to post to the blog--but everything just must have confused her. Did I ever feel like crap! My poor baby. After I got her calmed down, off to the bathroom for her--the first of many trips to the bathroom last night. Damn IVs. I also forgot my glasses and being blind as bat, I had to keep my contacts in so I wouldn't fall over anything during those many bathroom trips. This am, woke after a brief nap to find one of those contacts was gone. Between lack of sleep, lack of coffee and very unbalanced eyesight, I was getting a headache. Ted got to the hospital at 9ish with my glasses--where I promptly put half decent clothes on, glasses on and found some coffee! Much better. Julia also at a pancake and drank some juice--which stayed in. Got home a little after noon and she is totally refusing the pain medication. Ahh yes, she is the oldest child and doesn't want to lose that control issue. And she just doesn't like how the pain medicine makes her feel. So, we made a deal half dose before dinner (so she can eat) and half dose at bedtime. Sleep is a great healer.
Anyways, pictures of beautiful. This is just post surgery in her room. Yet again, we got to experience the best care--which I do have to brag--I think is typical of my coworkers.
Poor baby, she had bloody drainage from her nose for a while. She DID NOT like it!
Yes, this is what happens to daddy when he has to move quickly in the am and deal with getting the boys off to school. He wasn't happy that I took this picture---but who can resist?
Here's my baby girl this am. Still a little loopy--but everything in her belly where it's supposed to be--and actually able to talk a bit. She's pretty swollen, but I can tell a difference already in her voice and I can see the difference in her nostrils.

Right now she's being spoiled--as she she should be--and watching tv in her favorite spot--mom and dad's bed.


bella1021 said...

sweet- glad to hear you made it home!

Shannon said...

What a tough, little cookie. Hope she continues to heal well and you all get some much needed rest. I think she looks beautiful!

Hilary Marquis said...

Nice shot of Ted! How can guys fall asleep like that?! Julia looks beautiful (as usual). She'll have to teach me to be tough when they roto rooter my sinuses in June.

Ivy Lee said...

Janiece, Julia looks wonderful post surgery. Atta girl!!

Mala said...

Miss Julia looks like a little Sandra Bullock in that last picture... See? who is, of course beautiful just like Julia!